Why The Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Has Gotten A Bad Rap — And Why That’s Not Fair

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Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

Kurtis Smith gives the Moderna coronavirus vaccine to a local at Red Hook Area Senior Citizen Center in Brooklyn, N.Y., on Monday.

Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

Kurtis Smith provides the Moderna coronavirus vaccine to a homeowner at Red Hook Neighborhood Senior Center in Brooklyn, N.Y., on Monday.

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2 COVID-19 vaccines are being distributed in the U.S. today, and this week an FDA advisory committee will vote on whether a third ought to join them.

In excerpts from his interview, Jha discusses the advantages of the Johnson & & Johnson vaccine and how that may affect circulation.

All of that misses what Jha states is the most crucial point.

He explains that the 66% vs. 95% efficiency isnt the ideal contrast for several factors. He notes that the Johnson & & Johnson vaccine was checked in different settings– the U.S., several Latin American countries and South Africa, where some worrisome variants of the infection were initially seen.

In clinical trials, the Johnson & & Johnson vaccine seems 66% effective at preventing severe and moderate cases of COVID-19– compared to about 95% for Moderna and Pfizer. That has some individuals wondering if they ought to prevent the Johnson & & Johnson vaccine.

Definitely not, states Dr. Ashish Jha, dean of the Brown University School of Public Health.

” So that 66% number truly represents an amalgamation of a variety of different medical trials. Moderna and Pfizer were not tested in those circumstances,” Jha talks Things Considered. “And even if you just take a look at the U.S. data, the Johnson & & Johnson number then begins getting much closer to the Moderna and Pfizer numbers.”

” What Ive been stating to my household is, as soon as the J&J vaccine is authorized, if thats what you can get, you should get it as quickly as its your turn in line,” says Jha.

Jha notes that among the vaccines that have actually reported results, almost all of them– including the Johnson & & Johnson vaccine– have shown to be near 100% efficient at avoiding hospitalizations and deaths.

” What you appreciate is deaths and hospitalizations,” he says. “And Johnson & & Johnson appears to be just as good as Moderna and Pfizer at avoiding those.”

If given emergency use authorization, Johnson & & Johnsons one-dose vaccine would become available in the U.S., together with those from Pfizer and Moderna.

Are there other significant distinctions amongst the vaccines?

First off, I wish to make the case that the J&J vaccine is not a lesser vaccine. And second is we definitely should not be distributing these things based on socioeconomic status or any of those things. We ought to actually be getting all these vaccines out everywhere, we should be concentrated on disenfranchised groups, really, for concern since theyve been struck so hard.

I believe youre going to see that play out. The two-shot Pfizer vaccine is particularly tough to handle in, lets say, rural settings, hard-to-reach places. Workable, but harder. J&J vaccine– much, much easier on that front. There are also particular people who may simply choose they d rather get a single shot than two shots. And, you understand, and that might likewise influence who winds up getting what.

As people arranging this vaccination effort look at which vaccine should go where, does the ease of administering a one-shot vaccine that can be kept in a fridge identify where the Johnson & & Johnson vaccine is going to go?

The Johnson & & Johnson vaccine can be stored essentially in any fridge. The Pfizer vaccine is delivered and kept at ultracold temperatures. The two-shot Pfizer vaccine is particularly difficult to manage in, lets state, rural settings, hard-to-reach locations. Of all, I desire to make the case that the J&J vaccine is not a lesser vaccine. We must really be getting all these vaccines out everywhere, we need to be focused on disenfranchised groups, in fact, for top priority due to the fact that theyve been hit so hard.

Some individuals are revealing issue that the vaccines that seem more efficient– Moderna, Pfizer– are going to go to constituencies that have more political power, more clout, a louder voice, which the so-called less reliable vaccine, Johnson and Johnson, is going to go to more disenfranchised groups. Whats your response to that?

Johnson & & Johnson has the substantial benefit of being one shot. Thats, of course, really practical. There are a great deal of differences in storage. The Johnson & & Johnson vaccine can be saved basically in any fridge. [The Pfizer vaccine is delivered and saved at ultracold temperature levels.] Transport, widespread accessibility, much simpler. However I definitely believe for the majority of people, the concept of a single-shot vaccine ought to be appealing for a lot of folks. Which also makes it simpler for individuals to get.