People All Over The World Are Dreaming About A Creepy ‘Hat Man’

The “Hat Man” is an entity, perhaps a shadow individual, who people around the world report experiencing during episodes of sleep paralysis. He takes the shape of a guy using a fedora or stovepipe hat who can fade away or walk through walls. Hat Mans facial functions and gown are typically not visible as he seems shadowy.

Here is a drawing one Redditor made of what the Hat Man looks like:

u/RobotsAgainstChildrnAnd another:

u/Starswirl-Heres what a typical encounter with the Hat Man seems like

” In 2004, I was 19 years old in the military and living at my fathers home, Quebec Canada.

3h00 am or around, I was falling asleep in the bed enjoying tv in the bed room and about to go to sleep. I remember leaving the tv open in the living room to the exact same channel that I was watching in the bed room (thats important).

” Ive handled the paranormal my whole life, but for one of the most part I can just hear and feel spirits. I recently met my papa after 34 years, and he lives in an extremely old, tiny town in Maryland. His home is 120 years of ages, and the very first time I concerned check out, I checked all the energy in all the rooms in your house and didnt feel anything negative.

” When I was around 6 or 7 we lived in a small rural town that was a few miles far from a normal town. Anyways there was only like 30ish people here and we all understood each other. Well one day I was viewing spongebob and I just had this weird butterfly feeling in my gut, so I decided to look to my right out of the bedroom to look at my papa. Thats when I saw him. A high man with a huge investigator like that with radiant red eyes towering above my father. I didnt know what to do and went crazy. I kept yelling my papas name and he wouldnt awaken. The animal didnt even trouble with me, however eventually my dad got up and thats when the important things took a look at me and turned around quick. He walked towards the back of our home and I followed him. There was no door exit by doing this so it wasnt like he was attempting to escape. Well he was actually fast and i hardly saw his coat tail righr when he got in the restroom. I ran in and he was gone. Absolutely nothing. Nobody was there. I looked all over. Even in the cabinet, under the sink, and in the water tank on the toilet. Before I left though I looked down and saw a dark liquidy looking pool below the water in the toilet bowl. I simply flushed it and ran out.”– u/Xenostera

I can hear it however from my point of vision I cant see it. And then best fucking there, a huge shadow almost as high as the door frame, with a brimed hat and I could see a wicked smile, I understand most people here didnt see the smile however I did.

The very first night, there was an extremely high, really distinct male who woke me up out of my sleep with a command. He had a 40s design teemed hat on, and was pitch black, which I might make out even though the room was quite dark. I asked my daddy about it the next day, and he stated the only activity he has actually ever heard of is a guy with a 40s design brimmed hat standing at the end of the bed, staring at his ex-wife.

I was scared and paralyzed, I couldnt relocation at all, I seemed like I was gon na pass away. It took only a split second from the door frame and HE JUMPED/LEAP ON ME! While he lept on me I closed my eyes, and while I felt his hands on my shoulder, I considered repelling him with god or jesus christ I opened my eyes to eliminate back and he wasnt there any longer and I could move.”– u/promixt

When she stands at the top of the stairs, right outside of the room were sleeping in. I informed him numerous times he had to leave, and since then Ive only heard steps up the stairs once, however have not seen him. Yesterday, we both walked into our space for me to alter.

Some individuals believe he might be the Grim Reaper

I would see him on and off, and she would see him in the hall method or in her bedroom, nearly as if he was simply seeing, waiting.October 2015, my Mom finally lost her battle, 6:35 pm. The hat guy. He looked at me, and tipped his hat, practically as if he was letting me know he was leaving.

I asked my dad about it the next day, and he said the only activity he has actually ever heard of is a male with a 40s design overflowed hat standing at the end of the bed, gazing at his ex-wife.” My first experience with the Hat Man started when I was ending 8th grade, about to enter high school. And every night, without fail, this shadow man in a hat and long coat would stand in my doorway.

The “Hat Man” is an entity, possibly a shadow person, who individuals around the world report experiencing during episodes of sleep paralysis. And then right fucking there, a huge shadow nearly as high as the door frame, with a brimed hat and I could see an evil smile, I know most men here didnt see the smile but I did.

Please let us know so we can record it if youve had an experience with the Hat Man. Were afterdark at thought catalog dot com.

Simply looked and stood. Nearly as if just to let me know “Im here now”. I remember being HORRIFIED because I was still just covered in the towel.

I whipped the corner to the top of the stairs dealing with down and fuck me people there was 4 or 5 strong black silhouettes, in trench coats, and top hats in a semicircle facing me just standing there at the bottom of the stairs. I froze and simply gazed for about 5 seconds and blacked out.

Someone even had an experience with numerous Hat Men.

Just for reference, I grew up in a small house. 2 beds, one bath (across a little corridor from both rooms) and the living-room/ cooking area. Now my moms and dads bed room ignores the corridor leading to the living bedroom was right in front of the restroom, a little bit more to the side of the home.

” In my experience, I have just seen the being( s) once. As surreal as this memory is I cant encourage myself to believe I was conscious, or unconscious due to what the fuck I saw.

If he terrifies you, ask him to leave.

This is what really fucks with my head and this is why I do not talk about it, and cant convince myself I was unconscious throughout that godamn experience.”– u/growmeplease.

It got fuckin even worse, guys I actually woke up at the bottom of the stairs, ran back up into my bed and fell asleep. That Is the last memory of that experience.

And every night, without stop working, this shadow man in a hat and long coat would stand in my entrance. Even if I could not see my hand in front of my face I could always see him. He was just a tidy shape made of pure darkness.

” My very first experience with the Hat Man began when I was ending 8th grade, about to get in high school. My typical routine was to shower in the evening, and once again in the morning (one to clean, one to get up my lazy, drowsy self) this specific early morning I got up earlier than regular. What was generally 6:45 am, developed into a 5:30 am shower.

He was never there when I went to bed however at a particular point in the night, I d simply understand he d gotten here. I d simply look at him and feel entirely calm.

I told my mum about it and she recommended that I just ask him to disappear. Her reasoning was that if I wasnt getting bad vibes off him, he d most likely leave if he understood I didnt want him there. When I was twelve, I asked him to leave and he did. Vanished with no hassle. And I havent seen him since.”– u/KLestrangeR.

I saw a really TALL dark shadow. He had a hat, and a trench coat. He was a dark shadow, but for some reason, I still might see his functions.