Giveaway: Win Tiny Buddha’s Mindfulness Kit for You and a Friend!

So to celebrate you this year, Im running a free gift for my brand-new Mindfulness Kit, providing a set– one for the winner, and one for the winner to present to a good friend.

Its easy to get negative in some cases– to focus on the worst of mankind and everything thats incorrect with the world. Thats what this site is for me, and I believe for many of you as well: its a place where people share their light, even when theyve known remarkable darkness.

I just require to look through remarks and forum posts to see what a fantastic group you are. You see beyond the surface area, comprehend rather of judging, and give the kind of love we all are worthy of but have not constantly gotten.

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Theres no rejecting its an odd holiday this year. Yearly traditions are on hold for many. Liked ones are far. And I envision many of us are getting anxious for a return to some form of regular.

While a lot feels different this year, theres one thing that remains the very same: the spirit of the season. And right now, that suggests concentrating on what we appreciate (admittedly much easier for some than others at this point in time).

For me, to name a few things, thats all of you, and the love, generosity, and kindness of spirit you give this site.

Whats in the Mindfulness Kit?

The package consists of a day-to-day mindfulness practice guide and 4 aromatherapy-based items, consisting of:.

How to Make Your Shower Mindful, Blissful, and Rejuvenating.
5 Breathing Exercises to Calm & & Focus Your Mind.
How to Do a Bedtime Body Scan for a Peaceful Nights Sleep.

It also includes access to three free digital bonuses, consisting of:.

A Soothing Bath & & Shower Gel.
A Lavender Essential Oil Roll-On.
A Relaxing Pillow Spray.
A Lychee Flower Scented Candle.

Why Did I Create This Kit?

However I likewise understand the peace and relief that originate from practicing mindfulness. When I get out of my head and come back to my body and the present minute, I know how tension and stress and anxiety melt away.

I personally delight in having tools to boost my practice, specifically aromatherapy items. Its simpler to ground ourselves in our bodies when we connect with our senses, and theres no sense as powerful as the sense of odor.

I selected lavender for many of the items in the kit due to the fact that its scientifically proven to minimize tension and anxiety.

Whether youre cleaning your worries away with the Soothing Bath & & Shower Gel, taking a few deep breaths at work after using the Calming Essential Oil Roll-on, or practicing progressive relaxation after spraying the Relaxing Pillow Spray, I believe these products can help you access a state of peace and calm.

This is my default mental mode, programming Ive dealt with all my life, as I picture holds true for a lot of us.

I decided to create this kit because I understand what its like to live lost in your ideas. Ive felt the pain of dwelling on the past, stressing over the future, replaying things I believe Ive done incorrect, and consuming about what other people think.

There are countless methods to do this– meditation, yoga, incorporating mindfulness into your day-to-day activities. When your mind starts to wander, and it does not need anything other than a desire to focus on your breathing and bring yourself back to your breath.

And lets face it: we might all use a little peace right now!

You can get in up until midnight, PST, on Thursday, November 26th. I will list the winners name at the top of the post on Friday the 27th. Please note you will require to inspect back then to see if youve won so you can email me your address.

How to Enter the Giveaway.

If you d like to grab a Mindfulness Kit right now, you can get one here.

To enter the giveaway, publish a comment below sharing one factor you want this kit.

Sending you all a lot love!

** This post contains a giveaway. If youre reading this in your inbox, click here to go into on the website! **.

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Liked ones are far away. Thats what this website is for me, and I think for many of you as well: its a location where individuals share their light, even when theyve known tremendous darkness.