Anxiety Buster: A Three-Step System To Help You Get Rid of Panic Attacks

Have you been dealing with anxiety? Tell me if this sounds familiar:

Having actually dealt with stress and anxiety in the past, I know its not a simple feeling. In the past 2 years, Ive found a three-step procedure that has assisted me bust my stress and anxiety and get rid of panic attacks for excellent. Today, I d like to share this system with you.

Youre on edge– and on the edge of tears– nearly all the time and you do not understand why.
In some cases, you get actually tense and lose focus, even if youre in the middle of a task at work
Youve had times where you believed you had no control over your body. You had a bubbly feeling in your stomach, and you were gasping for air with every breath. And possibly you even got so nervous, you worried you were going to pass away.

If youre experiencing anxiety attack, these feelings may appear exceptionally familiar to you … however when you truly consider it, they simply dont make any sense.

Your stress and anxiety levels escalate and you see it coming: your next panic attack. You worry even more, your mind racing and youre out of breath.

I can totally associate with how you are feeling.

Step 1: Allow yourself to feel the worry

Panic attacks are a clear sign that youve been suppressing fearful emotions in your everyday life. Rather of enabling yourself to feel the fear when it hits, you try to hide it and as your mountain of worry grows, it ends up being harder and more difficult to suppress– till it ultimately triggers serious anxiety or panic attacks.

During a panic attack, you lose control of your feelings and all that built-fear is finally released. You can believe of panic attacks as a cleaning mechanism of your body to get rid of excess worry.

Thats why, the next time you feel on edge (or have a full-blown anxiety attack), try to lean in to the fear.

Now, obviously, panic attacks are not a particularly pleasant experience– and I can imagine that you want to discover less demanding, much healthier methods to deal with your feelings.

No need to obsess about your health, simply attempt to breathe as calmly as possible, and let whatever occurs occur.

It can be scary if youve never let yourself feel your fear before. You might even start shaking or hyperventilating, and you might fret that your life is going to end. Ive remained in that mind-space previously, and I can inform you: a panic attack wont eliminate you.

Action 2: Let your stress and anxiety spread through your whole body

But even during an anxiety attack, you may be able to bear in mind that you once felt in a different way, whether you were upset or pleased. And to get out of your present, unpleasant state as rapidly as possible, you need to let your stress and anxiety spread out through your entire body.

You can also turn this into a game: see if you can feel your anxiety in your elbows, hands, and wrists. See if you can make it spread out up all the method as much as your shoulders, to your heart and chest and into your stomach. Take it from your stomach through your liver and kidneys to your hips. Carefully move your fear from your pelvis to your thighs and down your legs– all the way to your feet and into the ground.

Your stress and anxiety, no matter how bad it seems, is just a momentary state. You may seem like your panic is limitless, and you might be so trapped in your emotions that you lose track of time and feel threatened in the present.

Keep concentrating on your breath as you relive all the thoughts that added to your fear, and youll soon see that your panic begins to fade.

Action 3: Let go of your panic and open up to the next emotion that comes your way

Its essential to avoid remaining trapped in your panic and afraid thoughts When you have actually totally felt all the negative emotions, mentally prepare to let go of your fear. You can visualise your panic dissipating, with the waves of worry carefully proceeding and far from your body.

Extend a warm welcome to the next feelings that come your method– whether theyre a feeling of joy, relief or exhaustion.

Youll feel far better afterwards– and slowly your panic attacks will become less and less frequent until they disappear completely (a minimum of thats what occurred for me).

Final ideas.

This basic system has altered my life– through it, Ive had the ability to overcome my anxiety without medication and Ive been panic-free for the past six months. If you use this anxiety-busting system frequently, I am sure you can get similar outcomes. However if you are having a bumpy ride, or if you have a hard time with extreme anxiety and depression, do reach out to medical professionals, counsellors or therapists in your location to get expert assistance.

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You can imagine your panic dissipating, with the waves of fear carefully moving on and away from your body.

Your stress and anxiety levels skyrocket and you see it coming: your next panic attack. You stress even more, your mind racing and youre out of breath.

In the previous 2 years, Ive discovered a three-step process that has assisted me bust my anxiety and get rid of panic attacks for good. Ive been in that mind-space previously, and I can inform you: a panic attack wont kill you.