How to Do a Handstand: Get Your First Handstand in 30 Days

A handstand is one of the coolest exercises ever, however its likewise one of the most sophisticated transfer to learn.

Luckily, youve concerned the ideal location.

Today you start your journey to the Upside-Down!

Ah, not that Upside-Down … well keep you in this dimension.

Weve helped a lot of our training customers achieve their first handstand and today well show you how its done with this guide!

Well treat it like a computer game, progressing you from total noob to Level 6: Handstand Master..

It makes your body work as one complete unit when you are trying to balance.

At Nerd Fitness we LOVE handstands like Eleven loves waffles.

The point is that the handstand is simply as much of a mental challenge as it is a physical one.

# 3) It scares you– yes, thats a favorable. We grow outside our convenience zone and for many individuals, simply the thought of a handstand is enough to make their palms sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy, vomi …

… nevermind.

From arm strength to wrist mobility to core strength to take on mobility and muscular endurance, handstands do it all.

Alright, brace yourself to get flipped-turned upside down.

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# 2) It hires DOZENS of muscles in your body.

Are Handstands Good for You? (3 Reasons Why Handstands Rule).

Here are 3 reasons handstands guideline:.

The tutorials ahead are from our premium course Nerd Fitness: Handstands, which you access to under a Nerd Fitness Prime membership. If you like what you see here, I would encourage you to examine out.

Well go over the following (click to flip to that area):.

# 1) Like other bodyweight training, theres no reason. If you have room to stand up, you have space to practice handstands.

How frightened do you believe this person gets on a regular basis?

Thats Coach Jim!

Thats because when youre well balanced and lined up, it becomes uber effective. Simply as you do not exert yourself much if you stand straight with excellent posture, a good efficient handstand is the exact same method … it will quickly start to feel uncomplicated.

The Secret to Performing a Handstand.

Sure, we need to develop strength to support ourselves upside-down, however even that hurdle is overblown.

In fact, the biggest hurdle to conquer– especially at the start– is the mental worry.

A correct handstand really begins to feel easy..

Master of the NF Fitness Universe, and our lead fitness instructor for our Handstands Course and Nerd Fitness Coaching. Youll be seeing a great deal of him in todays article since Jim can do handstands in his sleep. [1]

The voice/feeling in the back of your head that says “you could get injured doing this!” FRIGHTENING!

The workout itself isnt dangerous, unless you attempt TOO much, too rapidly.

Or went out and tried to run 13 miles without training.

If you wouldnt load up a bar to deadlift 500 lbs on your first day in the gym, why do so lots of people just kick and fling themselves up into a handstand, stopping working repeatedly, hoping one day theyll “get” it?

And I wont sugar-coat things, you CAN injured yourself dealing with these skills … however its no various than if you strolled into the gym first day, slapped 315 lbs on the bench press, and provided it a go.

Theres a smarter method!

How do we overcome this worry and keep ourselves safe? Similar to discovering any other physical fitness ability: sluggish, simple, effective actions!

These little success accumulate with time to bring us to our objectives safely while having a great deal of enjoyable.

Are you all set to discover?

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The shoulders are another stressed location in the handstand. There are a number of methods we can prepare them for work.

Handstand Progression Warm-Up Routine.

That will get the blood moving and the area prepared.

Well begin by having you deal with some balance drills and some positional drills.

Backhand Palm Stretch:.

Reverse Palm Stretch:.

A couple of rounds of leaping jacks:.

Absolutely nothing too insane, and in fact some of these might seem TOO EASY. Thats fine! Thats what we desire, remember?

Here is a video from our NF Handstands course discussing some of our favorite wrist extends to prepare to get upside-down. Go through each stretch about 10 times.

Or arm circles.

For any handstand workout, there is going to be a considerable amount of stress on the hands and wrists. Its crucial you extend and warm things up.

Forward and Back Wrist Stretch:.

Lets highlight a few of these Handstand Warm-Up exercises:.

Were utilizing small success to inspire us. Landing on your head is not a great method to encourage anyone.

Upside Down Wrist Stretch:.

From here, well start our journey leveling up your Handstand Progression.

Dont worry, weve got you covered. Continue reading for ways to securely advance to handstand proficiency!

The technique with wrist stretches is to move in as several ways as feels comfortable. Do not hesitate to make the warm-up your own!

Lifted Palms Wrist Stretch:.

Have your Nerd Fitness Coach produce a custom-made prepare for accomplishing handstands!

We can start quite quickly on our hands and knees in the quadruped position.

