Q&A with Tim — Current Morning and Exercise Routines, Holotropic Breathwork, Ambition vs. Self-Compassion, Daily Practices for Joy, Ontological Shock, and More (#518)

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I answered questions on my current morning and workout routines, holotropic breathwork, aspiration vs. self-compassion, diet, tools for assisting with ontological shock, what presently brings me a lot of delight, not caring what other people think, and much, a lot more..

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Picture by Todd WhiteWelcome to another episode of The Tim Ferriss Program, where it is generally my job to take a seat with first-rate performers of all various types to tease out the routines, regimens, favorite books, and so on that you can use and test in your own life. This time, we have a somewhat different format, and Im the visitor..

Want to hear a Q&A I did with listeners way back in the before-pandemic times? Listen here, where we discussed wealth structure, improving extemporaneous speaking, dealing with the loss of loved ones, Lyme disease, breaking up with organization partners, brand-new routines, confident eulogies, and a lot more.

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As some of you understand, I tested a “fan-supported design” in 2019, but I ended up going back to advertisements by demand. Thats a long story, and you can read more about it at tim.blog/ podcastexperiment. I just recently took a seat with the advocate group for an enjoyable and live Q&A on YouTube..

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Whats the 2021 updated version of my morning regimen?
What is my present exercise regimen, and what cool exercise equipment or gizmos am I using?
What is my process for figuring out if Im guiding my life in a worthwhile direction?
How can somebody stuck in a rut of existential fear better handle their thoughts?
If I were to provide a start speech, what would be the core message?
Exist presently any large-scale studies– by MAPS, Johns Hopkins, or other scientists in the psychedelic space– investigating the prospective therapeutic value of holotropic breathwork?
Beware of pseudo-shamans.
Have I attempted fish acupuncture, oil, or moxibustion to relieve my joint discomfort? Have I discovered anything particularly reliable?
Are there any psychedelic retreats I can suggest?
Who or what has regularly brought me pleasure in the previous 6 months, one year, 3 years, and five years?
What tasks do I have prepared over the next 2 or three years?
A Viktor Frankl recommendation that often gets neglected.
Is there any research study on the results of psychedelics integrated with breathwork?
Why am I still hesitating about having children?
A documentary suggestion for anybody wondering how to end up being a phony guru/shaman (or prevent being taken in by one).
I now recognize that I could have been more self-compassionate previously in life and delighted in the exact same level of “success” (however one defines such a thing). However heres something somebody not likely towards self-compassion might discover much more reliable without losing what they consider their “edge.”.
After self-experimenting with practically every dietary method under the sun, what does my existing eating regimen appear like?
Are there any books weve found helpful in preparation for parenthood?
Do I have any suggestions for dealing with ontological shock– such as I experienced when I discovered my own history of youth abuse?
What did I eliminate from checking out Richard Powers Pulitzer-winning The Overstory throughout the pandemic?
Am I sure Im not intoxicated?
” When this ends?”.
What does my evening regular appearance like, and whats keeping me laughing most nowadays?
What assists me pull out of psychological loops or ineffective thoughts?
Another easy, feel-good series for binge-watching: Ted Lasso.
Just how much time do I set aside for checking out every week?
How active am I in lobbying Congress reduced restrictions on psychedelic research?
Have I offered major idea to writing fiction?
How do I overcome the fear of being misconstrued?
How do I ensure optimal sleep?
How did I discover Japanese?
Parting thoughts.


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