Why Each Zodiac Sign Feels Uncomfortable Taking The Next Step In Their Relationship


Youre terrified of trusting this individual with your heart and then having it broken. You do not want to look like a fool.

Youre frightened of commitment. You arent sure whether youre ready to commit your life to somebody else.

You arent great with relationships. Youre fretted youre going to be a bad girlfriend/boyfriend and let your person down.




You arent excellent at revealing your emotions. Youre terrified of being vulnerable with someone else and giving them ammo to hurt you.



Youve been hurt in the past. Youre stressed about there being a repeat in history.


You enjoy with the way things are right now. You do not wish to alter a thing.


Youre anxious your relationship is too great to be true. Youre stressed youre not seeing certain red flags.

You dont wish to make an error. You dont wish to wind up with the incorrect individual.


You take pleasure in having alternatives. That indicates you are going to be stating goodbye to your possibility at another person if you take the next action with this individual.


Your relationships never ever last long. Youre horrified its going to end not long after you take the next step.

Youre scared taking the next action is going to backfire on you in the end. You feel like youre much better off by yourself since you cant get harmed that method.



Youve been having fun. If they start to get too major, you do not want things to alter.