20 Journaling Prompts to Help You Love Yourself

I didnt comprehend what journaling really was.

“Time spent in self-reflection is never ever lost– it is an intimate date with yourself.” ~ Paul TP Wong

I didnt have the tools at the time to dig into what was actually going on inside my head. Like a great deal of people, even though I understood the advantages and evidence of journaling, I had lots of reasons I never ever did.

I told myself I didnt have the time, that I was too lazy, I hesitated of what I might discover, and I just didnt understand where to start.

Dont fret if you believe you need to dedicate an hour a day to writing down your inmost, darkest thoughts and sensations.

Journaling is a self-awareness tool. Its one of lots of tools you can use to uncover what youre truly feeling and thinking, or what you really desire.

Ive found journaling is a polarizing activity. Personally, Ive hit both ends of the spectrum at different points in my life.

You dont always have to write down the responses. Much like to get much healthier, you dont need to go to the fitness center 3 times each week. Sure, it can help get you fit quicker, but you can also park farther away, take the stairs regularly, or do a few squats waiting for the microwave to beep.

I spent numerous years in a location of self-loathing. I truly believed I was simply not blessed with being born a pleasant person. And this belief fueled years of social stress and anxiety, preventing parties, coming up with lame reasons to leave early, and even being too anxious to call a customer service number to dispute a phone costs!

There are different paths for various individuals.

And if you wish to do that, more power to you !!

Why Journaling Helps

Our feelings are the physical and energetic manifestation of our thoughts. They are how we physically experience the thoughts in our heads.

Honestly, the biggest factor I didnt journal was because I didnt feel like it. Writing seemed like more work than I truly wished to put in.

I continued to advise myself that my worth is not determined by a Facebook like. I couldnt have gotten there if I didnt stop and do the work.

And extremely typically, the ideas that are triggering us stress, anxiety, and stress and anxiety, and leading us to be so hard on ourselves, are mulling around in our subconscious, just listed below the surface. There isnt much we can do with them when they are down there. We need to bring them to the surface in order to see them, question them, challenge them, or alter them.

By stopping and doing some psychological journaling, I had the ability to realize that I thought I was less “deserving” than my colleague since he “liked” her post. Seriously, I laughed aloud.

You can use these triggers to write, or you can use these triggers to believe. Sure, you might get more out of it if you dump all of it onto paper. You dont need to do it that method. Try simply considering these prompts initially if writing isnt your bag.

Thats what I desire you to remove from this: You dont have to compose pen to paper or fingers to keyboard to benefit.

Perhaps one day youll start composing, however it doesnt have to be today if you dont want it to be.

Our swirls of strong emotions tend to consume us. And lets face it, sometimes they just make us feel like crap.

It helps take all the busyness out of our brains and put them on paper so we dont have to keep getting tired handling the swirl. (Fun truth, thinking literally takes energy and burns calories!).

What Held Me Back the Most from Journaling.

The times that I did take a seat and compose were cathartic and genuinely effective. By doing some digging, I was able to discover the beliefs I held about myself that kept me feeling small. When I put them on paper, looked them in the face, and saw in white and black some of the important things I was believing, sometimes I couldnt assist but laugh.

A few weeks back, a previous colleague of mine posted something on Facebook that was similar to something I d published. Our previous boss (whom I respect extremely much) “liked” her post and not mine. I went spiraling down a hole believing “does he like her more than me?”.

When the feeling is strong therefore loud, it can be difficult to hear what thoughts are truly driving them. Journaling, particularly with prompts, helps to clear through the strong feelings to dig up the stories were informing ourselves.

If you do not like writing, you can still gain a lot from these triggers.

Even still, the writing part turned me off many of the time. So I personally changed to doing “psychological journaling” more typically than not.

3 Styles of Journaling Prompts to Help You Love Yourself.

# 1 Lists:.

1. Three things you did right this week.

2. 2 defects you can forgive yourself for.

3. 5 things you are proficient at.

4. Three times I was bold.

5. Image somebody who you feel judged by and what you feel that person has evaluated about you. Compose down all the reasons that viewpoint of you is wrong.

6. What are 2 things you need to let go of? When you let go.), (Then image how you will feel.

7. What are 5 things your past self would love about your current self?

# 2 Open ended concerns and triggers:.

8. Write yourself a consent slip to be imperfect.

9. Jot down something you think you failed at, and what you learned from it.

10. Make a note of something your inner critic has stated to you and ask, “What is the favorable intent behind this?”.

11. What is one thing you desire to stop doing, and what is something you can do to take an action in that instructions?

12. What is something you are hesitating on, and how would you inspire yourself if you were a cheerleader?

13. What is one method youre being suggest to or unjust to yourself, and what would you state to encourage and support yourself with compassion rather?

14. What is a compliment you got and brushed off due to the fact that you didnt feel you deserved it? Now practice completely valuing the compliment and accepting.

# 3 Fill in the blank “Even however” declarations:.

15. Although I feel ______, I choose to keep working toward sensation ______ by ______.

16. Despite the fact that (persons name) was ______ to me, I choose to enjoy and accept myself and can reveal it in action by ______.

17. Despite the fact that ______ seems frightening or tough, I know I can do tough things. For instance, Ive ______.

18. Despite the fact that I do not like ______ about myself, I value how I ______.

19. Even though I have a tough time accepting ______, I choose to keep working toward approval by ______.

20. Even though I didnt do ______ perfectly, I pick to grow and learn from the experience. Ive discovered that ______.

Write down all the reasons that opinion of you is wrong.

Self-inquiry can be tough. Whether you put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard or spend some time deep in thought, the journey will bring you closer to the genuine you. Its a journey to self-love which is so worth the trip.

Sandy is a former anxiety-riddled, insomniac stress-aholic turned coach. She helps career-driven ladies and working mamas master their tension and anxiety, to inspire themselves with generosity instead of criticism, to deal with lifes challenges with Graceful Resilience, and to begin really enjoying life without all that unnecessary concern. Her training and totally free resources like the Stress Detox Mini Course assist ladies to reclaim control of their lives to live more fully and easily.

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You dont always have to write down the answers. The times that I did sit down and write were cathartic and genuinely powerful. You can utilize these triggers to compose, or you can use these prompts to believe. Attempt simply believing about these triggers initially if composing isnt your bag.