How to Reject Rejection

“No” doesnt have to be completion of the story. You can learn how to reject rejection, and take a look at it as an opportunity to progress forward and even stand out at the very thing you were rejected for.

Today I wish to talk with you about how to decline rejection– and how to utilize it to launch yourself even more detailed to your objectives.

Rejection Does Not Mean Failure

Rejection Is a Myth.

Since heres the deal: You are going to be “turned down” many, lot of times in life. That doesnt indicate you are on the incorrect track or that your objectives arent worth pursuing.

Plus youre now in a position to get some important details that you might not have had access to in the past. Since now you can ask that person why they said “no.”.

Or perhaps they composed a book that was turned down by a number of publishers, and so they abandoned their imagine becoming an author.

Maybe they were rejected by a romantic interest and decided to offer up on love altogether. Maybe they didnt get a bank loan, so they never followed through on their plan to start their own business.

Let me say that again. Rejection is a myth! At the deepest level, if you request for something and you get a “no,” your life didnt become worse.

Whichs incredibly effective info to have.

I d bet that you dont like being rejected if I were a wagering male. Obviously not, its not a good feeling. Who amongst us looks forward to being told our idea wasnt sufficient, that we didnt quite measure up to the task, or we ourselves are in some way flawed?

I d like you to consider this. Rejection is a misconception.

It does not indicate you cant eventually get what you want. Its simply a delay in results..

” No” merely indicates “not yet.” Keep asking. A “yes” is out there waiting to be asked.

Im sure you know individuals who were rejected by someone or something and let that rejection stop them from progressing..

My life stayed the very same. It just feels worse, if I start talking to myself and telling myself, “There must be something wrong with me. Ill never ever get a date, and I am going to die alone.”.

But, if you decline the concept that rejection indicates failure, and instead approach it as a positive knowing experience, just a natural step on the course to getting where you desire to go, you can harness the power of rejection and use it to move yourself toward even greater levels of success.

It might also indicate that deep space is testing your resolve, gauging just how much you truly want it, or your level of commitment. If getting everything we want were easy, everybody would have whatever they want, which is undoubtedly not the case.

We tell ourselves that we have lost something when an individual states “no” to us, but thats not true at all. If you get rejected for that date or passed over for that promotion, youre no worse off than you were before..

It might be that you have actually asked the incorrect individual. Or possibly, you asked the best individual at the wrong time. This might imply that you need to improve at how to make reliable demands or sales pitches..

Too many people think that rejection equates to failure. They think its an indication they ought to desert whatever it is they were attempting to achieve.

The reality is, everyone experience rejection at some point in our lives. From looking for a job to asking somebody out on a date, weve all been told “no.” Its an inevitable part of life.

Rejection is What You Make of It.

If you accept it as the end of the road and the death of an objective, it will be..

If I were to ask you out to supper, and you said, “no,” my life didnt get worse. I didnt have anyone to consume dinner with before I asked you out, and I didnt have anyone to eat supper with later.

You can ask them this important concern, “What would have to happen for you to say yes?” Their response might give you some valuable feedback on how to be more effective in the future.

What Needs to Happen to Get a Yes?

This is what I have informed myself for many years, whenever I have gotten a “no.” And you know what? I have actually ALWAYS ended up discovering the person who was waiting to offer me my “yes.”.

When Mark Victor Hansen and I were looking for a publisher for the first Chicken Soup for the Soul book, we were turned down by publisher after publisher. One day I asked that concern, “What would have to occur for you to state yes?”.

Walt Disney.

Individual Example.

Consider this. Every star, singer, or writer who has ever made it big: Every single among them has actually experienced time, time and rejection once again.

Mark and I invested the next year distributing a sheet of paper to every individual at every talk we did that said, “I guarantee to purchase _( blank number) _ of copies of Chicken Soup for the Soul when it is released.”.

Heres a simple acronym that has assisted me in the past: SWSWSWSW. It represents “Some will, some wont, so what? Somebodys waiting!”.

