SIRS: What Providers And Individuals Need To Know

The Serious Incident Reporting Scheme (SIRS) is a new effort that helps reduce abuse and overlook occurrences in Residential Aged Care services..
What does SIRS suggest for aged care suppliers?
Aged Care service providers will be required to have an efficient incident management system in place and use this to continually improve the management and prevention of occurrences..
What is required from aged care service providers?
Suppliers will be required to determine, record, handle, report, and deal with all major domestic aged care occurrences within a specific timeframe.
The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission will be accountable for administering SIRS and take regulatory action where proper.
When will SIRS be introduced?
SIRS will be effective April 1st 2021.
What does this mean for the industry?
Aged care suppliers will be required to develop and embed a finest practice occurrence management system allowing them to respond to and manage incidents/near misses out on by assessing:.
— What took place.
— How and why it took place.
— What can be done to decrease the threat of recurrence.
— What was found out.
— How the learning can be shared.
What does it suggest for individuals?
SIRS suggests that personnel will require to be trained in the procedures, procedures and basic operating procedures that each facility will require to present to comply with the SIRS requirements.
Why is SIRS needed?
— The Serious Incident Reporting System aims to:.
— Reduce the danger of abuse and neglect.
— Build companies skills so they can much better respond to major incidents.
— Enable service providers to drive improvements in quality and safety.
— Reduce the likelihood of preventable incidents from occurring.
— Ensure people getting Aged Care have the assistance they need.
Do domestic care workers require training?
Training is necessary for all employees in residential care, including individual care nurses, supervisors and workers..
What SIRS training is readily available?
The Serious Incident Reporting Scheme module written and developed by Healthcare Australia is readily available online and gives learners a thorough understanding of:.
— The definitions of serious and important incidents.
— How these incidents ought to be reported– internally and externally to the police and the Commission.
— What occurs after a reported event