Level 1 Handstand Progression: Quadruped Rocking.

Seem familiar?

Not so!

You might be believing that feeling the balance of a handstand is going to be extremely tough.

From here, we will just rock forwards and in reverse on our hands.

If you did the wrist mobility we described above, its the very same movement!

Isnt that convenient? [2]

When you rock back, it sits more in the heel of your hands..
Youll feel it in your knuckles and fingertips when you rock forward.

As you are rocking back and forth, feel where the weight rests in your hands.

Where do we want it in the handstand?

When should you move on to Level 2 Handstand Progression?.

Find and feel that balance when you rock.

Right around the knuckles.

This is a well balanced spot– similar to the balance you find when standing. You dont sit all your weight on your heels, and you do not lean all your weight forward, grasping your toes hard into the ground, do you?

Now would work!

The hollow body is among the best methods to engage the stomach and stabilize the body. It will help to give your handstand a good condition.

Level 2 Handstand Progression: Hollow Body.

Do you require to master the hollow body to master the handstand?

Attempt rocking!

Make certain to get into the ground hard to hold and manage yourself, and feel totally free to put down a pile of pillows or mats in front of you if you must fall!

If you need more of an obstacle, reach your arms by your ears, keep the knees tucked, and rock some more.

To go into Crow Pose, move on from the Quadruped Rock position so that your knees are on the beyond your arms. You can even bend the elbows a little and rest your legs on them.

Not necessarily, as there are plenty of handstands out there that are a bit banana-shaped.

When youre able to get both feet off the ground conveniently and safely, its time for Level 4 Handstand Progression.

Rock forward in the exact same way as previously, putting a bit more weight on the hands and a little less weight on the feet.

With any of these positions, work to rock for a complete 15 seconds under control..

# 2) Think about pushing your lower back down into the ground and engaging your belly like youre coughing. You must still be able to breath!

# 3) Once the stomach is set, tuck your knees to your chest and hold your shins like youre preparing for a wicked cannonball.

Level 3 Handstand Progression: Crow Pose.

Dont leap !!!.

Rock your body forward and back somewhat from the upper back to the lower back, like a rocking chair..
Head and feet stay off the ground..
Then you ought to move as one unit, if you are steady.

Still feeling excellent?.

We are just trying to find less and less weight on the feet.

When you can do so with arms extended, advance up to Level 3.

Important: this isnt Assassins Creed … We are not making a leap of faith here!

Take things easy and sluggish– rising up on the toes when you can. When you are all set to choose the feet up and hold yourself off the ground on just your hands, it needs to come naturally.

The hollow body will assist you produce a more efficient position.

If you discover yourself stuck at the crow position or any other level, we are here to assist!.

# 4) Holding the shins will help you keep that lower back and belly position.

# 1) Start by setting a yoga or workout mat on the ground and laying on the ground face up.

Without the hands holding the shins, the stomach truly needs to keep participated in order to provide you a smooth rock.

Our coaches can examine your development and type to help you advance onto the next level!

Have a Nerd Fitness Coach guide your handstand and physical fitness journey!

Level 4 Handstand Progression: Wall Walk.

In this level, well begin working toward something that actually looks like a handstand!

The first level of this workout is to merely get yourself up into the top of a push-up and hold. If thats too hard, put your hands up on an elevated surface and/or rest on your knees and hands instead.

All were trying to do with this workout is assistance our bodyweight on our straightened arms (just like the front slab or push-up).

As soon as this is mastered, level up by just lifting your hips in the air into a down dog position!

You can utilize something as easy as bumper plates:.

As you begin to improve with Wall Walks, and you practice getting closer and closer to entirely vertical while upside down, theres going to be instances where you begin to “tip over.”.

Level 5 Handstand Progression: How to Bail out of a Handstand.

Get into a wall handstand.
Shift your weight to one arm (the planted arm), permitting the other arm to move.
Drive one leg into the wall (the one thats on the very same side as the planted arm), and lean the opposite leg forward.
Gravity pulls you around, and lets you lower your feet to the floor safely.

Once youre at the point of lying vertically against the wall, youre on your method to leveling as much as a complete handstand!.

As soon as you are supporting yourself with your feet on a high box, attempt walking your feet up the wall. (Think of it like a really high box!).

But initially, we require to discuss how to bail securely.

In order to safely return your feet to the ground, youre going to want to do what we call a pirouette:.

How to bail out of a handstand:.

As you advance, add more bumper plates (or whatever youre utilizing) so your feet are higher and higher.

