What Each Zodiac Sign Needs You To Know About Their Past Baggage




They have trouble letting down their walls. They require you to be comfy with the fact they arent going to spill their heart out right away.

They have trust issues. They require you to stay loyal. Even safe flirting will feel like a betrayal to them.

They have self-confidence issues. They require you to understand they arent fishing for compliments when they discuss their insecurities.

They have desertion concerns. They require reassurance you arent intending on going anywhere.


They have issues with borders. They require you to understand theyre trying their finest to treat you right although they may mess up occasionally.

They have trouble with their body image. They require to know you like them inside and out.




They have issues with intimacy. They dont desire you to push them into moving too quickly.


They have problem communicating. They need you to know their actions speak louder than their words.

They have jealousy concerns. They need to know you arent tempted to leave them for anybody else.





They have co-dependency problems. They require you to know theyre not trying to be frustrating by texting you all the time.

They have a worry of dedication. They require you to be patient with them because they wish to move sluggish.

They have family problems. They need you to understand a conventional life may not be the most enticing to them.