How Well Each Zodiac Sign Handles Awkward Moments

You get beet red and unsteady whenever youre ashamed. You have difficulty concealing how uneasy you feel, which ends up making you feel even worse.

Youre not terrific at reading spaces. Usually, you do not pick up awkwardness considering that youre so calm and laidback. You assume whatever is fine and everyone is having fun unless they come out and say theyre miserable.

You get quiet during awkward minutes. You never ever in fact feel awkward. And you do not sweat it when you misspeak or stumble over your own two feet.



Youre great at conquering uncomfortable minutes. Youre a social butterfly, so youre able to recover rapidly and bond with whoever is around.

You extol your awkwardness. You consider it a fun, quirky characteristic of yours..


You get peaceful throughout awkward minutes. But you have a blast telling the story to your friends later. You can laugh about it once its over.



You whip out your phone and pretend to text whenever you feel the slightest bit unpleasant.


You get awful secondhand humiliation. Often you need to shut off TELEVISION shows because you can not stand how uncomfortable discussions are between two characters.

Normally, you dont notice awkwardness given that youre laidback and so calm. You presume everything is fine and everyone is having a great time unless they come out and state theyre unpleasant.



You joke around about any uncomfortable minutes you experience. Youre able to make fun of yourself.


You are absolutely horrified of being viewed as awkward. Its why you prevent many social circumstances and keep your range from crowds.


You call out awkward moments when they take place– and wind up making the circumstance feel even more uncomfortable.

You never really feel uncomfortable. Youre comfy with silences. When you misspeak or stumble over your own two feet, and you dont sweat it.


You act totally unbothered in front of others– but you replay the moment once again and again in private, and hate yourself for it.