What Each Zodiac Sign Loves About Long-Term Relationships






You like having somebody to snuggle every night. You love being physically near someone..


You love having somebody that can make you laugh till you cry. You like having your friend around all the time.


You enjoy having someone to prepare food for you and share their fries. You enjoy that whats yours is theirs and vice versa.

You enjoy having somebody to keep you entertained. You enjoy having somebody to play computer game and board video games with.

You enjoy having somebody around to give you compliments. You enjoy getting tips that youre lovely.

You enjoy having a plus-one who is constantly going to go on experiences with you. You enjoy understanding youre never ever alone.



You love having someone to vent to about your work and friendship drama. You love having someone who listens.



You love having someone around who is constantly ready to makeout. You like getting a lot of affection.


When youre disturbed, you like having somebody to comfort you. You enjoy being hugged and told youre going to be okay.

You like having somebody around to support your dreams and press you to succeed. You enjoy knowing someone remains in your corner.

You like having someone to aid with half the tasks. You like feeling like youre part of a group, and not on your own.

You like having somebody to assist you make huge life choices. You love having somebody to talk things through with.