Heres another helpful formula for success in how to reject rejection. When the world says “no”, you say “NEXT.” Ask the next person. There are a lot of people out there worldwide– 7 billion to be specific. Thats a lot of possibilities..

Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs, the iconic creator of Apple, is another fantastic example. He was fired by his own board of directors. However he didnt let that stop him from pursuing his dreams.

George Lucas.

One publisher said, “We would need to know that we might offer 20,000 copies of the book.”.

Becoming comfortable with rejection is frequently much easier stated than done. Especially if youre an introvert like me.

They told him, the developer of Mickey Mouse, that he lacked creativity and had no excellent ideas. Envision if he had actually listened to them, instead of relying on himself.

Just Say Next.

Its Easier Said Than Done.

We had them sign it and put down their mailing address and their telephone number. When we had 20,000 guarantees to purchase, we showed it to the publisher, and he was then prepared to take the threat..

When you merely permit rejection to stop you from continuing asking, you give your individual power over to somebody else. YOU are the only person who eventually has control over your own destiny.

Walt Disney was in fact fired from the Kansas City Star back in 1919 as a cartoonist. Why?

You can likewise ask the exact same person at a later date. Perhaps their circumstances have actually changed.

Do not let a single persons viewpoint stop you from accomplishing your genuine dreams and your highest vision for your life.

The very first 2 movie studios he approached to make his new space movie, “Star Wars,” passed on the idea.

Simply put, some people will definitely say “yes” to you, and some will not, and theres no point in stressing about it. Since even when you do get a “no,” theres certainly somebody out there who is waiting to provide you a YES.

If George Lucas had quit after two rejections, popular culture history would never ever have actually been made– and Lucas wouldnt have gone on to offer the Star Wars franchise to Disney for $4 billion.

He eventually returned and transformed the business, and was responsible for making it the largest company in the world today.

How about “Chicken Soup For the Soul,” the book that made me a multi-millionaire?

Find out where the gaps are between where you are and where you wish to be, and what you require to do to fill in those spaces.

Heres your research to complete after reading this blog post. Think about the one thing that youve hesitated to do due to the fact that youve been terrified of hearing a “no” or getting declined, and then go do it!.

If I were a betting man, I d bet that you dont like being turned down. The truth is, all of us experience rejection at some point in our lives. Rejection is a myth! Heres another helpful formula for success in how to reject rejection. Do not consider it rejected.

For some extra resources on how to decline rejection, get instant access to my complimentary Affirmations for Success guide. And remember, nothing in your life will alter for the much better until you do.

It was rejected by 144 publishing companies before Mark and I lastly got a “yes.” I could have quit at any point during those 144 rejections.

I didnt– and thank goodness, because the 145th business we approached stated “yes,” and that significantly and forever changed my life, including making me a multimillionaire.

Heres one of my preferred quotes from author Barbara Kingsolver, who I was fortunate sufficient to meet one year in Hawaii at the Maui Writers Conference:.

” This manuscript of yours that has just come back from another editor is a valuable bundle. Dont consider it declined. Consider that youve resolved it to the editor who can appreciate my work and it has simply come back stamped “not at this address.” Just keep searching for the right address.”.

When Howard Schultz, the founder of Starbucks was attempting to raise cash to open his first coffee stores, he talked to 242 people and 217 of them stated “no.” There would be no Starbucks today if he had given up.

Keep in mind, if they state “no,” youre in the exact same location as you were when you started. Theres really absolutely nothing to lose.

Just bear in mind that in order to learn from your rejection, you need to want to explore it. Ask the individual why they said “no,” and what you would need to do to get a “yes.”.

How to Reject Rejection.

The next time somebody informs you “no,” you state “next”– and move on to the next chance to reach your goal.

If it makes sense to you, listen to their feedback and choose. If not, ask for a consultation from somebody you trust..

Much of the worlds most successful business people have actually experienced repeated rejection. However they never let it stop them from achieving their extremely ambitious goals.