Marc Randolph on Building Netflix, Battling Blockbuster, Negotiating with Amazon/Bezos, and Scraping the Barnacles Off The Hull (#496)

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” You need to have the self-confidence and the desire to leave sure mediocrity to wager whatever on the long shot of a big success.”
— Marc Randolph

When not browsing, mountain biking, or back-country skiing, Marc is a frequent speaker at industry events, works thoroughly with young entrepreneur programs, sits on the board of the ecological advocacy group 1% for the Planet, and chairs the National Outdoor Leadership Schools board of trustees.

Best known as the co-founder and very first CEO of Netflix, Marc Randolphs (@mbrandolph) career as a business owner covers more than 4 years. He is also an active seed investor in start-ups all over the world, author of an internationally bestselling memoir, and host of the brand-new podcast That Will Never Work, where he dispenses guidance, support, and difficult love to struggling entrepreneurs.

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Best known as the co-founder and first CEO of Netflix, Marc Randolphs (@mbrandolph) profession as a business owner spans more than 4 years. What were the requirements of the company concepts Marc and Reed tossed around prior to getting here on what would become Netflix? What did the approach to Netflixs model appearance like in the early days, and what, in Marcs viewpoint, sets apart excellent entrepreneurs from average ones? How did Marc and Reed overcome the temptation to gear their startup towards what appeared to work in the 90s and what would go on to alter the face of media consumption in the 21st century? On the perfect storm of bad news that led to Marc and Reed attempting to discharge Netflix onto its then-biggest competitor: Blockbuster.

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Heres the story behind why Ive taken to calling my guest Marc “The Seagull” Randolph. [05:35] In his youth, what did involvement with the National Outdoor Leadership School (which he now chairs) teach Marc? Does NOLS provide such programs for adults?
While discovering his own penchant for management, how did Marcs interaction design change? [15:27] Homing in on a superpower: split screening. Where did Marc get bitten by the bug that enhanced him with this capability?
I share something I may have never ever shared with the general public previously, Marc explains what he indicated when he stated: “Theres no such thing as a good idea.” He details some of the concepts he and Reed Hastings worked on prior to getting to what we understand today as Netflix, and shares the test they did to figure out if the idea of video leasing by mail was good or bad. [21:28]
What were the prerequisites of business ideas Marc and Reed tossed around before getting here on what would become Netflix? [27:11] What did the approach to Netflixs iteration appear like in the early days, and what, in Marcs opinion, distinguishes excellent business owners from average ones? [32:20] How did Marc and Reed conquer the temptation to gear their start-up towards what appeared to operate in the 90s and what would go on to change the face of media consumption in the 21st century? [35:50] Marc addresses a question he possibly never ever considered. [40:17] How did Marc and Reed believe about calling the company? What were their finest and worst ideas, and how might arriving at this decision be different now versus then?
Marc dishes about the time e-commerce demigod Jeff Bezos invited Reed and him to a sketchy part of Seattle for a “talk,” and how they prepared for it on the flight up. [46:19] People informed Marc and Reed, time and time once again relating to the Netflix organization design, “Thatll never work.” What were they missing out on? [56:09]
On the perfect storm of problem that led to Marc and Reed attempting to discharge Netflix onto its then-biggest rival: Blockbuster. [1:01:09] Why didnt Marc and Reed negotiate with Blockbuster for a lower buyout cost when the company balked at the initial deal? [1:11:19] What is the Canada Principle, and how has it assisted Netflixs special organization model in ways others might think of as leaving money on the table? What were the most appealing opportunities during this time that had to be turned away as diversions from Netflixs primary focus?
How did Marc stick by his dedication to honor a regular date night with his partner without letting stressful start-up life interfere with the balance? Has this custom ever stopped working the stress test?
What guidance does Marc have for the success of couples considering instituting a similar date night tradition? [1:27:48] The moment of clarity through which Marc discovered his purpose in life that led to composing That Will Never Work and starting a podcast by the very same name. [1:30:32] What can listeners to Marcs podcast anticipate? [1:37:10] What would Marcs signboard say? [1:40:05] Parting thoughts. [1:44:04]

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