Josh Waitzkin and Tim Ferriss on The Cave Process, Advice from Future Selves, and Training for an Uncertain Future (#498)

Josh Waitzkin, author of The Art of Learning: An Inner Journey to Optimal Performance, is an eight-time national chess champion, a two-time world champion in Tai Chi Chuan Push Hands, and the very first Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt under nine-time world champion Marcelo Garcia.

For the past 13 years, Josh has been channeling his enthusiasm for the outer limitations of the learning procedure toward training elite psychological entertainers in company and finance and to changing the education system through his not-for-profit structure, The Art of Learning Project. Josh is currently in the process of handling his fifth and fourth disciplines, paddle browsing and hindering, and is an all-in father and husband.

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” Most of the great performers that Ive known, or contended versus, or worked with in different fields simply had this stunning connection between their areas of dysfunctionality and luster. In some cases the very thing that assists them excel in their expert life, or their creative life, or their competitive life, is something that in their personal life can be a bit awkward.”
— Josh Waitzkin

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What are gating questions, what are they meant to fish out, and how do I set about constructing them? 08:48
What patterns might emerge if we were to gauge the insights others gain from being asked these gating concerns?
Contemplating the entanglement of genius and eccentricity, and how it shows up in Usain Bolts unusual stride and Marcelo Gracies capability to discover from making a mistake simply when. 20:11
How do I view this entanglement (or dysfunction) in my own life, and how does it manifest in ways the general public usually doesnt get to (and most likely would not desire to) witness? 23:30
On the proximity of our superpowers to our wounds, and the double-bladed “edge” we fear losing by calming those injuries. 28:29
Whats behind Joshs seeming failure to practice mediocrity? 30:55
Where did my fascination with performance originate?
How this effectiveness has actually played into my attitude about competition, and why Ive taken the last six months to strike the pause button on the sense of seriousness they tend to see and create if Im pulled in a various direction.
My relationship with control and the recovery power of psychedelics.
How exploration of the entanglement of overdevelopment and underdevelopment impact my previously mentioned “edge.” 49:25
Slow is smooth, and smooth is quickly: the virtuoso can move slower than their opponent and still get there. With proficiency, more is accomplished with less effort.
What discoveries have emerged for me considering that hitting the pause button?
What is the cave procedure, and how is it carried out?
What guidance might my 20-year-older self impart to me today? 1:03:19
How should we finest get ready for the world ahead if routine disruptive events– like the COVID-19 pandemic and significantly ramping innovation– end up being the brand-new typical? 1:09:31
Whats the single crucial quality I try to find when debating if Ill bring a brand-new individual into my circle of pals?
Do I ever worry Im misinterpreting noise for signal with gaining from successful individuals, survival bias, and all that jazz? 1:15:23
What have I found out about myself and the world given that getting a pet dog?
Parting ideas. 1:18:26

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Contemplating the entanglement of genius and eccentricity, and how it reveals up in Usain Bolts unusual stride and Marcelo Gracies capability to discover from making an error simply once. How do I view this entanglement (or dysfunction) in my own life, and how does it manifest in methods the public typically does not get to (and most likely would not desire to) witness? The Tim Ferriss Show is one of the most popular podcasts in the world with more than 600 million downloads.


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