10 Reasons Why I Ditched the Drink & What Happened When I Quit Alcohol

Even as a teenager, alcohol failed to prove its magnificence. The glamour that I d read about in Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Dorothy Parkers Jazz Age books never ever manifested in the desperate high school parties or back seat sessions I had offered to me, so I gave it up, going with other kinds of drugs like cannabis and LSD.

I remember my first full beer at around twelve or thirteen. I snuck away with my buddy Mimi to guzzle a number of Coronas in the woods behind my house. It made my head spin and we laughed, but it left me feeling confused and unclean.

Alcohol was literally the prohibited fruit– a mystery and an abomination that not my moms and dads, nor anybody in my household– actually had anything to do with. I assumed this was because of my households lack of class or sophistication. Red wine, beer, and spirits suggested coupling with palates and inclusion in the upper reaches of society. It was beyond us, and it appeared foreign and fun. I could not wait to try it.

“When I got sober, I thought offering up was stating farewell to all the fun and all the sparkle, and it turned out to be just the opposite. Thats when the shimmer began for me.” ~ Mary Karr

Growing up I thought alcohol implied the adult years. As a child I excitedly watched the cacophony of ads, commercials, TELEVISION shows, and movies swirling, blending, swigging, sipping, and smelling those delicious drinks that the beautiful and the attractive preferred.

Fill the Void

Now, two years after offering alcohol (and all other drugs and dependencies) up, I can quickly state that I am a lot better and healthier without alcohol in my life. I do not miss it at all. I wish more individuals would leap on the sober bandwagon.

Recalling, I see now that what alcohol offered me was an undiluted, raw variation of myself. What was taking place after 2 or 3 drinks was what should have been taking place sober– I felt like myself.

Think about these 10 methods providing up alcohol altered my life for the better if you believe you may be keen to join me. I hope these factors are enough to convince you to ditch the beverage.

Years of child abuse and discovering to people-please and put others first had forced my authentic self into the backroom. Alcohol was the only way I might feel like myself. I didnt understand that then and I never ever stopped at 3 drinks. I stopped at stumbling, mumbling, losing consciousness at 4am drunk.

Finding Freedom

I completed my degree in 2002, a year after September 11, 2001. I landed a paying internship and then a part-time gig as an assistant archivist and filled in my extra hours working as a paralegal at my buddys dads law firm.

Alcohol was an escape from an individual and a life I didnt like, however however, both I had created.

After a lifetime of school and 4 years of university, I couldnt think the adult life and the flexibility I was promised included desk work for 8 hours a day that didnt pay enough for me to vacate my parents home. The profession and the status I presumed was waiting on me stopped working to be a possibility. My life was nothing however slavery 2.0– a rebooted variation of uniformity from my school age years– so I began drinking to leave it.

I keep in mind how being intoxicated made me feel. It made me feel alive, energetic, magnetic, wonderful, powerful, fun, charismatic, fearless, humorous, untouchable, and hot. Alcohol gave me what I might not appear to summon at all during the weekdays sober, but what I so frantically longed for.

It was time to lastly live the life I knew I desired. I was old enough to understand myself and understand what I required to feel innovative, alive, and pleased. On 1 April 2019, I made a list of all the things that were not actively contributing to my life. Alcohol was number one on that list.

It wasnt up until I finished and began operating in the “genuine” world that alcohol became my dearest pal. And recalling, I realize that I only get close with alcohol when Im not feeling fulfilled or pleased with life.

By the time I was twenty-eight, I was wed, in love, and pregnant with my very first child. Healthy and delighted, alcohol had no room in my life. It didnt come to remain again until after my 2nd child was born, and I understood my husband wasnt pleased. Then, alcohol settled in while I drank myself into lack of knowledge as a mother, wife, property owner, and business-owner who didnt want to admit that she had actually again constructed a prison instead of a life.

Alcohol kept me alive throughout my subsequent divorce. The pain was so severe that, looking back, Im grateful I had something to numb it. Two years after my divorce I realized that I was thirty-eight and absolutely complimentary.

I needed the release. I needed to sound out the chaos and the comfort and the elation those sixty hours away from work might bring me. I required to dress up, head out, get as drunk and ridiculous and wild as I perhaps could to get all that balled up energy and anger out of me so I could pack down my dissatisfaction at life from Monday to Friday. Even when I worked a Saturday shift at a clothing boutique, I was either still intoxicated or hungover.

At twenty-six, I did something radical. I cancelled my wedding event to a lovely man and decided to leave the US and travel to Australia. After 4 years of stable alcohol addiction, I finally recognized that the life I was living was a prison not a life.

I remember requiring to go out during my early twenties– like requiring it so bad. Staying at home alone on a Friday night belonged to suicide. I had my weekend planned and arranged by Wednesday, my friends put together, clothing purchased, and possible bars and clubs all chose.

As quickly as I decided to leave, I stopped drinking. I began working more and conserving cash. I had someplace to go and somebody to be. I wanted a future.

I stayed busy aiming academically throughout my years at university, so alcohol never ever played a starring role. I drank a few glasses of red wine on a Friday night when I cleaned my apartment and learned how to chug an Irish Car Bomb with my good friends at our regional pub, however it never disrupted my flow.

