How to Access Awakened Consciousness Through Meditation [Free eBook]

Spiritual star Craig Hamilton explores this thoroughly in Unlocking the Power of Meditation, a FREE eBook that I suspect youll find both eye-opening and life-altering.

In a nutshell, awakened awareness is a sense of connection to our true nature, beyond our mind and ego. Its the place where we can quickly access our instinct, knowledge, imagination, self-confidence, self-confidence, and resilience.

If youre anything like me, youve likely attempted meditation, or even adopted a consistent routine, just to question if youre doing something wrong. You appear and put in the time, but regardless of your best shots, youre not enjoying the anticipated benefits, or at least not with the consistency you initially intended to see.

I was losing out on my life while focusing on all the life I d already missed out on and all the life I may miss if I didnt in some way do much better.

Both held true for me.

I hoped meditation would save me from myself, and in some ways it has. However Ive also placed impractical expectations on my practice and found myself making, what I later learned, prevail meditation “mistakes”– mistakes that avoid us from experiencing the best benefit of meditation: awakened awareness.

Or possibly you initially attempted meditation to assist you focus and be more present so that your days dont go by in a blur while youre hectic reworking the past and fretting about the future.

This is what I think were all after: not just lowered tension and greater focus in the moment, but access to an expansive, sacred part of ourselves that brings us a tremendous sense of liberty, connection, and circulation to everyone and everything around us.

Maybe you initially relied on meditation for stress-relief, some way to defuse the continuous sense of pressure and overwhelm thats common in our achievement-focused society.

If youve struggled with meditation, also– if youve discovered it hard to keep a regular practice and feel you havent experienced all the mental, emotional, and physical benefits youve read about– I extremely suggest you have a look at Unlocking the Power of Meditation.

He likewise shares one powerful shift we can make to spark our meditation practice and gain access to awakened awareness.

Before I discovered meditation, I lived my days shuffling through a variety of harmful psychological habits: residence on victim stories, beating myself up for all the ways I felt I d stopped working, and pressuring myself to in some way achieve huge success in order to prove my worth.

In this powerful resource based on groundbreaking research study, Craig reveals the 5 surprising, yet pervasive errors the majority of us make that prevent us from accessing the real capacity of meditation.

When you find out how to practice what Craig calls “direct awakening” youll find how to:

– Access a source of knowledge that emerges spontaneously in action to the needs of the moment, bringing forth laser-like clearness faster than the speed of thought.

– Access an inner well of imagination that comes up with a seemingly unlimited flow of unforeseen brand-new ideas, visions, and integrative solutions from a place beyond the mind.

– Tap into a apparently unlimited and dynamic source of energy, enabling you to do whatever needs to be performed in each minute without burning out or becoming drained.

– Access the miracle of awakened awareness whenever you meditate and permit its powerful energy to infuse every element of your life.

Its a brief eBook with a huge effect, and it ends with an invitation to a totally free ninety-minute workshop that can help you take your meditation practice to the next level.

– Experience a deep inner flexibility from the hypnotic spell of fear and desire, allowing you to satisfy lifes obstacles with guts and grace, beyond reactivity or compulsion.

If youre prepared to move beyond the most common errors meditators live a life and make filled with meaning, inspiration, love, and function, you can download the totally free eBook Unlocking the Power of Meditation here.

– Become a conduit for an overruning love and care that streams through you into the world from a location beyond your minds understanding.

I hope you find it as illuminating and handy as I did!

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