Françoise Bourzat on Consciousness Medicine, the Art of Guiding Psychedelic Journeys, Finding Forgiveness, Salvia Divinorum, the Power of Chaos Music, and Inviting Sacredness (#519)

Françoise served on the board of advisers for the Oregon Prop 109 initiative and is presently helping to develop training for future facilitators of mushroom experiences. She is likewise collaborating with the Pacific Neuroscience Institute in Santa Monica, California, in an FDA-approved research study on psilocybin-assisted therapy for COVID-related sorrow. She leads mushroom events and retreats in Jamaica for bereaved moms and dads.

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” It is an insult to the effectiveness of this inner work to not make the effort to incorporate what has actually been exposed.”
— Françoise Bourzat

She has a Master of Arts in somatic psychology and is trained in the Hakomi Method. Françoise has actually taught at CIIS in San Francisco, and she lectures at other academic institutions, such as Yale, Stanford, and UCSF. She contributes and runs online courses to boards of advisers and companies providing value-aligned trainings on the topics of mushroom ceremonies.

Françoise Bourzat (@Francoise_Bourzat) has been bridging the divide in between Western psychology and native wisdom in partnership with therapists in Mexico for the previous 30 years. She is a co-founder of the Center for Consciousness Medicine, which trains people to become guides in a holistic method of psychedelic-assisted therapy. She is also the co-author of Consciousness Medicine, released by North Atlantic Books.

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P.S. During this podcast, Françoise shares few stories of individuals taking part in her retreats and she wants to inform the listeners that these individuals have actually offered her approval to discuss them and their experiences.

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How did Françoise concern lead mushroom ceremonies and retreats in Jamaica for bereaved moms and dads, and how has the experience helped them through the grief process? 05:39
How did an early experience in north Thailand show to be developmental for Françoise, and what helped her procedure the injury of that experience and the hard decision it forced her to make?
How did psychedelics– especially MDMA– really start Françoises healing procedure? 21:03
In Françoises estimation, how vital was the presence of a competent guide to take her through these healing psychedelic experiences? To what does she associate the skill her own guide wielded?
In the context of psychedelic journeys, what is turmoil music? 32:22
Whats the distinction in between a guide and a facilitator?
When did Françoise end up being interested in learning about the craft and the toolkits connected with these medications? 45:05
Who was Ralph Metzner? 47:58
How was Françoise presented to the psychedelic traditions of the Mazatec?
After hanging out in the psychedelic healing area among mostly male mentors, instructors, and colleagues, how did it make Françoise feel to be exposed to an ancient custom so tied to a family tree that was mostly matriarchal?
For what purposes do the native individuals of the Oaxacan region use mushrooms, salvia, and morning splendor? What effects might one experience when using them as planned, and what problems are they traditionally used to resolve?
Can these compounds be used to treat conditions in people who live outside the framework of these customs– for instance, a Westerner from an industrialized city whose problems might seem alien to an Oaxacan curandera? 1:18:54
What does a retreat in Jamaica for bereaved moms and dads appear like, and what goes into its preparation? 1:26:55
During these retreats, what therapeutic function does the introduction of elements like art classes and strolls in nature serve? 1:33:28
What is the Council for 13 Indigenous Grandmothers?
What are the possible threats of using psychedelic plants and substances without the supervision of skilled facilitators and guides? 1:41:02
How does a well-trained guide help someone back to truth if their psychedelic experience leaves them bereft and existentially hollow of significance?
What is the Hakomi Method? 1:51:49
What would Françoise like the Center for Consciousness Medicine to achieve? 1:53:28
What does Françoise consider to be the requirements for a terrific therapist focusing on psychedelic-assisted therapy?
Parting ideas. 2:02:48


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Get In Touch With Françoise Bourzat:.

Want to hear another episode with someone who understands the growing need for well-trained psychedelic therapists? Listen in on my discussion with psychotherapist and installation artist Marcela Ot alora in which we talk about why psychedelic treatment is probably less sexy and harder than you think it is, resolutions to especially trying sessions, how psychedelic therapy resembles alchemy, what separates a great psychedelic therapist from a terrific psychedelic therapist, how you can take the primary step on the course to ending up being a psychedelic therapist if you believe youve got what it takes, and far more.

How did an early experience in north Thailand prove to be formative for Françoise, and what assisted her process the trauma of that experience and the hard choice it required her to make? How did psychedelics– particularly MDMA– truly initiate Françoises recovery procedure? In Françoises evaluation, how important was the existence of an experienced guide to take her through these recovery psychedelic experiences? How was Françoise introduced to the psychedelic customs of the Mazatec? After spending time in the psychedelic recovery space among mainly male mentors, instructors, and colleagues, how did it make Françoise feel to be exposed to an ancient custom so tied to a family tree that was mainly matriarchal?

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For Consciousness Medicine.
Awareness Medicine: Indigenous Wisdom, Entheogens, and Expanded States of Consciousness for Healing and Growth by Françoise Bourzat and Kristina Hunter|Amazon.
Bereaved Parents, Trelawny, Jamaica|Relief for Grief.

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