Why Curiosity Is My Love Language and How It Makes Me Feel Seen

As Ive grown older, Ive determined that Im no longer happy to be a part of one-sided relationships in which I know others inside and out, but they concern me as a foreign language. I want an individual who can put their ego aside and get curious. I desire somebody who maps my terrain eagerly, who crests the peaks and sprints into the jagged valleys of my tales, who overturns stones for what lies surprise underneath.

The 5 love languages– a framework for how we receive and provide affection produced by psychologist Gary Chapman in 1992– consist of quality time, presents, acts of service, words of affirmation, and physical touch.

This desire to deeply comprehend others is a quality about myself that I like, something that I do just as much in service to myself as in service to others.

My love language is curiosity. And I, too, desire to be loved this method.

As much as I like receiving all 5 demonstrations of care, Ive always felt that my truest love language was missing from this list.

While I know that people-pleasing is normally an out-of-date coping system from youth, I likewise understand that my capability to get curious about others is my superpower. Despite its origin, it is simply as much a part of me as my eye color or my heritage.

Like many recuperating people-pleasers, I invested the majority of my life over-attuned to others needs and state of minds, accustomed to relationships in which I did all of the seeing however seldom felt seen.

“Being heard is so near to being liked that for the average individual, they are almost indistinguishable.” ~ David W. Augsburger

For years, my curiosity frequently led me to play the role of confidante and cheerleader in my relationships. Buddies, partners, and acquaintances said I was an “exceptional listener.” And while I valued their appreciation, I typically felt that folks valued my companionship the method they would treasure a finely polished mirror– a smooth surface in which they could appreciate their own reflection.

As somebody who invested much of her life feeling unseen, I observe when someone actually makes an effort to see me.

I observe when individuals look directly into my eyes and ask, “But actually– how are you feeling today?”

I see when people share a story and then pause to ask, “Have you ever experienced anything like that prior to?”

This is why Ive discovered to say to friends and potential partners early on, “My love language is curiosity. I feel most liked when others ask questions and wish to understand me.” By offering this easy truth, we offer others the info they need to love us well. Whether they select to act upon that info is up to them.

I discover when others appear simply as comfy holding area as they do using up space.

We co-create these much healthier, reciprocal connections by communicating, plainly, what we require in order to feel seen. The love language structure is so valuable since it offers us a simple, casual method to do so. After all, we cant anticipate others to read our minds and know automatically whats finest for us.

I clearly remember a friendship where, after every afternoon invested together, my body yearned for a two-hour nap. I keep in mind other connections that left me feeling hallowed out and sunken, like a withered plant that had not seen a glimpse of sun in weeks.

If we find ourselves in relationships that are one-sided, we require to be going to let them go, and welcome the initial isolation that originates from leaving the old while awaiting the brand-new. We need to find out to rely on that we are intriguing, that our experiences are valuable, and that our words are simply as deserving of space as anybody elses.

I notice when others utilize my stories as springboards to jump into their own experiences.

With every brand-new relationship that makes space for the essence of us, the more credible these realities become.

I notice when Im interrupted repeatedly by someone who is so excited to speak that they cant fathom including anybody else.

I see when individuals utilize me as a sounding board or a therapist with no reciprocity in sight.

With time, I have actually learned to leave these relationships behind. They drain me energetically and, by participating in them, I teach myself that I am not deserving of more.

I also observe when individuals ask perfunctory questions and, moments later on, examine their phones or stare off into space.

Eventually, it was my responsibility to move this pattern and make space in my life for healthier connections. I could continue to feel victimized by one-sided relationships, or I might leave them behind and trust that I deserved much better– and that much better existed.

I see when folks treat conversations like chances for co-creation rather of pedestals from which to preach.

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My love language is interest. And I, too, want to be enjoyed this way.

Hailey Magee is a Codependency Recovery Coach who helps individuals conquer people-pleasing, set empowered boundaries, and master the art of speaking their fact. She has actually worked with over 100 customers from the US, Canada, Ireland, France, South Africa, and more.

The love language structure is so important because it provides us a basic, casual way to do so. This is why Ive found out to state to pals and potential partners early on, “My love language is curiosity. By using this basic truth, we give others the information they require to love us well.