How My Son Taught Me That Crying Can Boost My Mental Health

The trouble is, far a lot of individuals are conditioned to feel embarrassed of revealing feeling. But its not like I phone all my mates and state, “Ive been feeling a bit low, so Im setting aside an hour today to go in the bedroom with a bunch of sad tunes and some tissues.”.

I have some mental health problems. Anxiety is the primary one, with a generous scattering of OCD and some periodic depression as the cherries on top.

Get that “weeping tunes” playlist ready.

So, what got me to that point? The answer is simple: fathership.

None of this suggests Im trying to raise a kid whos constantly in tears! I am trying to raise a kid who knows that having a great shout is a smarter and more developed way of releasing emotion than punching somebody in the play area or having an undignified argument.

People are the only animals with the ability to cry. It clearly has a purpose, and it doesnt take much research to find it has severe advantages, both psychologically and physiologically. Sobbing is believed to decreases stress hormones and unwind the nerve system.

That brings me on to the point of this post– and its a happy post. Im happy to report that in the previous couple of years Ive come to see the real worth in being able to cry, and being unashamed to do so.

“And some days life is just hard. And some days you simply got ta cry before you move forward.

As weve currently established, crying can launch stress hormonal agents and relax the anxious system. Who would not desire to do that, especially during a spell of poor mental health?

So get that “sobbing tunes” playlist prepared. Discover which old photos set you off, or which movies are specific to “hit you in the feels.” And do not be scared to tuck yourself away for a while and utilize the power of feeling to boost your mental health.

And thats an actually powerful thing. I know what I need to do, so that empowers me to knowingly try to do it nowadays.

“the huge cry” typically marks the turning point in a spell of depression. It indicates Ive begun to feel again. Ive discovered the pattern over many years, and its now got to the point where I can state “I need to cry.”.

On balance, I d much rather have the capability to sob, and no pity in doing so. Recently, I feel Ive learned to take it even more than that to the point that I can utilize weeping as an exceptionally useful tool in my psychological health armoury.

I was constantly the very first to cry at weddings, and that included my own. At that a person I barely stopped throughout the event! And as soon as Im beyond the half-way point of any good holiday, its unavoidable that a quite legendary sob is waiting in the wings.

While Ive been teaching him this, Ive been discovering myself. Simply as Ive learned to forecast when he may soon require to “let it all out,” Ive ended up being much more attuned to when I require to too.

To be clear, this isnt a weapon I have to deploy regularly or publicly, but its one Ive pertained to love having at my disposal. Its there for you too, so do not be terrified or humiliated to utilize it. The alternatives may be more popular with the “stiff upper lip” crowd, however they do not benefit them, or the people around them.

And some days you just got ta cry prior to you move forward. One thing that shows my mental health is in difficulty is when I cant cry. “the huge cry” often marks the turning point in a spell of depression. Ive discovered the pattern over many years, and its now got to the point where I can say “I need to cry.”.

This doesnt mean Im someone who has frequent public disasters that make people uncomfortable! In fact, its quite the opposite. Ive reached the point where Ive discovered to acknowledge my own internal pressure valve. I understand when it needs releasing, and understand how to do it in a private, dignified, and healthy method.

My oldest child has just turned seven years of ages. And hes quite like me. Its a much-misused word, however hes a “delicate” lad. Hes extremely understanding, and a fantastic mild soul. Hes also very emotional and– once again like me– as most likely to be touched by delight as by unhappiness.

Thats why Ive written this. It is deeply individual, because nobodys ever proud of having an excellent cry. I cant help wondering whether that ought to alter.

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There are options to sobbing, and we see them all the time: unhealthy behaviors, addictions, outbursts of anger and violence, and patterns of arguments and disharmony.

Like everybody else in the world, weve had a difficult time since the pandemic started. Among the hardest parts has actually been browsing the children through it. This indicates dealing with their lockdown isolation, however also constantly working out what to inform them so theyre as secured as possible without us insulting their intelligence.

Throughout the years Ive built myself a bit of a reputation as “the psychological one.”.

I can quite properly anticipate when a “meltdown” is inbound for my child. And I constantly ensure that Im there prepared for him when he wishes to let the tears out. I encourage him to take as long as he requires. I wince when I see parents saying, “thats enough now,” or even worse.

At this point I need to probably discuss that Im a forty-three-year-old male. I also reside in the UK, a nation thats proud of its “Bulldog spirit” and “stiff upper lip.” What this truly indicates is that were a nation where lots of people are uneasy with their own feelings, and shockingly bad at processing them.

When its all getting a bit much for them, another part of this is acknowledging.

That takes me back to the entire “stiff upper lip” thing. Feelings have to come out someplace, and in my experience its the people who are focused on being “strong” and “manly” who live lives cluttered with arguments and hangovers.

Let it out.

This last occurred simply a few days earlier, and I did inform my other half my intents. That in itself involved a little humiliation and vulnerability. But when I re-emerged a little later, she said that I looked like a different individual– with a bounce in my step and colour back in my cheeks.

I am proud that my children dont need to live in a home where there are needless arguments. A home where we process feelings in a healthy way– a method that human beings alone have access to.

When I cant sob, one thing that indicates my psychological health is in problem is. Depression is typically misinterpreted. For me, when its at its worst, it manifests as being emotionally empty and numb.