How Singles Can Come Out Stronger After the Pandemic

“Resilience is everything about being able to overcome the unforeseen. Sustainability is about survival. The goal of resilience is to grow.” ~ Jamais Cascio

As a deep follower in the saying “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” I motivate you to turn within to find your strength. Stop waiting and start thriving now.

All of the techniques and methods Ive shared below assisted me discover the inner resources for a better and more fulfilling life as a single.

I understand how easy it is to get drawn into a hole of misery, solitude, and paralysis and to await much better times to come.

Throughout this time, I focused entirely on producing an amazing relationship with myself. I learned how to hold, support, and offer myself. I discovered how to enjoy being single. I welcomed feeling lonesome and learned how to relieve my uncomfortable emotions.

I formerly invested ten years trying to discover love online. I reached the point of psychological fatigue and needed to rebuild my sense of self and find my own power again.

It may seem like youre in a position where you dont have many options. You cant easily hang out with your good friends. You cant have enjoyable like you utilized to. Your dating and mingling opportunities are restricted. These problems can bring to the fore sensations of solitude, deepen the yearning for relationships, and highlight your innate desire for connection.

The pandemic has required us to prevent people, self-isolate, and keep to ourselves.

Since finding love might be somewhat more hard right now, use this time to find out more about yourself, deepen your relationship with yourself, and befriend your solitude.

Eventually, we are the designer of our own destiny. All of us have the power to decide how we wish to feel and what actions we require to require to thrive rather than simply survive. If you take these actions, youll end up more powerful, clearer, and more empowered.

Here are a few recommendations on how you can utilize this pandemic to your benefit:

1. Be gentle with yourself.

You have valid factors to be all over the location emotionally right now. One day, things may look brilliant and simple. On another day, you might feel down and demotivated. Recognize it. Acknowledge it. Have compassion on your own. Do not expect too much of yourself. Do not be too hard on yourself.

Lets face it: these are unmatched times. You need to change your expectations of yourself to the current scenarios. Itll feel tough and tough at times.

Take it one day at a time. Through meditation and mindfulness, you can minimize your stress and anxiety and loneliness, find true blessings in every day (no matter how dull and limited it might be), and increase your pleasure and satisfaction.

2. Befriend your loneliness.

Find the feeling of loneliness in your body. Feel how warm or cold it is. Explore why you feel the way you feel.

Treat it like a wave of energy going through your body– energy that wishes to be launched and transmuted. Like every wave, it goes and comes. Every feeling is short-term. No feeling lasts permanently. Ultimately, they all pass, and a lot more quickly if you stop withstanding and judging them.

If you prefer to shift your sensations by doing something physical, simply drop everything and dance, workout, or go for a walking. Even a fast cleansing session around your home can quickly alter your state by moving the energy. By the end of your expedition, your solitude wont have as much power over you.

When I ended up being intimate with my own loneliness, it didnt incapacitate me as much or feel as frightening. I was able to accept it, release it, and discover peace and convenience in solitude.

Have a date with your solitude. Lets call it your “Silence & & Solitude Session.” You can do it when youre having your morning coffee or shake, or whenever you feel overwhelmed by loneliness. Just take a seat, switch off all distractions (like your phone), and be present with your feelings.

3. Look after your inner child.

When I did this workout during an especially lonesome period, I acknowledged that my inner child required more enjoyable and connection. She felt lonesome since I d been overlooking her and ignoring her requirement for play.

Whenever you feel flat, sad, mad, or annoyed, take a seat, close your eyes, and link with your inner kid to help provide what they need.

If your inner child also feels smothered by lifes busyness and seriousness, let them out and engage in fun, lively activities. Grab a box of markers and paper and draw how you feel.

You might see them. You may feel them. Get closer to them. Spend a few moments being, talking, and playing with them.

Let them express themselves through creativity. It doesnt matter what you develop or what it appears like in the end. The procedure of playing and developing will do the healing.

Ask them what they need right now when you feel like its the ideal moment. Provide space and wait for the responses. The responses will stream, and you may be surprised by what they are. Then you can reassure them that youre always there for them and desire to satisfy their requirements.

4. Use social media to create connection, not to numb yourself.

These interactions are priceless. Theyll provide you a sense of connection and increase your mood. Mindlessly scrolling through FB or Instagram stories will not. It can produce the opposite effect. Often it can make you feel even more isolated and feeling like you do not belong. It can trigger “comparisonitis”– the sensation that youre falling behind on your goals/projects when compared to others you see online. It will just bring you down.

