What Happened When I Stopped Drinking Alcohol Every Night

I like Sophia Loren. Theres an image of her in my house looking forever youthful and refreshed. From what Ive been told its due to her 9 to ten hours of sleep each night.

When I look at this image, I see someone who relishes in the delights of life. Food, laughter, sex, work, motherhood, and self-care. Recently I stared at that photo thinking, “How could I admire someone so much and live my life in such a different way from hers?”

“First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you.” ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

Have you heard of the halo effect? It was essentially taking my delight, time, cash, looks, well-being, and particularly my sleep.

Who knew that for so long my appeal sleep was being hijacked by alcohol!

Do I believe alcohol is bad or that drinking is off limits? No.

I wished to compose my book.

How do I want to feel today?
What is one thing I can do to like myself today?
What can I provide to others today?

What is on the opposite of a poisonous relationship with alcohol? More than I might envision. Every early morning I get up and think, “I am so lucky.” Its as though Ive captured more time in my day and each moment holds a sense of sacredness.

The reality was the one real voice within was silently and patiently stating day after day, ” Take a break from alcohol.”.

Its as if small amounts relocations you toward abstaining.

Why? Because I am no longer happy to sacrifice how excellent I feel the next morning for alcohol.

I simply wasnt all set to listen.

My response to # 2 was typically …

I also enjoy the decrease of stress and anxiety! Why would I wish to go back to something that was developing the exact experience that was causing me to emotionally suffer?

My relationship with alcohol was stealing my ability to step into the life I declared to desire.

A call eventually triggered an experiment in courage.

The list continues.

Drinking is marketed as attractive, elegant, and unifying.

She said, “You know, its like your skin, your hair … you look like you used to look when you were more youthful.”.

” Start weightlifting.”.

” Drink more water.”.

Up until I released the hold Mr. P had on me, I understood deep down I would never come close to attaining any of those dreams.

Ive launched twenty pounds.

My skin appears to have reversed in time a la Benjamin Button.

Puffy face, dark circles, dry mouth, red eyes, weight gain, and not to mention the headache, raised heartbeat, stress and anxiety … these are just a few of the lovely negative effects I experienced with overindulging in the bottle.

For so long I was utilizing red wine to press down the undesirable feelings of stress and anxiety and overwhelm. While I thought I was “alleviating,” I was really making myself edgy!

People frequently ask me, “Do you ever have a glass of red wine … ever?”.

I do know for myself that the daily 2, sometimes three glasses of wine took a toll. It took any kind of focus and inspiration the next day to follow through on all the important things I said I would achieve the night prior to indulging in the welcome of my main capture Mr. P (Pinot Noir that is.).

Ive ended up a Netflix show without dropping off to sleep … and really remembered what I watched.

Recently my mom offered me a compliment that made me weep … in a great way.

In attempting to minimize overwhelm I unintentionally was fueling it through cut off sleep and the fuzzy feeling the following day..

Every morning I wake up and ask myself three things:.

Most likely every 2 weeks approximately if I am being social (and socially distancing) with household or good friends. Do I enjoy it? Yes and no. The few times I have had a glass or two it no longer held any energy for me. Its now a “take it or leave it” example.

I wanted to make more cash.

In that moment something other than myself took over. It was if I was blended into something beyond my own understanding, because the next 120 days zipped. After day twenty-one I stopped counting. When I might finally have a beverage, I no longer was ticking off the calendar to. Why? Most likely due to the fact that I understood in my heart the stable drip of white wine each night was simply not serving me, my purpose, my body, or my wallet.

For ninety days I guaranteed a good friend I would join her on a alcohol reset. After I hung up that fateful Sunday, I went to the calendar to mark the ninetieth day. Immediately fear sneaked in with thoughts like ” Youve tried this prior to and it didnt work” and ” You will not even make it through tonight.”.

I wished to release weight.

Why was this time different? Because I took a look at it as something I “got” to do instead of “had” to do. I viewed it as a present rather than a cleanse.

Ive seen daybreaks by candlelight, baked banana bread prior to bed, and gotten more done by 8am than I ever did after 5pm.

These days, I prepare my enjoyable based upon how I desire to feel the next early morning. What Ive found is that taking a break from happy hour can literally change not just the other twenty-tour hours of your day, but your life.

When you have enough energy and vigor to accept the day, you begin to find little wonders all over in the forms of basic enjoyments, a present discussion with a good friend, or a minute that might have sent you into a tailspin … but now you breathe through it with persistence and grace.

” Let go of gluten.”.

Yes, there are people who can drink daily and function fine, and there are those who cant drink at all. And after that there are people like me who understand alcohol isnt the kind of buddy they wish to hang out with every day however possibly in very little doses occasionally.

I awaken hydrated.

Is slurring your words sexy? Is stumbling out of a dining establishment elegant? Is not remembering the conversation you had with a buddy unifying?

The truth for me was alcohol made me feel drained, irritated, and even a wee bit upset. How you feel is developing your day and in essence your life. So, if you feel haphazard and chaotic awakening you are producing a chaotic and haphazard day..

I used to awaken and go to the kitchen. Awaiting me was the one thing that would be choosing if I require to beat myself up or pat myself on the back. Like the scale, the opened bottle of white wine usually determined if I was ” excellent” or ” bad” the previous day.

Just a one-fourth of the bottle left? Bad lady!

Three-quarters left? Great lady!

Much time, energy, and believing put into the act of drinking!

In the end, bedtime is the best of all.

4 hours of alcohol-free sleep is WAY more invigorating than 9 hours of alcohol-infused sleep. Getting up feeling your body buzzing (in an excellent way!) is the best high of all.

It was if I was blended into something beyond my own understanding, due to the fact that the next 120 days flew by. After day twenty-one I stopped counting. I no longer was ticking off the calendar to when I could lastly have a beverage. Its now a “take it or leave it” kind of thing.

Meg Daly is an ICF accredited coach, blogger, developer of the “Tranquility Talk” podcast, and creator of the Sober Tranquility 30 Day Reset for people ready to experiment with reviewing their relationship with alcohol. You can download her favorite “Tranquility Treats: 20 Things to Do Other Than Drink Alcohol” by click on this link.

How you feel is creating your day and in essence your life.

Sweet dreams.

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