Time Anxiety Is the Most Pressing Problem of Our Age ⌛️

The sense of lack of organization emerges even in individuals who are normally accomplished or “productive.” Time stress and anxiety may be even more typical for these individuals. Since they arent sure what they ought to be doing, part of the factor theyre working so hard– yet frequently changing their focus and getting tripped up– is!

I believe that time anxiety is the most pressing problem of the modern-day world. You begin worrying about time– and you never ever stop when you work your way through Maslows hierarchy and your fundamental needs are taken care of.

Naturally, informing someone not to fret about something they are stressing about is not very handy. What if you do want to enhance– you want to do more and do it much better?

Since It Cant Be Managed, stop Managing Time.

In other words: the same people you view as being positive and proficient may actually feel reluctant and clumsy.

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Consider yourself fortunate if you do not relate to this feeling. Lots of people feel by doing this all the time. And its not simply a conceptual idea, its really a felt sense. You can experience physical signs, even genuine distress, from time anxiety.

This, in a nutshell, is time anxiety. We understand we must live as though were lacking time (because we are), but we do not constantly know how. Therefore, we end up being nervous.

Second, watch out for fast fixes.

You experience remorse about the past, a lack of clarity about the future, and basic lack of organization in the present.

Because its the condition Im most familiar with, I discuss ADD specifically. I was very first identified as a kid, but I didnt look for treatment as an adult until I was thirty-five and having a hard time to compose a book. Once I started actively managing my ADD, I was able to complete the book and likewise be a lot more focused all-around.

What can be done– there any options? This is a topic Im actively studying, and I do not think theres a basic answer. Still, heres what Ive got up until now.

You can experience physical signs, even genuine distress, from time stress and anxiety.

In the end, time anxiety is a real problem– really the most important issue of our contemporary age, a minimum of for many for us. However it doesnt require to be a debilitating illness.

No quantity of improved to-do list apps will solve this issue. There is no bullet journal or magic method. You could invent an alarm clock that physically drags you out of bed two hours prior to daybreak and forces you to work more difficult.

However at the end of the day, youll still be stuck in the very same trap: theres constantly more to do, and theres never adequate time.

Time stress and anxiety may be even more typical for these people. Too is it with time stress and anxiety. People who have a hard time with time anxiety tend to be excellent at coming up with responses that make them feel better without creating much in the method of real change.

Time stress and anxiety is not something you hack. Its something you pertain to terms with.

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A lot of individuals have actually slammed the Getting Things Done crowd, however they tend to do so from a “do less” viewpoint. Their criticism, perhaps oversimplified, is “Live your life and dont fret about being effective.”.

You can integrate this understanding into your life and move on, loaded with the knowledge that time is running out– and yet, there is still time.

The rise of #StudyWeb on TikTok and YouTube fits this description perfectly. Countless trainees wish to study much better, yet much of these exact same study connoisseurs are deeply worried about investing their time in the most efficient manner.

Many individuals with ADD/ADHD (or Aspergers, Bipolar, or any number of other conditions) have clear memories of being diagnosed for the first time. Being diagnosed resembles being seen or recognized. You realize that the thing youre experiencing has a name. It has typical, recognizable attributes. There are other individuals whove had comparable experiences as you– there are keys that can be discovered.

Thats what this post has to do with: something called time anxiety. Ive been dealing with it for years, and maybe you have, too– even if youve never heard the name.

Too is it with time anxiety. Without a medical diagnosis– or at least, without calling it– youre constantly at its mercy. With some understanding, you discover to cope, adjust, and perhaps even prosper.

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Beyond self-awareness, I believe its essential to be careful when identifying “the answers.” Individuals who have a hard time with time anxiety tend to be proficient at creating answers that make them feel better without producing much in the method of real change. (Perhaps thats a long way of stating “Sometimes I come up with answers that make me feel much better without changing much.”).


Never ever undervalue the power of self-awareness.

Becoming aware of time stress and anxiety results in another conclusion: our fixation with performance and “time management” is misaligned. In reality, the entire field may be doing more harm than great!

Time is running out, and you must be throwing down the gauntlet … but you dont know what it is.

When you comprehend what the problem is– or even when you have a basic understanding that there is this thing that impacts you– reminding yourself of this fundamental knowledge can help.

, whereas time anxiety surface areas around all three parts of time: past, present, and future.


This feeling is frequently identified as FOMO, however time stress and anxiety is various. FOMO is focused on the present (” Something is taking place without me!”), whereas time stress and anxiety surface areas around all three parts of time: past, present, and future.

The list of conditions doesnt need to be made up entirely of conditions. Comprehending your personality type and qualities also brings some relief. If youre an introvert, for example, you know that lots of meetings tire you out, so you discover to prepare for them.

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You fret that time is passing you by
You stress youre far too late for something– you missed your chance
You stress theres something you ought to be doing today, but youre not exactly sure what it is

The person who understands that is who Im composing this long post for. You wish to enhance, but you feel stuck and you need more than a list of hacks to make development.