Limit your social media time and use it with intent. Maybe a cooking session with a friend over Zoom or a supper with a sibling utilizing WhatsApp.

Analyze what activates you to grab your phone, how typically, when, and what feelings you attempt to numb by scrolling through social networks without purpose. Then find healthier ways to address your feelings– for instance, doing something enjoyable if youre tired or journaling if youre feeling down on yourself.

Youll stop squandering so much time, and youll have more of it to check out brand-new things that bring you pleasure and pleasure. Or designating certain times per day for social media rather than doing it whenever you feel like it.

5. Hang around in nature.

You may acknowledge the healing power of nature however limit yourself to indoor activities since its much easier, or because its cold outside. However even in the colder months, nature can bring you comfort. It can boost you. It can assist you clean your energy and feelings. It can motivate you and give you insights, whether its a vigorous walk in a nearby park or simply stepping outside into your garden barefoot.

Feel the ground, yard, sand, or even snow, depending on whats offered where you are. Deep breathing while being present will help you oxygenate your body and get the energy streaming.

If youre more adventurous, why not take a trip to a brand-new place and explore something brand-new? Find a forest or national reserve. Load a sandwich or more and enjoy checking out a new place. Investing a day surrounded by nature will fill your soul up and revitalize you mentally. It will move the stagnant energy and bring some new motivation.

6. Keep your vision alive.

Keep drawing your vision of your future in your mind daily. Take a few minutes each day to produce your future. Get your journal or just sit for a minute and reconnect with your dreams. Evaluation your aspirations. Revisit your objectives. Sign in with yourself and see whats still important, what you want to release, and what brand-new plans you have.

I know you needed to put everything on hold, and little is readily available at the moment. A few of your strategies required to alter. Some projects got suspended. But please do not let your dreams and your vision die inside of you. The pandemic is short-lived. You can utilize the extra time you need to deepen and clarify your objectives and dreams or discover your purpose.

Here are a few journal prompts to get you going:

Has anything changed in terms of your objectives and dreams?
Do you still desire the very same things?
What do you want?
What is not essential anymore?
What new things do you want to create?

7. Re-evaluate your relationships.

Utilize this time to re-evaluate your boundaries, relationships, and standards.

If you dare to be sincere with yourself and see how youve added to your mistakes and bad options in love, you can draw lessons and strength from them– and avoid unneeded frustration, heartache, and drama in the future.

Spend some time to determine what you desire and do not desire in your next relationship and what you dont want to jeopardize on. This will help you become the best version of yourself and bring in the best kind of partner with your effective energy and uncompromised standards and worths.

Here are some journaling prompts to assist you reveal your strengths and offer you more clearness:

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Aska Kolton is the creator of the Dating Detox Revolution. She empowers single women who are tired with dating or drained from unfulfilling relationships to take time out to reconstruct their self-love and confidence, so they prosper in life and feel happy, entire, and worthy within before they look for love again.

What have you found out about yourself from your previous relationships?
How have you become stronger as an outcome of your previous relationships?
In what method have the previous relationships prepared you for success in your next one?
What are you not readily available for anymore?
What will you do differently in your next relationship?

There is some higher purpose to this seclusion. Use this time to enhance yourself so you can be prepared for expansion in every location of your life once were on the other side of the pandemic.


Itll feel difficult and tough at times. Explore why you feel the way you feel. Typically it can make you feel even more isolated and feeling like you dont belong. Or designating particular times per day for social media rather than doing it whenever you feel like it. No wonder I felt drained after every relationship and needed time to recuperate.

I acknowledged that I was a severe overgiver and I had no borders when I did this workout while single. No marvel I felt drained pipes after every relationship and needed time to recuperate. I put some new borders in place and balanced my people-pleasing propensities, and that enabled me to bring in real love.

You may enhance your relationship with yourself and begin delighting in being single more when you apply the points above. When dating becomes simpler, youll likewise be more prepared for effective dating. When you obtain through tough times, you have a new gratitude for yourself, a more powerful sense of self, and more clarity about what youre not offered and available for.

This will, like absolutely nothing else, favorably impact your future romantic choices, who you date, and who you permit into your life.