30 Things Hairdressers Want You To Know (So You Look Your Hottest)

Hair stylists from
Ask Reddit have some hot pointers for you!

1. Do not move your head when youre in the chair, only move when your stylist states so.

Try to discover images of hair similar to yours. Go in with your hair close to your natural texture if youre dealing with a new stylist.

3. Likewise, if you like a cut on a model, cover his/her confront with your finger and make sure you like the hair and not the face.

“My forehead looks weird.”

5. DONT WEAR A HOODIE or a turtleneck. If you can take it off, fine, however they both obstruct a lot if Im trying to cut/color your hair.

6. Your hair does not require to be dirty for me to style it. In truth, I would REALLY prefer it if it was clean. And it also doesnt need to be dirty/clean/covered in coconut oil for me to color it. Simply can be found in with regular, dry hair.

7. Do not bring filtered photos or ones that are wigs. (Dont have impractical expectations.).

8. Please dont talk with your head, its aggravating attempting to keep the tension on the hair on a customer that moves their head just as much as their mouth.

9. Honesty. Do not lie about package color youve put on your hair (including henna) or products you use. The stylist WILL learn one way or another (like when your “virgin” hair turns orange instead of yellow in foils) and it simply makes it harder and more costly to fix it later. It does not matter if you tell the fact, the reality will come out. It will conserve everyone a lot of heartache if youre just in advance about it. We do not care if you put box dye on your hair– we simply need to understand due to the fact that the course of action will be various depending on your history.

10. Do not expect a miracle color modification without investing a great deal of time and cash.

11. Always tidy your ears before a haircut. You dont desire somebody up that near to you with waxy manky ears.

12. Previous hair stylist, do not ask to have an inch off all over and then: “We can go from there if I want more.” Thats asking me to do 2 haircuts, come on.

13. Dont switch how youre sitting halfway through the cut! Even crossing/uncrossing your legs can make a difference in how the cut ends up!

14. Please know what 6 inches in fact appears like on a ruler. In some cases you believe you wish to cut that much however youre not knowledgeable about what it actually looks like.

15. Just be good and to the point if you do not like it. The majority of us will wish to assist and fix it for you.

16. My sweetheart is a hairdresser. The biggest grievance she has is when she informs her customers to have tidy hair prior to their visit and they appear with wet hair, particularly if they require their hair done prior to a certain time.

Needing to blow dry their hair includes about 30 minutes and now the rest of the cut and design needs to be hurried.

17. Do NOT concern the stylist in a raging fit due to the fact that your boyfriend harm your feelings so now youre going to cut your long hair into a pixie to reveal that you have control over your life.

No matter how awesome it looks, you WILL hate it, you WILL weep, and you will HATE us for allowing you to do it.

18. If youre adamant on keeping the length the method it is, you need to let them understand! Otherwise, theyll simply cut what they believe is dead!

Dont blast off at the stylist who tried to “up offer” products, they hate it just as much as you do. Just be polite to say no if you do not desire it.

Do not move around like you simply drank a lot of caffeine. There is a danger of getting cut.

21. Be sensible about your hairdo. Specific designs are better for one hair type over another. Do not evaluate the hairdresser trying to accommodate you if your hair has more breakage for a style that is more for a thicker type. Theyre attempting to make you happy and theyre trying their finest to change to that hair type for that style by doing things one method over another.

Communicate with your stylist about what you desire and dont desire. If you want to try an item or cut in a particular method, let the stylist know!

23. Be clear in what you desire, ideally already know what you desire prior to you take a seat in our chairs, having the “do I desire pink or do I desire blond oh I just do not know” discussion is really frustrating due to the fact that it takes some time we could use in a better method and truthfully Im down for both and its not my head so Im not going to make that choice for you.

24. If we are finished with a cut, please do not “help” with eliminating the hair, youre not eliminating it you are actually making it worse by patting it into your clothes, staying with your skin, and letting it fall into your shoes. We understand how scratchy it can get when you do that.

25. Please dont keep your eyes open when cleaning, its kinda awkward if you know someone is staring right up your nostrils.

26. Come in with freshly cleaned hair and no item (e.g., gel) in it.

27. I 99% time cant hear you when blow-drying, and its bloody difficult to have a discussion when blow-drying now we all need to use masks.

28. Its always helpful when you generate photos of styles you like, and just as useful when you have a concept of styles you hate.

Just since Sally was able to go from black to blonde in one appointment, doesnt indicate you can. Your hair isnt Sallys.

Dont raise your head in the shampoo bowl! Thats how we end up soaking the back of your t-shirt!

The stylist WILL find out one method or another (like when your “virgin” hair turns orange rather of yellow in foils) and it just makes it more difficult and more costly to correct it later on. We dont care if you put box dye on your hair– we simply require to know since the course of action will be different depending on your history.

Simply come in with normal, dry hair.

The greatest grievance she has is when she informs her clients to have tidy hair prior to their visit and they show up with wet hair, especially if they need their hair done before a specific time.

Theyre attempting to make you delighted and theyre attempting their finest to change to that hair type for that design by doing things one method over another.