How to Tame Your ‘Tornado’ Mind and Stop Overthinking Everything

Although we cant quiet, stop, or closed down our minds chronic thinking, we can produce area between us and our minds.

For example: we can get out of your home, and do something pleasant, like take a walk in nature.

“You do not suffer because you have thoughts. You suffer due to the fact that you evaluate them, resist them, think them, wallow in them, or relate to them.” ~ Unknown.

My brain going at 120 miles an hour. I could not seem to slow down or focus my tornado mind.

Ok, so thats the problem. Lets get to the excellent news.

At bedtime I d be on my phone until I fell asleep, which was not valuable. Whatever I was doing on my phone (searching the net, scrolling through Facebook, or playing video games) kept me distracted from my thoughts. I did that up until my brain got so worn out I dropped off to sleep.

Our mind is like fire. The more we fuel it, the larger and more powerful it gets.

Our roommate has “Chicken Little syndrome.” He go crazy about everything. His fear-based frame of mind thinks everything can and will go wrong.

It reached a point where I recognized something needed to alter … I could not continue like this. Either I altered or I would gradually crash, burn, and hit rock bottom.

All that thinking inevitably resulted in stress and anxiety. It was tough to quiet the chaotic state an anxious mind had. My mind would race when I was nervous about what the future held or previous regrets.

Long story short, I discovered responses to this tornado mind issue of mine. It wasnt what I anticipated.

At one point in my life, I wondered, “Will things always be this way?”.

I might problem-solve challenges quickly. However it was a balancing act. I took the bad so I could accomplish the excellent. The bad was overprocessing negative scenarios, consuming over drama, sleeping disorders, binge, and stress eating.

I hardly understood where my thoughts stopped and I started. Would I always be this nervous, irritated, sidetracked, and separated from those around me? Even from enjoyed ones?

I was continuously trying to work things out in my head, to the point where I seemed like Sherlock Holmes resolving a case. It was continuous, non-stop head chatter. It was as though I was in a noisy room all the time.

Sometimes, these thoughts were things I could not do anything about. I continued to worry.

There was good news, and there was bad news.

Instead of drowning in this ocean overwhelmed by crashing waves, lets create some space and rather observe the waves standing on the beach. Thats what creating area does. It takes you out of the turmoil so you can observe it securely from a range.

The more time we spend in our head, the more our mind pulls us out of the present. It can drown us in its ocean of thoughts and feelings, making it impossible for us to be calm, peaceful, and at peace.

My racing mind was useful in imaginative procedures. Like an idea factory. I might go to sleep on a problem and have the option by the early morning.

Think of it in this manner: Your mind resembles a bad roomie. This roomie is noisy, unpleasant, and downhearted.

When we are not around our roommate life is a lot easier.

The bad news is we cant manage our minds or its thoughts. We cant quiet or stop our minds from believing.

When my day ended, I struggled to change off from considering work. And come the weekend, I could not sit still for five minutes.

Now, we do not have control over this roommate. We cant require our will onto him. And we cant make him do things to our preference.

Since it will just make our roommate (mind) go nuts much more! Its a vicious circle. The more we require it, the worse the harmful habits gets. Its like the quote “Whatever we resist will persist.”.

Even when I attempted to practice meditation, my Nascar mind would take over: “Is this going to work? How will I even understand if it works? This much better work, its costing a fair bit of money. Look at this man trying to teach me how to practice meditation. Should I rely on someone with such big ears? Has this started to work? Am I doing it right? Why am I not feeling calm and relaxed yet? I should be doing something wrong. Should I be more patient?”.

I went on a mission to discover answers. I took it upon myself to end up being a professional in mindfulness meditation. Out of all the mental health tools I attempted, mindfulness meditation had the most promising results.

Lets return to the roommate analogy. We cant manage our roomies habits, but we can produce area between ourselves and our roomie (mind).

I desired to bring me back to myself. Back to a tranquil, linked stillness that enhanced my life. I wished to feel more grounded and focused.

Rushed, with barely a minute to call my own. Current events swirling around, showing the worst side of mankind. Lost under the weight of my to-do lists, monetary worries, and due dates.

Theres no voice in the background nagging, going nuts, or worrying about every little thing. Not only does it assist with persistent thinking, however the more area we develop, the less we sustain our mind.

How do we set about developing area in between us and the mind?

See what I did there?

Its like a hug to your soul when you drop down into your body. Your body states, “Welcome house.”.