1. I learned how to feel my emotions.

When hiding my real self, I had actually welcomed alcohol into my life in an attempt to numb the pain I was carrying around in my body, however it likewise allowed me to be my genuine self without worry. Healing trauma permits you to present your true self to the world.

Instead of numbing myself, I needed to learn how to feel all the feels. This led to finding out how to feel and clear feelings as well as handle my youth trauma head on. Recovering my trauma was the very best thing I ever did.

2. I discovered how to play.

Not drinking alcohol leaves more space for you to be a kid again. Instead of sitting at the bar complaining about your issues, you are complimentary to ride a bike, swim at the beach, splash in the swimming pool, run, dive, explore, and find out due to the fact that life becomes a wonderland again. Living alcohol-free just welcomes in more of those uncommon, beautiful, and innocent minutes.

3. I reduced weight.

Alcohol is pure sugar, individuals. Bad for your liver, bad for your insulin levels, and bad for your brain.

4. I stabilized my hormonal agents.

After stopping alcohol, my PMS signs dramatically improved. Studies have also proven that increased alcohol intake increases your estrogen levels. If you want well balanced hormonal agents, state goodbye to alcohol.

5. I slept much better.

Alcohol massively interferes with REM sleep. Take a couple of nights off from your night wine and see how well you struck the sack. While we incorrectly think alcohol relaxes us and eases stress, it in fact has the opposite impact. Not getting appropriate deep sleep leaves you feeling even worse and even worse.

6. I saved money.

Alcohol is costly, and when youre drunk you desire more and will stupidly invest it. Conserving money produces the real liberty you look for. Not going out to bars and sipping on elegant mixed drinks is among the simplest methods to conserve money.

7. I developed pastimes.

Stopping alcohol unfortunately implies losing a couple of pals. Youll immediately notice which buddies do have alcohol hobbies.

Instead of utilizing alcohol as a hobby, I started to play tennis, discovered cruising, and began up a side hustle. As a result of not drinking, Im far more intriguing.

8. Im better.

Not requiring alcohol to numb or feel comfy in frightening scenarios is such a relief. My mind is clear and calm, and that brings me immense satisfaction and joy.

Im not as stressed out, worn out, concerned, or mad. Alcohol seems to remove the discomfort of life for a short while, but it returns to bite you tenfold the next day. Alcohol resembles a health and wellness charge card. You do not have to pay now, however you will have to pay later, plus interest.

9. I dont require alcohol to talk to individuals.

Rather of running directly for the wine at networking occasions, I simply drink on water and make table talk. I am who I am. I likewise attempt to make certain that I ask intriguing concerns.

No more “So what do you do?” I wish to know who you are, what youre about, and I dig around and see what intriguing truths about you I can uncover. People become much more fascinating sober.

10. Im leading by example.

My kids are seeing firsthand that their mother does not need alcohol, so neither do they. Im sure they keep in mind when I drank, however I likewise desire them to see me sober.

While I dont villainize alcohol and I understand that they will most likely experiment with it, I want to make sure that they understand that they can live a delighted and satisfying life without it.

Bottom Line and Disclaimer

Since I believed my consumption of alcohol was extreme or not irregular by societys standards, I never looked for out treatment from AA. Recalling, this greatly interrupts me. I required aid. What I truly required was to recover my trauma much sooner. It took lots of, many years to discover the best assistance to heal.

If you are taking in more than two glasses of alcohol on more than two subsequent nights per week, then you most likely have a problem.

Im not advocating for the abolition of alcohol by any methods. What I am promoting for is more accountable representations of alcohol in advertising, films, and movie. Being exposed to such blatant subconscious programming at a young age offered me the belief that alcohol would add something to my life that I felt it was missing.

You have a problem if you require alcohol or any drugs just to get by.

And while I know that I utilized alcohol as medication to treat my unhealed childhood trauma, I know that teaching kids why individuals utilize alcohol and drugs would be more effective. If somebody informed me during my teenage years that people abuse drugs and alcohol to cover the pain they are in, that could have altered whatever for me.

Drugs and alcohol are ways for us to deal with discomfort. The very best advice I can provide you is to seek help for the underlying problem and heal the factor why you need to consume. I wish you all the finest and understand that you are more interesting, powerful, and fun sober.

About Christina Cannes

Now, 2 years after providing alcohol (and all other drugs and addictions) up, I can easily state that I am so much happier and much healthier without alcohol in my life. Alcohol appears to take away the pain of life for a short while, however it comes back to bite you tenfold the next day. Being exposed to such blatant subconscious programming at a young age offered me the belief that alcohol would add something to my life that I felt it was missing out on.

Christina Cannes is a trauma-informed, transformation-obsessed functional nutritionist who developed her own recovery technique called Belief Hacking ™. She assists you drop the subconscious programs, trauma, and feelings that avoid you from being who you really are and producing a remarkable life. To get more information about emotional well-being, healing trauma, and utilizing nutrition to change your physical and psychological health, please visit her site here to access her free meditations and ebooks.

Healthy and happy, alcohol had no room in my life. Alcohol settled in while I consumed myself into ignorance as a mother, property owner, other half, and business-owner who didnt want to confess that she had actually once again built a prison rather of a life.

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