4 Ways to Overcome Alienation and Loneliness

“What should young individuals do with their lives today? Lots of things, obviously.

Have you ever seemed like a complete stranger in your own life? Enjoying other individuals like you were separated by some undetectable wall?

Alienation is a term originally coined by Karl Marx. His theory of alienation explains the “social alienation of people from elements of their human nature as an effect of living in a society of stratified social classes.” It takes place when a person withdraws or ends up being isolated from their environment or from other people.

He talks about the mind-body connection (especially the deadliness of reducing feelings) and how social connections can speed up recovery.

When he speaks it makes a lot sense its difficult to think this is not mainstream understanding. How are we still treating the mind separate from the body? When somebody develops heart disease, why are we not asking questions beyond their diet plan? Why are these individuals not supported holistically?

We live in a world that is more linked than it has ever been. How is it that a lot of people feel lonely?

It makes complete sense to me that somebody who establishes a persistent disease or disease and is socially isolated will not have the ability to heal as rapidly as somebody who feels connected to his/her community. Whats frightening is that our society is practically constructed on this synthetic sense of connection that only creates feelings of alienation. I suppose its because its good for service.

Individuals who show symptoms of alienation will frequently turn down loved ones, society, and even elements of themselves. Its an extremely disorienting sense of exemption and separation. Its likewise deadly for human animals who grow and flourish when they are linked and feel like they belong.

The majority of us have actually felt it from time to time and understand all too well how harmful solitude can be if it does not go away. Research study has actually revealed that isolation is worse than cigarette smoking or obesity to a persons health.

Ive recently found the work of Gabor Maté, whose teachings on addiction and connection has actually influenced me deeply.

Below are 4 kinds of alienation that refer to our modern-day lives and how to fight each of them.

Alienation from Nature

Its not a surprise that alienation from nature contributes to our isolation. When we damage rain forests and dispose big quantities of garbage in our oceans, we kill a part of ourselves. The motion to protect our earth is one that requires compassion and compassion for life beyond ourselves. Its likewise a recognition that we are all linked.

I feel the finest way to gain regard for our earth (if, for whatever reason, you dont currently) is to spend more time in the fantastic outdoors. To leave the city and manufactured buildings behind and hang around in nature.

Or feel the aliveness and buzzing of a forest? Connection to the earth is, in a sense, connecting to our truest sense of self.

I do not suggest this in a kumbaya sense, I imply it literally. The oil and coal we burn will end up being the air we breathe, just as the tiny microbes of plastic will become infested in the fish we consume. How people can deny this is infuriating. If we destroy our planet, we ruin ourselves. The world is a large organism that has actually gone through numerous significant transformations across its life-span of 4.5 billion years. It does require us, we need it.

Alienation from People

If there is a loss of real social connection in your life, I understand how difficult it can feel to get in touch with others. It can be a uncomfortable and susceptible to seek relationships with people. Where do we begin as adults? When we were in kids, it was so much simpler.

Well, we can begin by going out more. Discover pastimes, workshops, classes and satisfy people who share the same interests as you. During lockdown its clearly a bit harder, however there are also numerous online neighborhoods that have actually appeared as an outcome. While its not the exact same as meeting personally, online groups of genuine sharing and connecting are the next finest thing. Putting yourself out there is hard, however the threat is worth the reward.

This loss of attention triggers us to become less present in the minute and more focused on whats next, adding to stress and anxiety and depression. The impacts of phone use on our psychological health are still being revealed as are the laws around it. We are living in blurred lines, not quite sure how this will work out. Its like the age that our parents had with cigarette smoking prior to they linked the dots and accepted that it caused cancer.

Much of us are no longer connected to others in a meaningful method. Social media has mostly replaced social interaction and produced a synthetic sense of connection. We are wired to connect to others face to deal with, eye to eye, not through our phones.

There is a reason you open your phone and all of a sudden get pulled into a vortex of bright red notifications and an unlimited newsfeed. There are top psychologists and behavioural researchers working to keep you on your phone longer. I advise watching The Great Hack or The Social Dilemma for more on this topic.

Social network is not only about getting in touch with others, but also a chance for companies to sell their items. There is an incentive for these platforms to keep you on longer and longer, stealing your valuable attention.

Alienation from Work

When we do work that is simply a method to an end and satisfies no function in our soul, it will slowly eliminate us. It advises me of the quote, ” The cost of not following your heart is investing the rest of your life wanting you had.” Doing some dead-end job due to the fact that we are scared to follow our dreams hurts.

Go anywhere you feel most invigorated and alive, it is constantly worth it. If you dont believe me, look up ” things people regret most on their deathbed.”

We all have presents inside of ourselves, and the task is to learn how we can make a living out of them. Of course, this features a level of pragmatism, we simply cant stop our well-paid workplace task and choose to end up being a puppeteer. There are smart and cautious methods of getting where we wish to go if we have the determination. Every day is a chance to take actions in the ideal instructions.

Alienation from Self

Imagine the passion for life we d all have if we had to go undergo training to reconnect with our true self? Recovery and change begin by establishing a deep relationship to ourselves. How? Through meditation, journaling, therapy, remaining in nature, connecting really with others. It will likewise need vulnerability, perseverance, nerve, and the willingness to alter.

We do not need to keep our loneliness to ourselves. Ironically, its something we all have experienced and can associate with. If we can find ways to reconnect with nature, connect meaningfully to our good friends and community, discover fulling work that is lined up with our worths, and link to ourselves, the wall of isolation will have no option however to merely fall apart away.

Finally, the disconnection from ourselves. Our true selves. When we first entered this world, the individual we were. Wild and complimentary, delighted to be. We got our light dimmed by our moms and dads, society, and culture to follow the well-laid course and do what everybody else does. Its not unexpected that a lot of people forget our inner child. However its not lost, its just lying under those layers and layers of who we required to be.

, if only we all had a little Julia Roberts fairy to pull us out of our dull adult selves and advise us of our inner Peter Pan!

The saddest thing is those who have actually entirely lost touch with their youngest self. They remind me of Robin Williams Character in Hook before he realizes he is Peter Pan. He matured just to become an obese, unpleasant legal representative who was consumed with work. He was completely detached from his household, nature, and naturally, himself.


I understand I have actually disconnected from myself sometimes in my life. It injures to break my authentic self just to be liked or accepted. Its like looking at my inner kid and stating in her face, “You arent excellent enough. Modification.” It breaks my heart.

About Kimberly Hetherington

Many of us are no longer connected to others in a meaningful method. If there is a loss of authentic social connection in your life, I understand how hard it can feel to connect with others. If we can find ways to reconnect with nature, connect meaningfully to our good friends and neighborhood, find fulling work that is lined up with our values, and connect to ourselves, the wall of isolation will have no option however to simply fall apart away.

Its also lethal for human animals who succeed and grow when they are linked and feel like they belong.

Kimberly Hetherington is a Canadian writer and Art Therapist based in Sydney, Australia. She loves to compose, read, create, listen to podcasts, remain in nature, and experience the kind of conversations that exceed the mask of everyday life. Have a look at her site for more on her journey through grief and loss, to hope and self-discovery.

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Connection to the earth is, in a sense, connecting to our truest sense of self.