What Your 2021 Will Be Like, Based On Your Favorite ‘The Wilds’ Character

The Wilds is a coming-of-age/survival drama that dropped on Amazon Prime last month. It follows a group of teenage women whose airplane crashed on their way to a bougie female empowerment retreat in Hawaii. The girls end up stranded on a deserted island and should depend on each other to endure and find a method back to civilization.

The ladies headed to the retreat are from diverse backgrounds and the show has flashbacks revealing each womans special struggle she was knotted in previous to winding up on the island. Naturally, with a diverse cast of characters each viewer is going to recognize with a various story arc. Heres what your preferred character on The Wilds states about what your 2021 will resemble:

You push yourself hard and think excellence is attainable if Rachel is the Wilds character you relate to most. Thats not healthy. 2021 can be a self-love journey for you as you deal with understanding that you do not require to make your keep in life. Accomplishment isnt a replacement for a personality. You should not need to earn individualss love or respect. Whether you are a high-achiever or not, you merit today, as a flawed and imperfect human. Try to cut yourself some slack this year.



A short-tempered lesbian athlete who resided in foster care on the very same Ojibwe reservation as Martha. Toni is aggressive and frequently mad, but those qualities do not come out of no place. She has made it through troubles in life that a lot of ladies her age have never even needed to consider.



If you related to Shelby the most, your 2021 will be about reconciling who you are with the image you have in your head of who you wish to be and how you want others to view you. Its a slow process however all you need to do is chip away at the voice in your head that tells you there is some distinct factor for you to feel ashamed. Whoever you are, you should have to let people see you. If there are hazardous individuals in your life who are holding your development hostage, its an excellent year to distance yourself from them.

You feel you are living in someones shadow if you determine with Nora. The work you need to do in 2021 is to develop your identity as different enough from your family/friends/romantic partner that you see yourself as an individual. This year, you will work on discovering to stand on your own 2 feet and stop giving power to individuals who wish to keep you in a function that no longer serves you.

Martha is Tonis BFF from back home. Shes the nicest member of the group and is shown to be generous and loyal. She opens her home as much as Toni and declines to take medication that could be used to conserve somebody else.

Fatin is a wealthy cellist from California who is by far the least-outdoorsy on the island however she is also wise and tough. The very best part about Fatin is her self-awareness, confidence and strength. She declines to allow people to stereotype her based on her wealthy childhood or her traditionally womanly look. Prepare to have your entire existence read for filth if you ignore her.


If you determine with Martha, chances are you are an encouraging good friend and family member who is constantly looking out for other individualss needs. In 2021, your journey will be about forging your own course in life.

If you recognize with Toni, your journey this year will be to deal with whatever previous discomfort keeps your feelings so close to the surface area. Its probable that in the past being hot-headed served you because you were surrounded by individuals you needed to safeguard yourself from.



If you relate to Dot, youre the kind of lady to take care of everybody else before you take care of yourself, make sure that in 2021 one of your objectives is to put your own oxygen mask on. You deserve to have a seat at any table you want to be at.

Rachels twin sis who is extremely intelligent, however less gifted (a minimum of, athletically/for a teenager). The two would often compete for their moms and dads affection as they appeared to bestow it on whoever was currently achieving one of the most. Quiet and accommodating, Nora makes herself little in order for her sibling to shine.

If you relate to Fatin, your 2021 is about developing area for the individual you want to be. Part of living out the life you want will be frustrating people whose desires and expectations for you dont compare with what you in fact desire on your own. Let them be dissatisfied.

A blonde Christian from Texas who competed in appeal pageants. Shelby is closeted and pretends to be disgusted by homosexuality. She is a strong voice within the group and keeps everybody concentrated on interacting toward survival.

Dot is a Texan from a bad family who offered drugs in order to assist her dying daddy pay for care. She is funny and clever and the de facto leader of the group. Dot is hard and anticipates to have to make her own method the world.


A hard-headed competitive diver from New York, Rachel expects greatness from herself and refuses to choose anything less. Her athletic dreams have actually caused her suffering from an eating disorder. Even when she is sinking into quicksand, Rachel declines to accept assistance from others.

Fresh from one hell of a teenage heartbreak, Leah is barely present on the deserted island. Rather, she replays her breakup from her predatory author ex and longs to be together with him once again. If there were a choice between being rescued and being back with her ex, Leah would likely pick the latter.

2021 is about getting over your ex and moving on to something much better if you relate to Leah. It feels so safe to live in the past where even if the memories are hurtful, at least you know what to anticipate. If you relate to Leah being in her head more than shes in truth, 2021 is the year to incorporate some mind-body practices into your life. Take up yoga or meditation or solo walking and discover a way to ground yourself and put in the time and area somebody like you requires to frequently arrange out their ideas.

If you determine with Fatin, your 2021 is about creating space for the person you desire to be. If you relate to Dot, youre the kind of woman to take care of everyone else prior to you take care of yourself, make sure that in 2021 one of your goals is to put your own oxygen mask on. 2021 can be a self-love journey for you as you work on comprehending that you dont need to make your keep in life. If you related to Shelby the most, your 2021 will be about reconciling who you are with the image you have in your head of who you want to be and how you desire others to view you. If you relate to Leah being in her head more than shes in truth, 2021 is the year to include some mind-body practices into your life.

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