How to Create Peace and Calm Through Mindful Photography

Something that has actually saved my peace of mind through this pandemic and while remaining on the roadway is photographing things I feel. Im not just discussing taking pictures with your friends and family, or of your favorite food meal, Im discussing being mindful about what you capture on digital film and letting the topics become your awareness.

Aside from awareness breathing, there is one mindfulness exercise or channel that the majority of do not even consider. Which, my buddies, is photography. Yes, you read that right, good ole, simple photography.

When it comes to mindfulness through photography, there are a couple of things that I feel are important to understand and be. Im sharing a few with you today with hopes that it motivates you to do the exact same. Photos are stunning, individual, and they arent something you merely take– they are things that you make.

It isnt a trick that this pandemic has actually shifted us as human beings– affected our communities and our relationships in more methods than many occasions in my life time have ever done.

One of my preferred conscious activities is “awareness breathing.” It is among the most powerful conscious practices of all. Bringing your yelling mind back to breathing, even if just for a couple of moments, can entirely move your frame of mind into present and calm.

Lots of people have mindfulness practices, yet they do not understand it, whether its yoga, qigong, meditation, tai chi, just taking a walk, or staring out the window. These are all thought about mindfulness actions. I do them all.

“Do not shoot what it looks like, shoot what it seems like.” ~ David Alan Harvey

Ive lived a long life and I intend on living to be “holy shoot” old. I really believe that my beautiful life at this age is the result of practicing mindfulness and getting my electronic camera, taking it out on a stroll, and being at one with the pictures I take.

It has actually triggered us to pause (fine, more of a tough stop) so that we can truly take a look at what we want vs. what we require. To stop and not only smell the flowers, but to feel them, explore them, and be with them. To decide if we in fact truly like the flowers or if we want a different color or varietal; or possibly to figure out if flowers are an important existence in our life today, in the here and now.

Due to the existing state of the world, I think it might benefit of us all to be more in the here and now, in the present, where its easier to find peace and calm. And even to just be more mindful, so to speak, in what we state, do, and believe, because its appealing to blast others and concentrate on the unfavorable throughout difficult times. How we act, communicate, and even prepare forward are more important to our physical and mental health than ever.

I have really plunged into this throughout the pandemic. I am seventy-five years of age, I live and take a trip in my caravan trailer, but I am truly never alone.

A couple of fast ideas:

1. Carry your phone or an actual cam with you all the time.

I think numerous of you already bring your phone with you at all times, however most likely not an electronic camera. No phone or camera equates to no photos. Just do it.

2. Take boatloads of images.

You arent on project for National Geographic, and nobody is going to pay you squat for these photos, so proceed and shoot whatever speaks to you.

Stop and look around, sit in silence in your home or outside environments, and take images. The mindful picture possibilities are unlimited.

3. Slow down.

This is where the mindfulness comes in. Browse you and see all of the possibilities for an image. What is that? What if I got more detailed? Should I include that thing beside it? What is special about it? Is it the color or shape or texture that attracts you? Are there reflections? What if I bent over or took a look at it through the yard or maybe from a various angle? What if I just rest here and search for? Dont be in a rush to take photos.

4. Breathe.

Slowly in and out, in and out, just breathe. Essentially, discover to relax and to not be on a mission. Mindfulness likewise suggests being here now, not doing your grocery list or determining what to state to your significant other about a concern that has actually disturbed you. When your mind wanders, bring it back by merely stating “return” or “Im back.”

5. End up being an investigator.

Be curious about what you are doing and seeing. Softscapes like nature and hardscapes like homes, cars, fences, structures. What are people doing if there are people in your vision?

Take pictures of clouds to look at them later on and ponder what you see. Or if absolutely nothing is coming to you simply take photos of whatever damn thing you feel like mindfully, and respectfully take that shot.

7. Go alone.

Leave your pals, children, considerable other, canine, and anything that may divert your attention behind. If just for a teensy second, even. This time is for you and you alone. We have enough chatter in our heads to drag along and to bribe to stop talking, so let this be about your time. Go early in the morning while your family is still sleeping or doing their morning routine. It is easy to slip out and the light is ideal.

8. Find out about your cam.

Photography records lifes moments, thoughts, memories, and sensations. It is likewise an extremely easy thing that you can do to bring yourself back into today again. I like to think of it as another kind of meditation.

The hard reality is that you are just as good as you pick to be. Do not blame your phone or the light or anything else for your lousy photos up until you have invested some time discovering simply what amazing things your phone or cam can do.

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Taking these photos and printing them into a journal or an online Pinterest board are great ways to share your conscious minutes, and will allow you to revisit them when you need them most. Be curious, experiment, and discover all you can, however most of all simply breathe, point, and click … mindfully.

Photos are beautiful, personal, and they arent something you simply take– they are things that you make.

About Kathleen Sinclair.

It can likewise inspire interest and wonder, conjure up positivity, and bring calm to your body and mind. Numerous stunning things can occur through a lens. Combined with some deep breaths you can genuinely catch what you desire or feel to feel and get those conscious moments.

At sixty, Kathleen earned a Masters Degree and learned tai-chi while ending up being certified to teach. At sixty-three, she signed up with the Peace Corp and spent two years in Ukraine teaching at a university. In her early seventies she invested 3 years in Mexico. Today her house is a trailer that she tows around the nation with her Outback … and she has actually never been happier with herself or her life. Visit her at

No one needs to see your images. They can be individual and personal. You can even start a conscious photography journal and refer to it when you might not feel like browsing a camera lens, however rather feel like reflecting on what you caught formerly to bring a sense of mindfulness into your space.

Light, camera … mindfulness.

Stop and look around, sit in silence in your home or outside surroundings, and take images. Take photos of clouds to look at them later on and consider what you see. Or if nothing is coming to you simply take photos of everything damn thing you feel like mindfully, and respectfully take that shot. Since Ive taken a few courses, my pictures are 200 percent better than they were and are getting much better all the time.


There are many YouTube videos to get you began, and naturally, the store where you acquired your phone or camera. Because Ive taken a few courses, my images are 200 percent better than they were and are getting much better all the time. I like the simple format and all of the examples. I even discovered to edit using a number of apps. Yes, it cost some money. So does toilet paper. Well worth it.