7 Things Holding You Back From Moving On

1. Social network.

If their face keeps popping onto your social networks, its going to be hard for you to overcome them. No matter how curious you have to do with what theyve been doing without you, its better to keep them out of sight and out of mind. Since they occurred to appear on your feed, you dont want a good day without them to be destroyed. Do yourself a favor and delete them from every form of social media. Or, if youre not comfortable with saying bye-bye forever, at least utilize the mute button.

2. Your phone.

You do not have to get rid of the photographs you took with your partner– but you need to get them off of your phone ASAP. If you do, then theyll be way too simple for you to access while youre attempting to heal.

3. Your memories.

You dont wish to log onto social media, just to be faced with a smiling image of you with your ex from in 2015. Luckily, youre able to shut off memories. You can go to your account settings and make certain that youre never given memories once again.

4. Love tunes.

Listening to songs that remind you of your ex can be helpful when youre trying to recover. Dont let random tunes shuffle. Dont let your excellent state of mind be ruined since the incorrect song happened to play.

5. Your texts.

You require to erase your text thread with them. You require to begin on a clean slate. Screenshot them and email them to yourself if there are specific messages you want to be able to look back on and check out in the future. Get them off of your phone. You dont need to be going over old messages late in the evening when you cant sleep, questioning where it all went incorrect. You require to let them go.

6. Your friends and family.

Your liked ones are bound to ask about your ex, especially when the separation is fresh. Let them know youre not comfortable talking about them and would value it if they prevented the subject in the future.

7. Your own thoughts.

Perhaps youre having a tough time moving on since you feel like your ex was the only one for you, like no one else will ever like you, like you dont deserve to be happy. But those are all lies. Youre going to discover another person sooner or later. Youre going to more than happy once again.

If their face keeps popping onto your social media, its going to be difficult for you to get over them. Do yourself a favor and erase them from every kind of social media. You do not want to log onto social media, just to be faced with a smiling photo of you with your ex from last year. Do not let your good state of mind be destroyed because the incorrect song happened to play.

You need to let them go.