7 Signs You Like The Attention More Than The Person

1. You arent interested in finding out more about them. You might talk with them for hours– however you would not wish to listen to them for hours. You have absolutely no interest in their pastimes or interests or stories. But you want them to be hanging onto every word you state. You desire them to be thrilled to find out about your every thought and opinion.

2. Youre happiest when theyre complimenting you. You get frustrated if you put in the time and effort to dress up, just for them to neglect you that day. You want them to enhance you. You want them to strike on you. You want them to express their desire for you. Your conversations with them arent that interesting unless theyre flirting, unless theyre making it clear theyre interested in pursuing you.

3. You care deeply about what they consider you. You desire them to like you. You want them to be brought in to you. You want them to make fun of your jokes and comment adorable emojis beneath all of your social media pictures. You invest far more time fretting about how they perceive you and whether they like you than asking yourself whether you really like them back.

4. Youre delighted to speak with them, but you get tired of them quickly. When they text you becasue that implies theyve been believing of you, you get butterflies. It suggests they miss you. It implies youve been doing something right. If the discussion lasts a little too long, you get tired. You do not truly want to talk with them. You just want them to wish to talk to you.

You just talk to them when its hassle-free for you. If youre busy with friends or are trying to catch up on sleep or arent in the right mood, then you ignore them. You dont care about missing out on out on the opportunity to link.

6. You dont feel quite unless somebody is informing you how pretty you are. You need recognition in order to feel excellent about yourself. You require someone to reassure you that youre attractive and fun and smart. If youre not hearing those words from someone, anyone, then you get into a funk. Even though you may not recognize it, youre practically utilizing this person for an ego increase. Youre using them as proof that youre hot, which youre worthy of being loved.

7. Youre willing to drop them for anybody else who provides you attention. Thinking about life without them is hard– unless theres someone around to take their location. If theres another person happy to offer you the very same kind of attention theyve been offering you, then you would not really miss them once they were gone. You would be great parting ways. It sounds mean to admit, but theyre totally replacable to you.

You might talk to them for hours– however you would not desire to listen to them for hours. You want them to like you. You want them to laugh at your jokes and comment charming emojis beneath all of your social media images. You do not actually desire to talk to them. You simply want them to desire to talk to you.