What Would You Say If You Could Go Back in Time?


If you could return in time and offer suggestions to yourself right prior to the pandemic hit, what would you say?
Heres my answer. Lets assume its January 2020, simply as were starting to hear news about a weird virus in Wuhan, China …
Welcome to the beginning of the strangest year the modern world has actually ever understood. You dont realize it now, however life as you understand it is about to change considerably.
Remember how youve been speaking to everybody about “working from anywhere” for the previous years? Well, now the whole labor force will be leaving their offices and telecommuting. One problem: they cant in fact go anywhere. Working remotely generally suggests liberty, however in this case it points to restraint. Basically, the labor force is working from another location due to the fact that its not safe to work together.
Most of the worlds borders will have closed, though if you wish to visit the Maldives, you can buy an unrestricted pass to a high-end hotel for all of 2021.
So thats what youre taking a look at! Lets make a plan. Making strategies is something youre proficient at.
First things first, buy stock in Zoom and Tesla. Pretty soon the entire world will be using Zoom, even kids in grade school. “I think youre silenced” will be the brand-new “Can you hear me now?” No one understands why Teslas stock keeps increasing, but buy it anyway.
Wash your hands frequently, and stop touching your face ten times an hour. Its not going to occur this year.
This time will be unlike anything youve experienced. Strangely, it will be unlike anything that anyone has experienced.
You may feel concerned or disconcerted. You wont comprehend why other individuals dont feel the way you do. Youll seethe at the people who say its all a scam, and disappointed at the ones who are so afraid that they let it impact every part of their lives. At times, youll feel more or less optimistic, but these times will not constantly accompany how other individuals feel.
Youll attempt to see it as an opportunity. Lots of “well make it through this together” short articles and posts will be released, some even by you. Collectively, youll cheer on health care workers from balconies.
All of this will remain in April. Then comes May, June, July, August, September …
Okay, great, you think. Weve all needed to struggle through this, today were ready to get off the train. Its time!
It doesnt stop. An unusual class conflict breaks out over whether we need to take measures to reduce the variety of individuals getting ill. Meanwhile, 400,000 people ride motorbikes to South Dakota. What could go wrong?
Its hard to associate with the stats you hear. When the year started, well over a million people are dead from something almost no one believed anything about.
Youll go into winter with higher numbers than previously. Its preventing, no doubt, but youre beginning to hope once again. There are vaccines en route.
Is it unsafe to hope? Time will tell, but either way, you still have a next step. Your next action, when again, is to utilize this time to improve yourself.
Yes, hope is on the way, simply as it typically is. Some countries are currently distributing these vaccines, and it appears its just a matter of time. We will when again have the ability to have shows and conferences and hugs with complete strangers, a minimum of the complete strangers we want to hug.
The objective now is to see it through. Stay alert, but do not put your whole life on hold. Be not scared however mindful.
Stay hard throughout the holidays and do whatever you can to discover moments of joy. Put yourself first, and youll wind up being a much better support to others.
All the while, keep your head down and work on something to share with the world in 2021.
It really will concern an end! Hang in there, everybody.

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Wash your hands regularly, and stop touching your face ten times an hour. At times, youll feel more or less positive, but these times wont always correspond with how other people feel.
Time will tell, but either way, you still have a next action. Your next step, once again, is to use this time to improve yourself.
Some countries are currently dispersing these vaccines, and it appears its just a matter of time.

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