Beware at this step: Be sure you have enough energy to stroll pull back securely and second, that you dont stroll too near the wall and risk turning onto your back!

From here, itll refer getting your feet onto a greater and greater surface area. Note: putting your feet up something even a few inches off the floor counts– small actions!

With each of these variations, were aiming to develop to a strong 15 seconds under control prior to progressing.

This is one of the most essential skills you can discover as you develop your handstand practice, as it will allow you to securely exit any handstand with no danger of injury as you develop your balance!

See the next section on pirouettes to securely leave these wall walks if you occur to “go over!”.

Once you feel comfortable bailing out of a handstand, my dear rebel, it is time for Level 6!

Level 6 Handstand Progression: How to Do a Handstand.

We are now all set for you to try a handstand!

Its going to boil down to you slowly however undoubtedly leaving the safety of the wall.

First, just attempt to take one leg off the wall throughout your wall walk:.

Trying switching them when youre comfortable taking one leg off!

The objective is now is to change your legs in a sluggish, smooth manner– one lifts off the wall while the other simultaneously moves back to the wall..

When you get comfy with this, its time to take both legs off the wall!

BOOM! Your first handstand!

Are you doing it right?

Desire to have an expert evaluation your kind? Examine out our 1-on-1 Online Coaching Program! Our spiffy mobile app lets you send a video of your handstand straight to your coach, who will provide feedback so you can best your method.

An excellent way to inform would be to tape your handstand practice and evaluate it against the videos here to check your type.

Theyll also develop a workout program thats custom-made to your scenario, which will have you doing handstands like Luke Skywalker in no time!

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4 Tips and Tricks for Doing Handstands.

# 1) Make sure you go through a correct warm-up: Weve provided you numerous alternatives for the wrists and shoulders. Not only will a warm-up aid prevent injury, but it will get the muscles and joints appropriately prepared to get the most out of your training.

Nothing beats perseverance and effort, however there are a few suggestions and techniques we can offer that will permit you the finest opportunity for success.

# 2) Prioritize Your Handstand: You can work the ability by itself time, and it will not be or interfere interfered by anything else, however what if youre doing other exercises throughout your exercise?

When do you handstand, when youre training in a swamp?

The best time to work the positional drills (like your quadruped rock) would be sometime during your strength session, and prior to your cardio.

These drills are not as based on totally fresh muscles, however we still do not wish to try and hold ourselves upside-down after an intense workout.

Due to the fact that its so crucial, weve mentioned this a million times. Taking on too much prematurely is a way to develop bad habits and possibly hurt yourself.

Attempting to balance after youve tired yourself with a difficult cardio session is an exercise in futility (pun planned).

# 3) Dont do excessive, prematurely.

These skills require concentration and a fresh focus to really progress and benefit with them.

The very best time to work the balancing drills (like your wall walk) is at the start of your exercise, after youve heated up.

Take your time! Delight in and truly master each step!

Now, this is a simplification, however with handstands, this is ESPECIALLY crucial.

When you first begin, your arms and shoulder might only have the ability to do 5 minutes before they are DONE.

While we may not be batting 1,000 with all our efforts, however we must be seeking to successfully complete around 8 out of 10 efforts. If were not? Then we might have taken on too much, prematurely!

Doing them for a short time each day is the best technique to improve strength, endurance, and balance.

Ill see a great deal of people go all-in for a single handstand session, and then not touch the ability for a week or more.

Commit to 5 minutes a day. Thats it. Do it every day.

Lets finish up this guide and provide you some next actions for your handstand practice.

# 4) Take it Easy: In the very same vein, we desire to try to find success.

The 5-Minute Rule: Practice Handstands Every Day and Be Amazed at What Happens.

What do I generally see when people practice handstands: Someone kicking up 100 times and kinda getting a handstand one or two times. How much sense does that make?

Dan Gable as soon as said, “If its essential, do it every day.”.

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Have you ever attempted to kick up into a handstand?

Whats the something holding you back?

What questions can I respond to?

Photo sources: [3]

Jim, our lead fitness instructor for Nerd Fitness Coaching, makes it look so easy:.

PS: One day Ill have the ability to type short articles like this while doing a handstand..

Master of the NF Fitness Universe, and our lead trainer for our Handstands Course and Nerd Fitness Coaching. Youll be seeing a lot of him in todays post because Jim can do handstands in his sleep. Our spiffy mobile app lets you send out a video of your handstand directly to your coach, who will supply feedback so you can perfect your strategy.

– Steve.


# 2) Exercising at house and need a plan to follow? Join Nerd Fitness Prime!