Dr. Andrew Huberman — A Neurobiologist on Optimizing Sleep, Enhancing Performance, Reducing Anxiety, Increasing Testosterone, and Using the Body to Control the Mind (#521)

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Andrew is host of the Huberman Lab podcast, which he introduced in January of this year. The show intends to help audiences and listeners enhance their health with science and science-based tools. New episodes air every Monday on YouTube and all podcast platforms..


Andrew Huberman, PhD (@hubermanlab), is a neuroscientist and tenured teacher in the Department of Neurobiology at Stanford Universitys School of Medicine. Andrew is host of the Huberman Lab podcast, which he released in January of this year. An easy new routine thats been raising my mood in the early mornings, and what Andrew advises for timing circadian biology to, as wise bards of yore have proclaimed, accentuate the favorable and get rid of the negative. Andrews ideas on taking phosphatidylserine before sleep to assist blunt cortisol release, and what he utilizes to comparable impact. If you like tales of adventure, listen to Andrew talk about that time he went exit cage diving with excellent white sharks, a bunch of madmen in Mexico, and out of breath undersea technical difficulties– for science!

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” Use the body to manage the mind.”
— Dr. Andrew Huberman

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Andrew Huberman, PhD (@hubermanlab), is a neuroscientist and tenured professor in the Department of Neurobiology at Stanford Universitys School of Medicine. He has actually made numerous important contributions to the fields of brain development, brain function, and neural plasticity. Andrew is a McKnight Foundation and Pew Foundation fellow and recipient of the 2017 Cogan Award for his discoveries in the study of vision. Work from the Huberman Laboratory at Stanford Medicine has actually been regularly published in top journals including Nature, Science, and Cell.

Why might vision be a secret to surviving 2020– or any year, for that matter?
Visual factors to consider for optimizing sleep quality.
An easy brand-new routine thats been elevating my state of mind in the early mornings, and what Andrew recommends for timing circadian biology to, as smart bards of yore have announced, emphasize the favorable and eliminate the negative. 18:25
When is the perfect time to get early morning light direct exposure, and how can we utilize an understanding of our body temperature level minimum to move our circadian clock if we desire to avoid jet lag and the impact of working at odd hours? 23:55
Why Andrew is not a fan of melatonin as a sleep help, and what he suggests instead. 31:03
Andrews thoughts on taking phosphatidylserine prior to sleep to assist blunt cortisol release, and what he uses to comparable effect.
The genuine reason Andrew applies the term NSDR (non-sleep deep rest) to yoga nidra and a complimentary hypnosis app called Reveri, and the value somebody might discover in their practice no matter what they choose to call them. 42:26
What are physiological sighs, and how can we utilize them at any time to minimize tension without the concern of preparation other protocols demand? 47:43
Andrew discusses what hypnosis figures out and is how prone to it I would be. 52:26
What are some of the most practical applications of hypnosis, and do the states induced by it have any shared qualities with those caused by psychedelics? 56:27
Considering the future of useful brain modification and the synergestic combinations that might just get us there.
With a past that would not suggest a tenured future in academic community and a penchant for combating, what took place to Andrew on July 4th of 1994 that altered the trajectory of his life?
Why taking a leave of absence from university isnt the exact same thing as leaving– no matter how numerous tech creator origin stories like to paint their subject in the attractive, devil-may-care light of the latter rather than the practical previous. 1:15:02
How Andrews “wonderful” childhood rotated to among depression, disruption, and tension practically overnight, and what he did at the time (and in many methods is still doing) to cope.
What is the Hoffman Process, and how has it assisted Andrew?
If Hoffman was just one of 4 or 5 things that had a disproportionately positive influence on Andrew, what are some of those other things? 1:33:00
On family pets and death, canine research with rapamycin, and why any researcher gunning for a Nobel Prize might not be awry by altering their surname to Sabatini or Kornberg. 1:37:46
If you like tales of adventure, listen to Andrew talk about that time he went exit cage diving with fantastic white sharks, a lot of madmen in Mexico, and breathless undersea technical problems– for science! Marvel at what he did to purge himself of the fear, anxiety, and injury of the experience.
How does Andrew specify fear, and has he always been amazed by it? 1:47:00
What is turmerics effect on DHT? Would finasteride (Propecia) act likewise? 1:50:15
Highlighting how effective DHT is with the phenomenon of the Dominican Republics guevedoce. 1:55:57
Does Andrew believe a substance accountable for DHT inhibition could influence the gender of a pregnant ladys offspring? A late associates story may have some answers.
What does Andrew advise for enhancing testoterone? 2:00:05
Its really tough to get a biological totally free lunch: the dangers of testosterone replacement treatment and other testosterone-boosting efforts done haphazardly. 2:05:45
Why messing with hormone balance can actually speed up aging.
Andrews thoughts on cognitive enhancement from the pharmacological/supplement side.
Why yerba mate is my favorite caffeine lorry, and a recommendation from Andrew. 2:15:09
Why you may gain from waiting 90 minutes to 2 hours after waking to ingest your very first cup of caffeine, and what we can gain from Roland Griffiths excursions into the realm of caffeine research.
Exists a way to combat the results of caffeine?
What is the vagus nerve, and why is it fascinating on the fronts of physiology and psychiatry?
What books has Andrew talented most to other people? 2:28:43
What would Andrews billboards state? 2:31:20
Parting thoughts.