30 Things Women Find Completely Unattractive

A couple of females from
Ask Reddit want guys to understand the following things are NOT hot:

1. Attempting to prove youre much better than me at the things Im excellent at, or acting like the important things Im great at are “ridiculous” in contrast to your interests and hobbies. You do not require to show youre “sufficient” for me, and, if you did, making me feel shit is not the method to do it.

2. Concurring with everything we state and do for the first 4 months then calling us insane when were disturbed that the person we succumbed to does not seem to exist any longer.

Were just supposed to accept this whole new human who all of a sudden doesnt agree on things and does not like our personality as much as we thought.

3. Making me make every choice on my own. Im happy you desire my input, but I care about what you believe too! Sometimes I do not even understand what I want and I need aid choosing.

4. Throwing money around– I suggest, Im delighted youre solvent but I wont wish to stick with you if you literally chuck cash away to impress people, even if that individual is presently me.

5. Wearing too much cologne. Just shower and usage clean clothing.

6. Being emotionless.

7. Boasting about having slept with everyone and their mother.

It makes me distrust you/want to get out of the car! I want to be in the cars and truck with somebody who makes me feel safe! It makes you seem like youre just trying to be excessively macho/cocky and is simply SUCH a turn-off!

When the guy has explosive habits, I feel like my uterus closes. Breaking or hitting things for any problem.

10. For me its extoling your car. Likewise threatening to beat individuals up and continuously sizing up people.

11. Laughing at of/talking shit about ladies 24/7.

12. Dick pics. If your penis looks INCREDIBLE I still probably do not desire an image of it, even. I dont care if its strong gold and formed to bring me to orgasm in a second. Send me pics of your smile, maybe some chest shots, or take a photo of your pets. 10 times out of 10 Ill choose it.

13. Being consistent after being told no. Apparently, there are males out there who believe “no” indicates “attempt more difficult”.

14. Reducing a womans energy when shes truly excited about something.

15. Bragging about just how much you can drink. Simply makes you look like an idiot.

16. Flexing your height, especially when theres some misconception involved.

17. Not refusing or knowing to do/learn basic life skills like cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, grocery shopping, being economically accountable, and so on. I am not your mom!

18. When they talk in that phony “deep” voice. It just seems like theyre burping.

19. Slapping your erection on my vaginal area before you put it in. Are you thinking that does something for me ??

20. Guy who interrupt you to discuss themselves, and guys who touch your back or neck to physically direct you along as youre walking.

Youre not coming off as charming and interesting if you dont care about what I need to state, and if youre treating me like Im a stubborn pet or stock, youre coming off as controlling and suggesting you dont see me as an equivalent.

21. I think dont be misogynistic.

Boasting? I guess when it turns to smugness, its really unattractive.

23. When men say “youre not like other women” and things of that range. Dont put other females down to match me. Since were all just individuals, I am exactly like other ladies.

24. Telling me that youre an “alpha”. It makes you come across as an insecure loser.

25. Not having the ability to make fun of yourself. Substantial buzz kill.

26. Doing the bare minimum does not make you hot, it makes you good.

27. Not wearing a mask. It doesnt make you look tough guy, it makes you look dumb.

28. Having a wannabe-badass or straight face on in every photo. Smiling is appealing!

29. Boasting about every drug youve ever done. In what universe do you believe its attractive for me to understand youve done drug as soon as?

30. Discussing sex … Every person on dating apps turns the discussion sexual … Ask me about my day, not my knickers!.

Making me make every choice on my own. I desire to be in the car with someone who makes me feel safe! It makes you seem like youre simply trying to be excessively macho/cocky and is just SUCH a turn-off!

Just makes you look like an idiot.

It doesnt make you look tough dude, it makes you look dumb.