How Meeting and Re-Parenting My Inner Child Helped Me Love Myself

I can honestly state I felt levels of pain I did not know were survivable for a human. Many days, I did not desire to make it through; I could not envision continuing to be in that level of discomfort for another moment. It is certainly a wonder I survived and came out on the other side growing!

The journey to conference, caring, and re-parenting my inner child was a very long time coming.

In 2018, I went through a destructive separation. I d been through separations prior to. They draw, they harm, some of them left me in deep voids of sadness for a long period of time, but this one was something various.

“To enjoy oneself is the start of a lifelong romance.” ~ Oscar Wilde

So, what was the reason for so much discomfort?

The workbook contains a number of exercises, but there were a few dedicated particularly to determining, imagining, or meeting your inner kid– a more youthful, more tender, innocent version of yourself that just needed to be seen, heard, and accepted for who they are.

All this ugly, unhealed things was exposed and shot into my awareness like a volcanic eruption, and I had no ways of escape. All I might do was offer and heal. So thats what I did.

My therapist recommended I buy The Abandonment Recovery Workbook, by Susan Anderson, and begin overcoming it on my own in between our sessions. I intensely raced through the chapters hoping that once I completed, I might find and date someone to ideally mitigate the unrelenting discomfort. Nevertheless, as I worked through and neared completion of the book, it ended up being clear to me that I was in no other way ready for someone else yet.

To summarize: I had a great amount of sexual injury, abandonment injury, Complex PTSD, and low self-worth, and just understood validation as originating from exterior of me. This breakup discovered all these problems in one violent motion, like ripping a Band-Aid off a scab.

While I loved that male more deeply than I formerly understood possible to like somebody, and so it made sense for it to be more agonizing, it didnt make sense for me to be weeping non-stop for months. I felt like I was being ripped to shreds from the within out.

So, I sought aid to get to the root problem. The real cause of my discomfort was the significant amount unsolved injury I was bring, a complete failure to love myself– in reality, I had no real understanding of what it indicated to like oneself– and a massively injured and scared little girl running the program at my core.

But because this is about inner kid work, thats what I am going to discuss.

It assisted for me to discover photographs of myself from 3 to five years of age to help in envisioning this child. Looking at that little woman and imagining she still lived inside me, deep inside my being.

There were a lot of things I did, and still do, to facilitate this healing. They all worked together to weave an abundant tapestry of healing techniques to select from at any moment.

I believe a number of us have actually wounded inner children running the show. Everybody we satisfy has an inner child revealing themselves through adult bodies. To what degree that inner kid is injured varieties on a broad spectrum, mainly based on how well their requirements were satisfied by their caregivers.

When adult me was able to see her, I needed to find out how to hear her, and how to interact with her. Via meditation, I d envision her and ask her questions:

What does she require right now?

How can I make things better for her today?

What is she feeling about this situation?

When we genuinely see and hear our inner child and respond to their requirements without judgment, thats what happens. We feel love and safety like weve never ever known, and we finally understand we should have nothing less.

I left to the street to run an errand, and within me, my little woman was raving. It seemed like there was an inferno of anger brewing within my gut. I acknowledged in that moment I was not listening to my inner child, and she wasnt having it, now that we had actually started interacting with each other.

Just like any relationship, the requirements, communication, and dynamics are ever developing.

However I can state without a doubt, the connection between my adult-self and my inner kid is the most valuable relationship I have, and today the quantity of love I have for myself, due to inner kid work, is above and beyond anything I might have ever thought of.

The inferno continued to rage inside my tummy until I walked pull back the street, back into his office, and told him, “I do not wish to be kissed by my colleagues. Im sure others might not be troubled by it, however this is a boundary for me.”

The dialogue exercises with my little lady continued daily, often multiple times in a day. It simply depended upon how extremely my inner child required something from me that day, or how intently I was listening at the time.

She told me this man had breached her space, she felt risky, and I promised, capital “P” assured she said, stomping her feet as young children often do, that I would look after her from now on, and I had not when I enabled somebody to break my physical area without stating something. She would not be calmed until the matter was fixed.

I took care of her and made her feel safe and secure and safe. I continue to do so in my everyday life now.

I used to feel, most of the time, that I was inadequate. Considering that doing this recovery work I now know I suffice, in all places and circumstances.

Of course, he asked forgiveness a lot, and we have never had any inappropriate run-ins once again. More significantly, right away upon taking care of myself and my little lady, the inferno decreased.

At some point after I d started this discussion, I was at work and delivered a little thank you token to a coworker for doing a quick project for my office. He kissed me on the forehead in return. It made me extremely uncomfortable, and I rapidly left his work space.

This is the re-parenting. The part where we react to ourselves in the methods that we would have wanted or required when we were little kids. To be seen and heard, instead of molded to act or behave a specific way. To be truly reacted to, based upon the requirements we were expressing.

The above example was an extreme one. She is not always so quickly heard. Often I ask her what she requires and its simply to move the body, go for a walk. Other times its a cookie she wants. Typically, its just to be acknowledged. Validated. To be informed, “I hear you, I see you, your sensations matter.”

I d have to sit up until I received a response from her. This came as an idea or a sensation, sometimes a visual image or memory. Frequently, all she desired was to be held, so I d picture my adult-self holding this little woman and providing her the convenience and empathy she frantically required.

Where there was normally a sense of impending doom and danger, there is now a lightness and pleasure, and a true, deep happiness that has absolutely nothing to do with outside scenarios; just the pure joy of an inner wholeness I never ever even might have dreamt for.

So, I stopped. I tuned in. I asked her what she needed.

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The part where we react to ourselves in the methods that we would have wanted or needed when we were little kids. I recognized in that minute I was not listening to my inner child, and she wasnt having it, now that we had begun interacting with each other.

I believe many of us have wounded inner children running the program. Everyone we meet has an inner child revealing themselves through adult bodies. To what degree that inner child is injured varieties on a broad spectrum, mostly based on how well their requirements were satisfied by their caregivers.

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