Katie Haun on the Dark Web, Gangs, Investigating Bitcoin, and The New Magic of “Nifties” (NFTs) (#499)

While working as a federal district attorney with the U.S. Department of Justice, she also prosecuted RICO murders, arranged criminal activity, public corruption, gangs, and cash laundering. She held senior positions at Justice Department head office in both the National Security Division and Attorney Generals workplace where her portfolio consisted of antitrust, tax, and nationwide security. Katie has testified prior to both homes of Congress on the crossway of technology and guideline.

Katie serves on the board of Coinbase, where she chairs its audit and threat committees, and HackerOne. She also advises numerous innovation business and has actually purchased a variety of business from seed to Series C phase. She teaches a class on cryptocurrencies at Stanford Business School and formerly taught cybercrime at Stanford Law School.

She clerked for United States Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy and is an honors graduate of Stanford Law School. She is a lifetime member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

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Illustration by means of 99designsKatie Haun (@katie_haun) is a basic partner at Andreessen Horowitz. Formerly, she spent a decade as a federal district attorney with the US Department of Justice where she focused on fraud, cyber, and business crime alongside companies including the SEC, FBI, and Treasury. She developed the federal governments very first cryptocurrency job force and led investigations into the Mt. Gox hack and the corrupt representatives on the Silk Road job force.

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Katie gives us a rundown of how blockchain technology both powered the Silk Road darknet market and dropped the breadcrumbs that resulted in its failure– in addition to the arrest of the corrupt representatives who were making use of the investigation for their personal enrichment. 06:45
As an aside for anyone not already in the know: what is blockchain innovation? 16:57
How did Katie get the tip that there were corrupt agents making money from the investigation? 21:23
What does the job of a federal prosecutor entail?
As a federal prosecutor, Katie never lost a case. To what does she associate this ideal record? What is it about her method that separated her from others in her field?
What made “egoless and fearless” Assistant United States Attorney Wil Frentzen such a good coach (and a bit of a character) throughout this time? 32:15
A story about the time Katie and Wil made sure Google wasnt above the law.
How is the RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) Act used to remove the mob? 38:55
While working to put violent bad guys behind bars, what was the self-talk that kept Katie level-headed when threats to individual security were of legitimate issue? How big are these criminal organizations, and just how much reach do they have in the outdoors world?
Existed ever a circumstances where Katie really feared for her life while prosecuting these types of bad guys?
When did Katie initially become aware of Bitcoin, and how did her impression of it change as she discovered more about it?
From navigating the skepticism of early gamers in the emerging crypto area to finding commonalities and ultimately signing up with the Coinbase board of directors. 51:57
Why its important for there to be ongoing discussion in between governments and crypto developers.
On highlighting the potential good of cryptocurrency with Paul Krugman and others who are hesitant of– and even downright hostile toward– it. 58:24
What are NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and how do they work?
What advancements does Katie expect to see in crypto or blockchain over the next 3 to five years? 1:08:05
In what methods does Katie see guideline of these new technologies taking shape as federal government adapts to comprehending them? 1:15:07
What types of countries will most easily accept digital currencies in an effective method, and is Katie worried that the US might just reveal up too late to the celebration? 1:21:03
How might Bitcoin volatility reduce to the point where bigger institutional investors would enable it into their portfolios as they do gold? 1:29:50
What roads less traveled have been the most challenging for Katie? 1:32:58
Whats the story behind Katies pivot from government prosecutor to signing up with the board of a cryptocurrency business and working with venture capital? 1:38:42
Does Katie concur with one of our shared buddies that she is a child whisperer of sorts? How was she motivated to stand out when she was a child, and what does her child want to be when he grows up?
Favorite books and the memories with which theyve become laced. 1:53:00
Katies ask of the audience: explore crypto (and recommended resources to begin). 1:57:55
Parting thoughts. 2:04:13

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Katie provides us a rundown of how blockchain innovation both powered the Silk Road darknet market and dropped the breadcrumbs that led to its downfall– as well as the arrest of the corrupt representatives who were exploiting the examination for their individual enrichment. How did Katie get the idea that there were corrupt agents benefiting from the examination? In what methods does Katie see regulation of these brand-new technologies taking shape as government adapts to understanding them? What types of nations will most easily accept digital currencies in a powerful method, and is Katie concerned that the United States might simply reveal up too late to the party? Whats the story behind Katies pivot from federal government district attorney to joining the board of a cryptocurrency business and working with venture capital?


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