14 Creepy Missing Persons Cases That Were Eventually Solved

Jayme Closs was a 13-year-old from rural Wisconsin who was kidnapped from her familys home in the middle of the night after a shooter using a black coat and ski mask broke into her house and killed her parents. Her dad was killed when he went to the door to see what was going on. He then drove “20 seconds” before pulling onto a side road and turning off his automobile to hide from cops who were reacting to Jaymes mothers 911 call.

U.S. ArmyVanessa Guillén was a 20-year-old soldier in the United States Army stationed at Ford Hood in Texas. She informed her friends and family that another soldier was sexually pestering her. Guillén said she did not submit an official report due to the fact that other female soldiers who has spoken out entered trouble. She vanished on April 22, 2020 after parking her cars and truck in her systems parking lot. Her secrets, ID, and cash were found at her work on base.

A follow up examination discovered a “liberal environment for sexual attack and unwanted sexual advances at Fort Hood.”

TR1IcemanDesmond Amofah was a 29-year-old YouTuber using the name Etika. He published a video entitled “Im Sorry” where he talked about his mental health struggles and said sorry to people he felt he had mistreated by pressing them away. That night was the last time anybody in Amofahs life talked to him. His possessions, including his phone, cash, ID, and Nintendo Switch, were discovered in a bag on the Manhattan Bridge. Five days later on, his body was found in the East River in New York City. Detectives think Amofah dedicated suicide by leaping off of the Manhattan Bridge.

On June 30, 2020 Vanessa Guilléns body was found at a “sophisticated burial site” in Belton, TX. When his girlfriend started speaking to the authorities, Aaron David Robinson fled from Fort Hood, where he was gotten. He shot himself when cops found him. Robinsons sweetheart, Cecily Anne Aguilar, was ultimately charged with damaging proof for assisting him dispose of Guilléns body. Its think that the 2 dismembered the body and buried it under concrete after Robinson beat Guillén to death with a hammer at the armory on base where they both worked.

For 88 days Closs was held about an hour away from her hometown in Gordon, Wisconsin by Jake Thomas Patterson. When he had visitors, Patterson required Closs to sleep in his bed and hide under his mattress. When he delegated run errands one day, Closs escaped his home and discovered a next-door neighbor strolling her pet dog and asked for assistance. The neighbor acknowledged Jayme Closs from the news and instantly got her aid. When approached by cops, Patterson stated “I did it.” He stated he saw Jayme getting off the bus one day and chose to take her.

Closs now lives with her auntie and was provided $25,000 benefit cash for “saving herself.” You can hear the declaration she wrote for Pattersons sentencing here:

Wesley Mathews says that at 3am he was feeding Sherin who was on an unique diet because she was undernourished prior to being adopted. That night, Sherin did not want to drink her milk so Wesley made her stand in the alley outside of their home.

Benjamin HaasKim Wall, 30, was a Swedish reporter who vanished in 2017 while onboard the submarine UC3 Nautilus built by Danish entrepreneur Peter Madsen. She was on the submarine for the function of interviewing Madsen, it was expected to be a 2 hour engagement. Wall was reported missing out on after the ship stopped working to appear at port later on that day. The submarine was discovered sunken the next day. Peter Madsen was rescued from the ship and then apprehended for Walls murder. Pieces of Walls body were discovered in the area of the sunken Nautilus and more washed ashore.

She got on one bus and then missed the bus she meant to transfer to. CCTV reveals her at the 2nd bus stop waiting for the next bus, and then getting into a black Saturn Astra that pulled up to the bus stop. Zhang never ever got here and she was reported missing out on that night.

Jake Thomas Patterson is now serving 2 consecutive life sentences for murder, plus 40 years for kidnapping.

April Brady Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi was a journalist living in Turkey. He wrote for The Washington Post and was crucial of his home country, Saudi Arabia. Heres an op-ed published right prior to his disappearance where he says the Saudi government had him banned from Twitter. On October 2, 2018 Khashoggi went to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to get paperwork in order for his upcoming wedding event. CCTV recorded him getting in the building but not exiting. He was never ever seen or heard from once again.

Annie Le had actually previously attempted to bring attention to criminal offense and safety on campus.

Sierah Joughin was a 20-year-old university student when she vanished on July 19, 2016. Joughin was riding her bike home from her boyfriends home but never made it home despite the fact that her sweetheart had ridden alongside her for part of the distance on his motorbike.

A police investigation discovered that Peter Madsen had videos of women being dismembered on his computer and might have been looking to act out a dismemberment/strangling fetish on an unwary female victim. He was charged with murder, indecent handling of a corpse, and sexual attack.

Christiansen dismembered her body and spread it throughout a number of dumpsters. Her body was unable to be recovered. Christiansen likewise had another sweetheart, who was not included in the murder.

Baileys partner, Ian Stewart, was discovered guilty of the murders and is serving a minimum of 34 years. He is currently being investigated for suspicion of triggering his very first better halfs death as well.

