How Each Zodiac Sign Handles Chaos

You run around, making certain everybody else is okay. You believe about the situation mentally initially. The reasoning comes later on.


Youre a pessimist, so you expect everything to fail. Youre always prepared.


You break under pressure. When theres an unexpected, unforeseen modification in your regimen, it takes you a while to adjust.

You get disappointed whenever things do not go your method. Youll throw a fit for a while prior to youre able to cool down.

You get peaceful. You consider the issue deeply, but you dont speak about it aloud.

You lean into the chaos. You prosper on drama and experience, so you feel right at house.


Youre the type of individual everybody desires around in an emergency since you have protective instincts. Youll ensure everyone around you is fine prior to fretting about yourself.


Youre the calm, level-headed one. While everyone around you is panicking, you keep a clear head.



You would rather follow than lead than take the lead. You will await someone more informed to tell you what to do instead of exercising a service yourself.


Youre a natural-born leader. Youll find the problem and work out an option in seconds flat.




When something goes incorrect, you freak out. You seem like the world is ending and everyone protests you.

Youre flexible. You can deal with anything tossed at you– but youll probably whine the whole time.