Anti-Curfew Protests Flare Up in The Netherlands

Protesters threw fireworks and rocks at authorities, damaged storefronts, and robbed stores throughout presentations on Monday in the Netherlands.

Marco De Swart/ANP/AFP via Getty Images

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Marco De Swart/ANP/AFP via Getty Images

Protesters threw fireworks and rocks at cops, harmed storefronts, and robbed shops throughout demonstrations on Monday in the Netherlands.

Marco De Swart/ANP/AFP via Getty Images

Reports Monday of looted shops and street fires followed comparable accounts from the weekend. Authorities reported that demonstrators threw fireworks and rocks at officers, who responded with force to resolve the groups in cities throughout the country including the capital, Amsterdam, as well as The Hague, and Rotterdam.

In Rotterdam, police again used water cannons and tear gas to eliminate crowds. Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb provided an emergency order Monday night instructing homeowners in the town center to leave the area. He told reporters that at least 300 individuals took part in the demonstration.

Aboutaleb called protesters “a bunch of looters and burglars,” according to regional media reports.

At least 13,686 people in the Netherlands have died from the coronavirus since Monday night, according to Johns Hopkins Universitys Coronavirus Resource Center tracking international infection and death rates from the infection. There are more than 966,000 confirmed infections in the nation.

Bars and dining establishments in the nation have actually been closed because October. Schools and non-essential shops were shut last month in an attempt to alleviate additional spread of the infection.

BREAK: New disruptions have broken out again in the Netherlands tonight
Dutch cops reacting to violent unrest in cities of Geleen and Rotterdam following weekend riots over #coronavirus associated night-time— Darren McCaffrey (@DarrenEuronews) January 25, 2021

” What motivated these individuals has nothing to do with opposing,” he told reporters Monday. “Its criminal violence and we will treat it as such.”

The authorities in The Hague have opened an examination into the protests. They said more than 200 people defied the 9 p.m. curfew, following a call to demonstrate distributed on social networks.

Much of the clash was shot, photographed and posted online. The cops in The Hague say they are taking a look at those pictures and videos of the turmoil as evidence to help determine participants.

Officers were supposedly showered with stones and fireworks and two cars were set on fire.

Dutch demonstrators once again defied the nations brand-new curfew to object government constraints targeted at stopping the spread of the coronavirus. Hundreds of individuals have actually been apprehended in recent days, as the protests turned violent, with rioters assaulting cops.

Cops and local media report that at least 150 individuals were detained in the newest flare up. Fires were lit on the streets of The Hague, and bicycles were again utilized to build barriers and then lit on fire, or merely tossed at police.

Lawbreaker investigation

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte disputed the motivations of the rioters.