The Only Way to Be Truly Confident in Yourself

How are you expected to be positive about something when you have absolutely nothing to feel great about?
Like, how are you expected to be confident at your new job if youve never ever done this type of work prior to? Or how are you expected to be positive in social circumstances when nobody has ever liked you before? Or how are you supposed to be positive in your relationship when youve never been in a successful relationship prior to?

Exact same deal chooses relationships. No confidence in intimacy will result in bad breakups and uncomfortable call and emergency situation Ben and Jerrys perform at 3 in the early morning.

On the surface, confidence appears to be an area where the rich get richer and the bad remain the fucking losers they are. If youve never ever experienced much social approval, and you lack self-confidence around brand-new individuals, then that lack of confidence will make people believe youre clingy and weird and not accept you.

And seriously, how are you supposed to be confident in your work experience when previous experience is needed to even be considered for a job in the very first place?


Or youre in a loser loop, like this.

If youve always lost in life, then how could you ever expect to be a winner? And if you never expect to be a winner, then youre going to imitate a loser. Thus the cycle of suckage continues.

Its like a dog chasing its own tail. Or Dominos ordering its own pizza. You can invest a great deal of time cuticle-gazing trying to psychologically arrange everything out, but much like with your absence of self-confidence, youre most likely to end up right back where you started.

Perhaps were going about this all incorrect. Perhaps the confidence dilemma isnt truly a conundrum at all.

So it appears like if youre stuck in one of 2 loops: either youre already in a delighted and confident loop, like this.

And if youre in the loser loop, well it seems damn near impossible to get out of it.

This is the confidence dilemma, where in order to enjoy or liked or successful, very first you require to be confident … but to be positive, very first you need to be happy or enjoyed or successful.

If we pay very close attention, we can discover a couple of things about confidence just by observing people. Before you run off and order that pizza, lets break this down:

Even if someone has something (loads of pals, a million dollars, a bitchin beach body) does not necessarily suggest that this individual is positive in it. There are business magnates who totally lack confidence in their own wealth, models who lack confidence in their looks, and stars who lack confidence in their own popularity.So I think the first thing we can establish is that confidence is not necessarily connected to any external marker. Rather, our self-confidence is rooted in our perception of ourselves no matter any tangible external truth.
Because our confidence is not necessarily linked to any external, tangible measurement, we can conclude that enhancing the external, concrete aspects of our lives will not always build confidence.Chances are that if youve lived more than a number of decades, youve experienced this in some type or another. Getting a promotion at your job does not always make you more positive in your expert capabilities. It can frequently make you feel less sleeping and/or with more people doesnt necessarily make you feel more positive about how attractive you are. Relocating together or getting married does not necessarily make you feel any more positive in your relationship.
Confidence is a sensation. A person confident in their social life will feel as though they do not have absolutely nothing in their social life. A person with no self-confidence in their social life thinks that they do not have the prerequisite coolness to be welcomed to everybodys pizza party.Its this understanding of doing not have something that drives their clingy, clingy, and/or bitchy habits.


Since theyre comfortable with failure, people who are positive in organization are confident. They understand that failure is just part of learning how their market works. Its a reflection of their absence of knowledge, not a reflection of who they are as a person.

Check out that once again.

The big charade with confidence is that it has absolutely nothing to do with being comfortable in what we accomplish and everything to do with being comfy in what we dont accomplish.

This sort of thinking– believing youre currently gorgeous even though youre a frumpy slob, or thinking youre a raving success even though your only rewarding service venture was offering weed in high school– leads to the kind of unbearable narcissism that causes people to argue that obesity (something that is more destructive to your health than smoking cigarettes) must be celebrated as appeal and that its, like, absolutely OK to sculpt your name into the Roman Colosseum, because, you understand, selfies.

They start to work out, dress better, make more eye contact and firmer handshakes.

They read articles that inform them the leading 50 things confident individuals do, and then they attempt to do those things.

Once again, this kind of thinking just focuses on external sources of self-confidence. And remember, deriving your self-esteem from the external world around you is brief at its best and entirely fucking delusional at its worst.

Individuals who are confident in their social lives are confident since theyre comfortable with rejection. Theyre not afraid of rejection because theyre comfortable with individuals not liking them as long as theyre expressing themselves honestly.

The only method to be truly positive is to merely end up being comfy with what you do not have.

A great deal of people soon understand this does not work therefore they take a different method: incremental, external improvement.

The apparent and most typical response to the confidence problem is to simply think that you lack nothing. That you currently have, or a minimum of be worthy of, whatever you feel you would need to make you positive.

This is undoubtedly a step above simply believing that youre already positive and that you dont belong in the loser loop. After all, at least youre doing something about your absence of confidence. And actually, it will work– however only for a little while.

So no, the option to the confidence dilemma is not to feel as though you do not have nothing and delude yourself into thinking you currently possess whatever you could ever dream.

Because theyre comfy with getting hurt, individuals who are confident in their relationships are confident. Theyre not scared to be vulnerable and tell somebody how they feel and after that establish strong limits around those feelings, even if it implies being uneasy (or leaving a bad relationship).


Simply because someone has something (tons of pals, a million dollars, a bitchin beach body) doesnt necessarily indicate that this individual is positive in it. It can often make you feel less sleeping and/or with more individuals doesnt always make you feel more positive about how appealing you are. Moving in together or getting married does not necessarily make you feel any more confident in your relationship.
A person confident in their social life will feel as though they do not have absolutely nothing in their social life. Individuals who are confident in company are positive since theyre comfy with failure.

Its counterproductive, however its likewise true. If we end up being comfortable in our failures– that if we accept failure as an inescapable part of living– that we will end up being failures, we often stress that.

Comfort in our failures enables us to act without worry, to engage without judgment, to like without conditions. Or something.

The fact is that the route to the favorable runs through the negative. Those amongst us who are the most comfy with unfavorable experiences are those who enjoy the most advantages.

But it does not work that method.

Now if youll excuse me, Im going to release this post comfortable with the reality that some individuals will probably dislike it. And eat my pizza.