In November 2018, the CIA reported that Khashoggi was assassinated on the orders of the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman. They believe at the embassy, Khashoggi was “ambushed, suffocated, and dismembered” by 15 experienced assassins. His body might have been ruined by acid. The United Nations holds the state of Saudi Arabia at fault for his death.

When authorities discovered CCTV video showing a Chevy Malibu driving by Tibbetts numerous times throughout her run, they questioned the cars owner, Cristhian Bahena Rivera. Rivera, 24, then admitted to kidnapping and murdering Mollie Tibbetts and led authorities to her body.

Madsen declared Wall suffered an accident aboard Nautilus and he was “required” to dismember her body and discard it in the ocean.

Gunawan KartapranataAkbar Salubiro was a 25-year-old guy living in Indonesia who was reported missing out on by his family on March 25, 2017. Two days after he vanished his remains were discovered inside a reticulated python snake. It was the very first time a grownup was understood to be killed and completely consumed by a snake, but it has taken place to another female because, in the exact same town as Salubiro.

A regional man, James D. Worley was quickly determined as a suspect. He had previously been founded guilty of a strangely similar tried kidnapping and was launched after only three years. The tool he utilized to threaten a girl on her bicycle previously, a screwdriver, was discovered at the scene. He lived 2 miles from where Joughins bike was found. Worley is awaiting the capital punishment.

As she was preparing to get wed on September 13th, a search immediately began. Her purse containing her phone and money were found in her office in another campus building.

Later, he stated he found a note from Bailey saying she was going to their trip house, but no proof of her going to the home was ever found. Later, Baileys remains and those of her pet were discovered in her houses septic tank.

Sherin Mathews was a young child in Richardson, TX who was reported missing by his embraced dad, Wesley Mathews on October 7, 2017 at 8am. Sherin was adopted by Wesley and his partner Sini as part of a global adoption from India.

Peter Madsen serving a life sentence for his crimes, however he quickly escaped in 2018 by informing his jail psychologist he had a bomb.

On June 17, 2017 Zhangs aunt, sweetheart, and daddy showed up in the U.S. to look for her. She and her sweetheart had actually prepared to marry in the fall. A $50,000 reward was provided for details leading to the arrest of the person responsible for Zhangs disappearance.

On September 13th, Les prepared wedding event day, her body was discovered in the research building. Since the building needs individuals to swipe their ID card prior to getting in specific rooms, it was quickly deduced who killed Annie Le.

Later, authorities discovered the Mathews SUV had actually left the house for an hour in between 5am and 4am. On October 22, 2017 Sherins body was discovered in a culvert near the Mathews home. Wesley Mathews then claimed that Sherin choked on her milk and died and he discarded her body in a moment of panic. Sherin had a history of unpleasant hospitalizations and injuries consistent with abuse. Her official cause of death was “homicidal violence”. Wesley Mathews was found guilty of murder and is serving a life sentence. He thinks he must get a brand-new trial since pictures of Sherins body and injuries were shown at his trial, which he believes is “unjust”.

Jenny FiebelkornMolly Tibbetts was a 20-year-old psychology major at the University of Iowa who was house for the summertime in Brooklyn, Iowa. Her household reported her missing out on the following day.

Charles Bothuell V was a 12-year-old kid who was reported missing out on by his parents. Regardless of the young boys thinness, he was being kept house from school in order to do “extensive” day-to-day workouts.

You can see the interview here:

Jessica Heeringa was a 25-year-old who worked at an Exxon filling station in Norton Shores, Michigan. She was engaged and had a young boy.

When a client arrived at 11:10 pm and found the gas station abandoned, he called 911. Police arrived at 11:25 pm and discovered the cash register was not robbed but that Heeringa was missing and there were blood droplets outside the door.

3 years after Jessica disappeared, regional guy Jeffrey Thomas Willis was charged with her kidnapping and murder. He was determined as a frequent client who was trying to flirt with Heeringa on previous events and he drove a silver Chrysler Town & & Country. When authorities got a search warrant for Willis home, they discovered a folder labeled “vics” on his computer. They likewise discovered non-simulated pornography featuring necrophilia and murder on his computer system. Willis is currently serving a life sentence for Jessicas murder. From jail, he was likewise founded guilty of murdering Rebekah Sue Bletsch, a lady who was killed while out for a jog a year after Jessica Heeringa vanished.

Jessicas family and pals are trying to pass “Jessicas Law” in Michigan which would require filling station that are open all night to either set up security cameras or have 2 workers working the late shift.

Wikimedia CommonsAllison June Baden-Clay was a 43-year-old Australian female opted for a morning walk and never ever returned. Her hubby, Gerard Baden-Clay, reported her missing. The couple had three children under 10.

10 days later on, on April 30, 2012, Allisons body was found in a neighboring creek. Her husband was attempted and found guilty of killing her.

Wesley Mathews was found guilty of murder and is serving a life sentence. On September 13th, Les prepared wedding event day, her body was found in the research structure. Later, he said he discovered a note from Bailey saying she was going to their vacation home, however no evidence of her going to the house was ever discovered. They also discovered non-simulated pornography featuring necrophilia and murder on his computer. Her spouse was attempted and discovered guilty of murdering her.