Giveaway: Win a Mindfulness Kit for You and a Friend!

Or possibly you are that person. Maybe life is now challenging you more than ever previously and setting off all your deepest injuries.

When life feels particularly hard, these are the things that keep me going. Whichs what I hope this kit offers, with its assortment of practices and items: those small moments of mindful self-care that make lifes greatest obstacles a little less overwhelming.

If we werent a year-deep into a pandemic, perhaps they d feel that method even. Perhaps theyve constantly battled with depression, or low self-confidence, or uncomfortable relationship patterns that continuously cause them discomfort.

Aromatherapy and mindfulness practices, in themselves, will not resolve the different issues much of us are facing right now. Often the little things can make a substantial distinction– a couple of deep breaths at simply the ideal time, a good nights sleep when you feel weary and overworked, a couple of self-compassionate affirmations when youre being method too hard on yourself.

I do not understand about you, however often, when my problems seem insurmountable, I do not desire somebody else to repair them for me, due to the fact that I know they cant. I simply would like to know that somebody cares. That somebody sees me– sees my discomfort– and they want to love me, accept me, and hold my hand as I find a method to survive it.

An easy call or text can typically suffice, however a thoughtful present never hurts! With this in mind, Ive chosen to offer away two Mindfulness Kits today– one for the giveaway winner and one for the winner to give to a good friend who could utilize a little relaxation and relief.

In this crazy, virus-driven alternate universe we reside in, I believe most of us know someone whos struggling today– someone who feels overwhelmed, stressed out, or stuck, and perhaps powerless to help themselves or change their circumstance.

Whats in the Mindfulness Kit

The Mindfulness Kit includes:

A Soothing Bath & & Shower Gel (to assist relax your achy body and clean your concerns away).
A Relaxing Pillow Spray (to help you unwind and sleep more deeply).
A Calming Essential Oil Roll On (to reduce your mind, anywhere, anytime).
A Lychee Flower Scented Candle (to boost your spirit and boost your mood).

It can be a quote, an affirmation, something you just recently heard from someone you like– anything that might supply inspiration, hope, or encouragement to someone whos feeling down.

Sending you all great deals of love, my friends.

If you d like to grab a set for yourself or somebody you love now, you can find out more and get one here (its on sale for $39 til Valentines Day!).

It also includes 3 e-guides to help you make mindfulness a routine– one that checks out how you can make your shower mindful, blissful, and rejuvenating; one focused on breathing practices to relax your mind; and one that outlines how to do a bedtime body scan and progressive relaxation so you can relieve into sleep.

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How to Enter the Giveaway.

To get in to win the giveaway, all you need to do is leave a remark below, sharing an uplifting tip that we all need today.

I will select the winner at random on Tuesday, February 16th, and upgrade this post at that time. Please note youll require to check at that time to see if youve won so you can email me your address.