How Each Zodiac Sign Deals With Loss


They snap. They blast everyone around them, even if they didnt do anything wrong.


They provide themselves approval to cry. They release all their emotions. They let everything out.



They try to avoid others from fulfilling the very same fate. They try to fix whatever issue they see on the planet.

They lose their energy. They remain at house, below the covers, and wait for the pain to go away..


They smoke or drink or delight in another unhealthy practice. They sidetrack themselves in the only method they understand how.



They make jokes about their unhappiness. They try to laugh off the discomfort, shield themselves from it.




They disregard their pain. They have a good time so they do not have to think about it anymore.

They discover factors to blame themselves for whatever failed. They feel immense regret.

They drown themselves with work. They keep themselves hectic so they do not have time to be unfortunate.

They connect to their loved ones. They require hugs and cuddles and reassurance everything is going to be okay.

They try to rationalize what happened. They try to make sense of it, rationally, due to the fact that it makes no sense mentally.

They withdraw. Due to the fact that they desire to be entirely separated, they pull away from the people who enjoy them the most.