Carl Jung – I Am What I Choose To Become (Must Watch Motivational Video)

” Thinking is hard, thats why the majority of people judge.”– Carl Jung.

We do live in this type of world, where many individuals talk excessive, and act too little. As Jung states, you are what YOU DO … not what you SAY you will do.

” As far as we can determine, the sole function of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.”– Carl Jung.

It has been stated that practically all brain activity happens on a subconscious level … the problem is, the majority of individuals do not understand this standard principle, and consequently are running their life on autopilot, duplicating the same responses and actions, and often repeating the exact same issues, over and over once again in a figure 8 loop.

” Even a happy life can not lack a step of darkness, and the word pleased would lose its significance if it were not stabilized by unhappiness. It is far much better to take things as they come along with perseverance and equanimity.”– Carl Jung.

The sad truth of a lot of humans is simply that … Most people DO think they are what happened to them.

Carl Jung– I Am What I Select To Become (Must View Motivational Video).

” You are what you do, not what you say youll do.”– Carl Jung.

That is ultimately how we are all evaluated anyway … on how we appear daily … WHO WE ARE … WHAT WE DO … never ever what who we SAY WE ARE or what were going to do. Less talk. More action.
Because of those choices, leaving the need for validation behind and BEING who we mean do be … DOING what we desire to do … and letting the right individuals show up.

When we understand, from a place of real humility, that we are all efficient in the “darkness” … which darkness is within all of us, we can then have compassion for the way others act. Understanding that everybody is doing the best with the life circumstances they existed. As Maya Angelou stated, “if they knew much better, they d do better”.
Weve all made mistakes … and for many of us, when we packed up … we understood much better, so we did much better. We no longer wanted to injure others, or ourselves through our behaviour … we learned the lesson, and we carried on. For the majority of people, the darkness does not spend time for long … however it ought to provide us some empathy for others, knowing that even we have made errors, no one is ideal … and perhaps with the same life situations we would refrain from doing any better than the other. Perhaps if we went through what they went through, we would not have the tools to do any better than they are doing. It does not imply condoning any kind of behaviour– it is an understanding that no baby was born evil, or with bad objectives.

You do not require to tell the world, or inform anyone what your plans are … you can reveal them with your ACTIONS … with your RESULTS.

” Everything that aggravates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”– Carl Jung.

What takes place to us is NEVER a choice … however how we choose to FEEL about what takes place is ALWAYS our option.

We can see BEAUTY in anything and UGLINESS in anything … The real question is, what do you CHOOSE to see?

” It all depends upon how we take a look at things, and not how they are in themselves.”– Carl Jung.

” I am not what took place to me, I am what I select to end up being.”– Carl Jung.

Most people equate self-respect with their past, with their achievements, with how OTHER PEOPLE view them. We are none of those things … we are, as Jung puts it who we “CHOOSE to become”.

” Your vision will end up being clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, wakes up.”– Carl Jung.

And how terribly do we require MORE LOVE and LESS POWER on the planet today … The limitless seeking of power and control is because of a lack of love … an absence of connection and empathy for others.
Ask yourself how you can release your own requirement for power and control … even a little … and how you can bring more LOVE, empathy, understanding and providing in your own world.
” If there is anything that we wish to alter in the child, we must initially analyze it and see whether it is not something that might better be altered in ourselves.– Carl Jung.
” The development of something new is not achieved by the intellect but by the play impulse acting from inner necessity. The creative mind has fun with the things it likes.”– Carl Jung.
” The debt we owe to the play of creativity is incalculable.”– Carl Jung.
” We can not alter anything till we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.”– Carl Jung.

” Knowing your own darkness is the very best technique for handling the darknesses of other individuals.”– Carl Jung.

We are constantly just ONE DECISION far from an entirely various life.

A life lived, not authentically, but how they view will be most acceptable by the standards of society. To trust your instinct and to be brave enough to live life on YOUR TERMS. The authentic you … living your genuine life.

” Where love guidelines, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is doing not have. The one is the shadow of the other.”– Carl Jung.

Einstein said: The definition of insanity is doing the very same thing over and over once again and expecting a various outcome. Until you CHANGE the responses, reactions and actions youve conditioned into yourself unconsciously, you wont see various OUTCOMES in your life.