As you can see, pretty much anything that forces us to concentrate on our bodies will work. The more you do it, the less the mind has power over you. Youre not fuelling it any longer.

Body-scan meditation.

In that break, check in with your body. Feel and take a moment into your body.

That mind-body connection requires to be in balance. The more time we spend stuck in our heads, the more we need to be in our bodies to develop balance.

When the mind throws a tantrum, we give ourselves area by saying, “Its simply Mr. Mind freaking out. No requirement to let it impact me.”.

Your body loves and craves your attention. Here are some ways you can provide it some tender caring care:.

And the very best way to leave our heads is to drop down into your bodies. Friedrich Nietzsche composed, “There is more knowledge in your body than in your inmost approach.”.

Cold showers.

You see things as they are. You dont offer implying to it or add stories to the realities.

I recommend composing over typing. Putting pen to paper may work much better at grounding you in your body than typing on a keyboard.

You are the one sitting in the seat of your soul observing this “thought factory” we call our mind. You are so much more than your mind. The mind is simply a tool thats at your disposal.

Breathing meditation.

Move your body.

Life simply is. When you give up to the effective yet gentle circulation of life your days appear simple and easy. Youre able to go through daily life untethered.

Thing in the morning compose out 3 pages of whatever is on your mind. If you cant think of anything to compose, then compose about that.

Youll have empathy for the tantrum-throwing mind. Youre a safe witness and can make objective decisions without the mind pirating your vision of the reality. You use your mind, not the other method around.

If you feel your body needs oxygen, take a short vigorous walk with some deep breaths. If your body feels tense, do a couple of fundamental stretches. Beverage water if your body feels dehydrated. Do so if your body feels the need to go to the bathroom. Feed it if your body feels hungry. Throughout those 5 minutes, make a point of it to stand up and escape your desk.


You can start referring to the mind like its a third individual, not like its part of you. You can offer it a name. Something like Mr. Mind or Anxious Andy.

Recognize you have a stunning biological maker; you just need a manual on how to use it.

About Hanro Roos.

Even when I tried to practice meditation, my Nascar mind would take over: “Is this going to work? Because it will just make our roomie (mind) freak out even more! You are the one sitting in the seat of your soul observing this “thought factory” we call our mind. Thing in the morning write out 3 pages of whatever is on your mind. As the creator of Mindful Meditators, Hanro is on an objective to assist you get started with mindfulness and develop a consistent practice so you can calm that pesky anxious mind.

Being in nature, observing the sheer appeal of it, forces us into our bodys senses. Our senses anchor us in the present minute. I attempt to spend at least an hour a week in nature to ground myself. Even if you reside in an urban environment, attempt having a couple of plants in your apartment or condo or going to a public park. Do the best you can with what you have.

Some meditators resonate much better with a body scan meditation than with breathing meditation. Whats fantastic about a body-scan meditation is its easier to practice meditation for longer periods compared to other meditations.


I likewise suggest Julia Camerons strategy called “Morning Pages.” It works well if you are susceptible to get up with a million ideas racing through your mind, because this provides the mind area to vent and let out all its worries.

Feel and observe your breath. Notification how the in and out breaths impact the rest of your body. Its crucial to feel your breath and not think about it or examine it.

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Yoga is especially great at helping us get out of our heads and into our bodies. Notification I said motion, not exercise. Try something different like: roller blading, rock climbing, strolling, hiking– whatever offers you enough joy that youll want to do it consistently.

I didnt call it our or my mind; I called it the mind. Your words are effective, so choose them thoroughly.

Mindful breaks.

Forest bathing.

After doing these exercises for some time, youll take a look at your mind the same way an adult take a look at a ruined kid throwing a tantrum.

As the creator of Mindful Meditators, Hanro is on a mission to help you get begun with mindfulness and develop a consistent practice so you can relax that pesky anxious mind. Today hes giving away a FREE copy of his “Mindfulness Meditation Blueprint”. A proven 5-step structure he utilized to reduce his stress, stress and anxiety and overwhelm by 85% in as low as 90 days. Go here to download your copy.

This is not a believing exercise, its a feeling exercise. Feel into your body to discover what it needs. Its like a quick body scan.

It will start screaming if you dont listen to your bodys whispers. When you do not speak up for yourself, your body speaks up for you.

You fear going, but it constantly feels better afterward. Start out with a hot shower and surface with thirty seconds of cold. Do what feels best for you, however guarantee its rather uncomfortable.