Change Your Future to Rewrite the Past

There are at least three methods the future can change the past. I think youll associate with among them, if not all three.

” People think that just the future can be changed, but in truth, the future is constantly altering the past. The past can and does change.

When we think of time, we tend to divide it into 3 measurements: past, present, future. We also tend to accept certain beliefs about each measurement without much questioning.

Heres the idea: the way we experience the future impacts our recording of the past. In some cases, what takes place in the future can really alter the past.


In both of these measurements, there are lots of possibilities. We could do all sorts of things right now, and we can make all type of choices in the future. (Ignore, a minimum of for the moment, the dispute over whether we really have free choice.).

Unlike the present and the future, the past is locked in …? Short of developing the evasive time maker, theres not much we can do to change the past.

Its whats presently happening. The future, alternatively, is what will happen.

The past lives on in our memories, and these memories are notoriously undependable. We might exaggerate our successes or amplify our failures out of proportion. These tendencies are not mutually exclusive: we may do both at the very same time!

1. The Effect of New Experience.

Think back on a time in which you truly wanted something and didnt get it. You wished to acquire the acceptance or approval of somebody. You desired a relationship to be successful. You wanted to be provided a task or admission to an elite program. Whatever it is, you wanted it severely, even frantically– and you didnt get it.

Recalling later, you see the original circumstance in a whole different light. Now you understand that rather of that scenario serving as a low point of your life, something you constantly want had actually ended up in a different way, its handled another function totally: the time you didnt get what you wanted, thank God.

This isnt simply a matter of interpretation. In these scenarios, the past is actually various because of something that took location … in the future.

When you failed to accomplish your goal, you experienced feelings of despair. For a very long time afterwards, it harmed to consider it. You questioned if you should have attempted harder or done something in a different way. (Weve all existed!).

As painful as it was, nevertheless, you eventually reached a turning point. Something else came along that wouldnt have been possible in the alternative universe you so desired– yet, clearly, this new thing ended up being much better.

Just believe about that. The important things you most desired was the very thing you didnt need.

2. The Effect of New Information.

As I stated, whether they ought to or should not is unimportant. The status quo was an impossible result: the family could no longer see the past the exact same method ever once again. Significant brand-new info alters the past.

Does this brand-new information alter the past? Well, whether you believe it ought to or shouldnt, it does.

Now envision that your household takes a DNA test, and you discover that your papa is not your biological dad. Her whole family learned the outcomes at the very same time!

In the event with my friend, the disclosure created years of chaos within her family. The household characteristics and sense of shared history (regardless of its precision) would have withstood if they had not taken the test.

You might argue that brand-new details shouldnt have so much power. My pals family enjoyed, or at least steady, before discovering that a secret had been held for more than thirty years. Why shouldnt everybody just accept that “something is different, but many things are still the exact same?”.

3. The Weight of Major Events.

When a major occasion takes place, the shift in the past can be overall and abrupt. Situations in your past that troubled you prior to now seem much further off in the range. They are far less relevant to your life now.

Now, as a $100 million lotto winner, what do you think of that missed payment? Opportunities are, you do not believe much about it at all!

You may even avoid the analysis completely, in which case the past would successfully be eliminated. Lots of other things about your life would be altering as well, and credit card costs would no longer be on your mind.

Before: This credit card costs is really bothering me. I feel embarrassed and ashamed.
After: Remember that time I missed a payment right prior to I won the lottery? What a difference a day makes!

Think of that a significant event takes place in your life. It could be either favorable or unfavorable, but lets opt for positive: you win the lottery game. Its an actually big lottery game, one of those that makes headlines and provides you with an excessive quantity of money.

Whatever guilt you had over it would be gotten rid of as you cheerfully went to settle the whole balance. Your internal narrative would shift.

The week before you won the lottery game, you d missed a credit card payment. The missed payment had actually been remaining in the back of your mind, making you feel nervous whenever it emerged.

Much better Than a Time Machine?

By taking control of your future– and by paying very close attention– youll see that the past is fluid and subject to alter.

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We want so much to go back and alter things that occurred long back, or perhaps something that occurred yesterday. However the method we remember the past is significantly affected by what we carry out in the future.

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Think of time travel by changing the future as a tool you can utilize in dealing with time anxiety. It does not work all the time– simply think about the traditional quote, “If all you have is a hammer, whatever looks like a nail”– however sometimes its a lifesaver.

The next time someone says “You cant change the past,” youll understand better. Youre changing the previous every day! The past likewise changes by itself, merely through the passage of time and events outside your control.

The next time someone states “You cant change the past,” youll know better. The past also changes on its own, merely through the passage of time and occasions outside your control.

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” People believe that only the future can be changed, however in reality, the future is constantly altering the past. Short of inventing the elusive time machine, theres not much we can do to change the past. Considerable brand-new details changes the past.