We need to step back and catch ourselves judging … and this is not simple, because all of us wish to believe of ourselves as great people … and you might well be … but you should take ownership for your evaluating, as much as the next person. Judging people, evaluating things, evaluating circumstances … How do you judge? Who do you evaluate?
Has there ever been a minute in your life where youve judged an individual, or a circumstance … and then understood you were completely incorrect? We ought to never judge an individual or a scenario where there are no facts.
We actually do CHOOSE how we see everything, and anything can be seen through a favorable, optimistic lens if that is our intent. Make it your intention.

A pleased life … A FULL LIFE … is a life with MEANING. You do not require THINGS, money or belongings to have significance– but implying does make for a RICH LIFE. With MEANING and PURPOSE in your life you can face the inescapable challenges of life without worry … With MEANING and PURPOSE in your life you can LET GO of the past, due to the fact that there is always a brighter to work toward, to believe in … tomorrow.
For the majority of people, the darkness does not hang around for long … however it ought to give us some empathy for others, knowing that even we have actually made mistakes, no one is ideal … and perhaps with the same life circumstances we would not do any much better than the other.

” The least of things with a significance deserves more in life than the best of things without it.”– Carl Jung.

” Until you make the unconscious mindful, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”– Carl Jung”.

Till you find out WHY you are acting in a specific method, youll never be able to act better. Till we learn WHY we FEEL a certain way, on a consistent basis, we will not have the ability to consistently feel much better, in any way. You require to step back and examine your life … analyze YOU. What feelings, routines, behaviours and actions are working on auto-pilot?
What can you bring forward to the light, into your conscious, into your PRESENCE … if you can manage that, you can begin altering those practices– consciously. With repetition you can reprogram these new practices, feelings and behaviours into your NEW subconscious program. Better habits. Better reactions. Much better results.

The unconscious, or rather sub-conscious controls almost nearly human behaviour. It has been stated that practically all brain activity happens on a subconscious level … the problem is, a lot of individuals do not comprehend this standard concept, and therefor are running their life on autopilot, duplicating the very same responses and reactions, and frequently repeating the same issues, over and over again in a figure 8 loop.

Without the contrast of sadness, joy does not exist. Without dark, there is no light. A pleased life then, is not one without unhappiness, or suffering, or failures, or issues. A pleased life … A FULL LIFE … is a life with MEANING. If you had in your ownership every cent on earth, and all the material belongings you desire, it would still give you no warranties of joy, and definitely no meaning. You do not require THINGS, money or ownerships to have significance– however implying does produce a RICH LIFE. With MEANING and PURPOSE in your life you can deal with the inescapable obstacles of life without fear … With MEANING and PURPOSE in your life you can LET GO of the past, because there is constantly a brighter to work toward, to believe in … tomorrow.
SIGNIFICANCE and PURPOSE offer you reason to get up in the early morning … enthusiasm to go about your day, PURPOSE for living … Kindle a light in the darkness of your being. Discover who you are, establish a life of meaning and function, and accept every unavoidable difficulty that comes your method.

How we pick to RESPOND to life situations is A CHOICE. Who we decide to be in EVERY moment, including misfortunes, will figure out the quality of our life.
Leave your past behind, and choose, today … NOW … WHO YOU WILL BE … from this moment forward.

Weve all knowledgeable minutes like this. Problems that escalated due to our reaction. Challenges that vanished due to our response. It is not how things are, however how we see them.

Whatever takes place in your life is NOT truth, but rather your interpretation of it. Let me repeat, whatever takes place is NOT REALITY, but your interpretation of reality.
On one of your best days, an obstacle appears, and you deal with it, with presence, with confidence, with competence … Then, the obstacle vanishes, maybe even turns into a true blessing … a brand-new understanding. On one of your worst days, the same obstacle appears, you react angrily, unconsciously, the difficulty turns into a larger concern, a bigger problem and as a result impacts your life and others in a much bigger, not so pleasant method.

What irritates you in others can teach you essential things about yourself. Pay attention to those things in others that aggravate you, possibly there is something you can work on too.