Steven Pressfield — How to Overcome Self-Sabotage and Resistance, Routines for Little Successes, and The Hero’s Journey vs. The Artist’s Journey (#501)

His brand-new book is A Man at Arms, an epic saga about a reluctant hero, the Roman Empire, and the increase of a new faith.

Steven Pressfield (@SPressfield), a former Marine and graduate of Duke University, ended up being an over night success as a writer after 30 years of abject failure. Stevens novels of the ancient world, consisting of the nonfiction The Warrior Ethos, are needed reading at West Point, Annapolis, and in the Marine Corps.

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” Resistance with a capital R, that force of self-sabotage, will try to stop you as an artist or a writer or anyone from accomplishing your best work, from following your calling, will attempt to distract you, undermine your confidence, make you procrastinate, make you give up, make you give into worry, or, on the other hand, make you such a perfectionist that you spend all day on one paragraph and you accomplish nothing. The principle of little successes, or of a routine, is to help you overcome that Resistance.”
— Steven Pressfield

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Throughout hard times, Steven lived behind a home for $15 a month and befriended a backwoods feline. How did this feline become his role design, and what circumstances led to their relationship?
Stevens theory about halfway houses and individuals youll discover there (which for a time included him).
From a resume more diverse than most, what task stands out as being particularly developmental for Stevens eventual pivot to author?
Common examples of Stevens self-sabotage in the working world, and how a caring coach assisted him up and shook him out of this destructive pattern. 18:18
After 30 years of what Steven calls “abject failure,” Steven published his first novel when he was in his early 50s. Where did he choose up his wordsmithing skills, and how did make the shift from blue-collar truck motorist to successful novelist?
What did Steven get from his time as a copywriter in the world of marketing? 26:25
How does the heros journey, as created by Joseph Campbell, differ from what Steven considers to be the artists journey? 31:39
Throughout his own heros journey, what did Stevens rejection of the call look like compared to that of other significant figures from contemporary and ancient mythology? 37:16
How did Steven go from a refusal of the call that ended in an act of self-destruction and an incomplete novel to becoming a prolific author?
Ending up a first novel is a major feat, however getting it published is another thing entirely. How did he make it occur? Like many modern-day literary adventures, theres a detour through Hollywood. 43:52
How Stevens early morning routine gives him the momentum to compose with what his friend Randy calls a “little successes” technique.
What does Stevens exercise regular appear like? 53:22
The writing procedure that works well for Joyce Carol Oates most likely wouldnt work at all for Steven. How should someone think about establishing a routine for their own creative process?
Advised books on the composing procedure– consisting of one that integrates the editors state of mind to keep things on track.
Stevens guidance for conquering “Resistance with a capital R” when we feel like anything we develop today will never ever match (let alone go beyond) what we developed yesterday.
Why does Steven believe Resistance with a capital R exists? What purpose could it perhaps serve?
What is a shadow profession, and whats Stevens advice to somebody who discovers themselves in one (and is willing to acknowledge it)?
What obliged Steven to write his newest work of historical fiction, A Man at Arms? For that matter, what obliges Steven to write fiction? 1:23:10
What identifies the stories that come quickly and easy from the hard slogs, and what might I acquire from testing the waters of fiction writing? 1:28:13
Fear-setting from an Israeli fighter pilots viewpoint.
What is the yetzer hara?
How should I finest prepare to “go big” as an ambitious fiction author? 1:37:36
What would Stevens signboard say?
Parting ideas.

Steven Pressfield (@SPressfield), a previous Marine and graduate of Duke University, ended up being an overnight success as a writer after 30 years of abject failure. Steven Pressfield.
After 30 years of what Steven calls “abject failure,” Steven published his first novel when he was in his early 50s. The writing procedure that works well for Joyce Carol Oates probably wouldnt work at all for Steven. What compelled Steven to write his latest work of historical fiction, A Man at Arms?

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