My Struggle – The Song – Official Music Video – Fearless Motivation

” These battles of mine … I wont let them get the best of me”
My Struggle– The Song– Official Music Video– Fearless Motivation
Download or Stream the speech now, on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, Amazon MP3, YouTube Music & & MP3 Downloads at TeamFearless.comMY STRUGGLE Song– Copyright: Fearless MotivationLyrics by Jones 2.0|Music Composed by Patrick RundbladPerformed for Fearless Motivation, by The Julianno, Alpha.
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the battles were my training partnersIf everything was easyI wouldve stopped working before I even startedIm always being pressed to the limitsIm changedI see my good friends and theyre all like “who is it?”.
Recalling I believe my struggles made me greatThey taught me how to make it through anythingThey taught me to give my finest everydayThey made me the great individual I am today.
These battles of mineIll understand Ill be fineI take it a day at a timeFrom darkness to light

One day this will all mean something larger tough times are difficult but they wont last forever they keep me down however I keep my direct Im not where I wish to be however Im doing so far better.

Numerous battles to copwithbut I wont stop, I just keep on going I took hope from being hopelessIve got dreams Ive got focus I know that this can end at any moment.

These struggles of mineI will not let them get the best of me.
Another day, its simply another strugglelooking in the mirror, hard to say I enjoy youtrying to find the letters to finish the puzzleFound numerous Ls before I discovered the W.

My struggles developed into my STRENGTH.

working on my skills got me out of troubleI developed a palace from some damaged rubbleIll hold all of it together, I will not collapse listen close to me has a hard time: I will increase above you.


These struggles of mineI wont let them get the best of meI know Ill be fineIm growing stronger everydayIts a day-to-day struggleNot to reveal what Im going throughall alone nobody loves youI might give up but dont want to.

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