How To Make Sense Of ‘Mom Guilt’? Navigating Through Our Ugly Emotions

In society, we label these things as wrong and hence, resist connecting with them. He suggests opening a line of interaction and have an open discussion with our feelings. We do not have to do whatever it says (fuse with it), nor need to we resist it and treat it like an ogre who desires to have us for lunch.

As I reflect on my life choices as a parent, I am surprised at the nugget of knowledge it has actually provided me. On the outside, it feels and look ugly- like a sensation or emotion that makes us feel guilty and bad. But if you attempt to investigate deeper, you will discover an invite to change. It is like a signal, an instinct within us that something requires altering, that we are going on the wrong path or something is amiss.

But as I developed as a mum– (my munchkins are now 9 and 11), I realize that we might have been a tad bit harsh when we evaluate mommy guilt. I think we have jointly made it the black sheep of parenting– an annoying insect that keeps telling us that we are not excellent enough, could be much better, or falling brief in some method.

God is in the laughter and the sadness, in the bitter and the sweet. There is a magnificent purpose behind whatever and therefore divine existence in everything.– Neale Donald Walsch.

Weve all heard about mommy regret and the nasty hold it had on us. Weve all been through it and can speak about it in volumes. The worst thing is that it doesnt just come from others however likewise from within us, from feelings that we are not doing enough or might have done better or worry of making serious parental errors. Even if it comes from others, it shows what we think.

In his book, Matt Licata, psychotherapist, and writer, The Path is everywhere; discovering the concealed jewels within you talks about all sensations as invites to be explored. He says that all sensations like guilt, and so on, are intrinsic and important parts of the human experience.

We can engage with our feelings by journaling or talking to it as a friend and asking it what it wants from us, what it has to say. It might come out harsh initially, for weve been treating it like an underdog for a long time.

With time, as youll develop a healthy relationship with it, with boundaries in location, you will know much faster what is ideal and what needs to be done, and when. It resembles a muscle that gets refined with routine use and is best used without brute-forcing.

Mother regret held me to ransom as it did to everybody else. It kept pressing me to the edge so that I would not seem like a bad mommy. It is a tyrant of sorts, and I will not disagree that it can be cruel.

It reacts well to generosity, love, and respect and will offer you the very same reaction it gets. It may be difficult in the beginning because the majority of its recommendations invite us to change, rock the boat, ruffle plumes, alter the status quo, and threatens the reptilian part of our brain that enjoys safety.

A few of The Things Mom Guilt Transformed In Me

It offered me the courage to take possibilities, draw the line with companies, and stop when it was time to let go.


It made me realize that I did not desire to be a zombie mum trying to be superwoman and exhaust myself. It made me understand that I did not desire to be a device and work on auto-pilot.


Make Better Career Choices

Accept Help

Be Human

It helped me change careers from banking to teaching to delight in the very best of both worlds. It taught me to believe outside package and made me try to find work that fit my requirements instead of the other way around.

It taught me to be a human and realize I dont have to be a superhero, that I did not need to extend myself overdo and thin everything just to get stressed out. It taught me that its ok if I goof up in motherhood. I can say sorry and forgive myself.

It assisted me find out that its ok to ask for aid.

Make Time For Rest

It taught me to make a brief time for myself for rest/rejuvenate– that a pleased mum is a more present mum and hence, a more accepting individual.

Power Of Influence As A Parent

It taught me that I am a role design and powerful impact in my kids life and they subconsciously gain from me, so my choices teach them more than other forms of learning. So when they were old enough, I quit mentor and came back to the profession I loved. I am hoping this teaches them that it is okay to prioritize their interests and ambitions also.

Enhance The Quality Of Life

It taught me to make time for the things that I love and supports me, so I write blogs for myself and in publications, read, journal, exercise, and do things that nourish me.

Accept The Kids As They Are

It taught me to enable my kids to be them and not what I desire them to be. Like Dr. Shefali Tsabary said When you parent, its vital you understand you arent raising a “mini-me,” but a spirit pulsating with its own signature. For this reason, its essential to separate who you are from who each of your kids is.

The next time you want to blame mamas regret, I invite you to look at it with an open heart and mind, befriend it, make it your ally, and ask for it to share its natural knowledge. Please do not treat it as the Gospel reality or the big bad wolf out to devour granny, but an inner middle, which is part of who we are, and take its assistance.

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Author: Lana Goes

Lana likes to motivate individuals to live life on their terms, by beating worry, doing the important things they love, and ending up being the highest version of themselves. She is the founder of The return of the Lion Queen where she provides life to her ambition of making people think in themselves. Blogging, she is a mum, a Finance Professional, and a book lover.

She is the creator of The return of the Lion Queen where she offers life to her aspiration of making individuals believe in themselves.

The worst thing is that it doesnt just come from others however likewise from within us, from sensations that we are not doing enough or could have done better or fear of making serious adult mistakes. On the outside, it looks and feels unsightly- like a feeling or emotion that makes us feel bad and guilty. It made me understand that I did not want to be a zombie mum trying to be superwoman and exhaust myself. It made me recognize that I did not desire to be a machine and work on autopilot.