The Power of Being Committed

Susie Moore had actually been writing a book for 2 years. Ideas of her book consumed her during every waking hour– when cooking, commuting to work, out with pals, on getaway– but she was making little development. Until she heard about the 100% rule about being dedicated.

Today I want to tell you why the trick to success is making a 100% commitment to everything you do.

It took her just two months to finish her book after that. Her mantra ended up being, “Write or die!” The power of being devoted made decision-making simpler for Susie and she achieved her objective in record time.

Being Committed 100% Is Easier Than a 99% Commitment

How to Follow the “No Exceptions” Rule.

If you enable for one exception, and tell yourself, “Its fine if I avoid my workout today, simply this once,” or “It will not matter if I miss this one due date,” it will not be long prior to you find yourself skipping another workout, or missing out on another due date, till your 100% commitment has degenerated to barely any conviction at all.

You will do whatever it takes if you are 100% committed to completing a big job by a specific deadline.

And that will result in greater trust and respect, and more chances streaming your method.

Real-World Examples.

There was no chance he was going to break the dedication he had actually made to himself. He knew that when he made one exception, it would be easier to make another one.

When an individual is 100% dedicated, they are unwavering. They arent going to let anything get in between them and their commitment..

Having any freedom at all in your convictions is undoubtedly going to result in disappointment, aggravation, and failure.

Following the “no exceptions” rule is the only method to ensure that you are really 100% committed to something.

We attempted to get him to make an exception to his guideline simply that when.

Best of all, if you are both 100% committed, youll both be happier for it.

Sid Simon, one of my mentors, is a fantastic example of this. In order to maintain his healthy eating practices, he chose that he would just eat ice cream on the day of the month when the moon was full.

Many individuals view a relationship as a 50/50 agreement. You do 50% of the work and Ill do 50% of the work. You provide 50% of your effort and Ill provide 50% of mine.

He is 100% dedicated to this conviction, and everybody who understands him well is absolutely familiar with this..

Relationships Thrive on a 100/100 Agreement.

This consists of remaining up late and canceling social engagements to make it take place.

If an unanticipated consultation prevents you from taking your walk at your routine time, you will adjust your schedule so you can stroll at a different time, even if its up and down in the stairwell of your hotel.

When more than 100 of his loved ones collected to commemorate his 75th birthday, we understood he probably wasnt going to eat the cake and ice cream that was being served– because it wasnt a moon that day..

If your heart was just dedicated to beating 99.9% of the time, or imagine. That would imply it would stop working 32,000 times a year!

Both you and your partner must be providing 100% of your effort every day. Working to make them happy and keep the relationship strong needs to get 100% of your attention, and they ought to be prepared to do the same for you..

If you do this, there will never be any animosity or issue that a person of you isnt doing your part in the relationship. Because youll both be providing it your all each and every day.

Effective relationships are not a 50/50 arrangement at all– theyre a 100%/ 100% contract.

The response is yes. Theres a big distinction.

For example, if you are 100% dedicated to taking a 20-minute walk every day without exception, you will do whatever it requires to make certain it happens..

Its a fantastic feeling to understand that another person is 100% devoted to you and to understand that you are 100% devoted to them. Its the essential to all successful relationships.

Not just does your “whatever it takes” mindset ensure you in fact hit your goals, it shows your level of dedication and decision to others..

Thats how he runs in all areas of his life, and its why he has actually been able to accomplish so much success over the years.

We gave him an extremely easy method out of his commitment, but he still refused to consume any ice cream that day..

To comprehend the huge difference in between fully dedicating to something and committing even a portion less than 100%, imagine if cosmetic surgeons were just 99.9% committed to carrying out the right surgery.

This holds true for relationships as well. I can not worry enough how important it is for people to offer 100% in their relationships.

You see, there is no gray area when it pertains to dedication. Either you are totally committed or you are not.

Why is it that 100% dedication is the essential to success, while even a 99% commitment is a recipe for failure? Is there truly that drastic a difference in between an individual who is 100% dedicated and someone who is 99% dedicated?

We brought a substantial cardboard cutout of a complete moon covered with aluminum foil, and a few of the females even dressed up as moon goddesses.

Thats why I always state 99% is a bitch, but 100% is a breeze. Since its a lot easier to intend for a 100% track record than it is to go for 99% and handle to hit your goal.

In every element of life, if something is worth doing, its worth giving 100% of your effort to it. Because a 99% commitment isnt going to suffice.

And consider this. How would you like to be wed to someone who is only 99% devoted to monogamy? You d always be questioning when is that 1% going to appear.

As you can see, theres no space to provide when it comes to dedication. Either something deserves 100% of your effort, or its not worth your effort at all. There is no in-between if you desire to guarantee your success.

This would indicate that over 500 incorrect surgical treatments would be carried out weekly!.

Personal Example.

An individual who is only 99% dedicated leaves open a window– nevertheless little– for their convictions to fail. And, given adequate time, the convictions of someone who isnt 100% committed practically constantly DO fail.

Whats Your Most Important Goal?

Now, heres your homework to finish. Take a minute to think of something important in your life that you desire to achieve, however that you arent 100% committed to.

Until she heard about the 100% guideline about being devoted.

To help you remain on track with being committed to your goal, download my complimentary 12-Month Success Planner. And remember, absolutely nothing will change for the much better up until you do.

Either something is worth 100% of your effort, or its not worth your effort at all. You do 50% of the work and Ill do 50% of the work. You provide 50% of your effort and Ill give 50% of mine.

Then make the choice today– today– to completely dedicate yourself to that objective and do whatever it requires to achieve it.

How would you like to be wed to someone who is just 99% devoted to monogamy?