30 Toxic Phrases That Are Huge Red Flags

Ask Reddit desires you to watch out for these enormous warnings.

1. Look what you made me do. Shifting blame for their own actions onto others is a serious red-flag.

2. I m sorry that you feel that method. They move blame to you and never ever excuse what they did.

3. I m breaking up with you if you wear t do X. There is a clear difference in between utilizing this phrase to manipulate and utilizing this phrase since you don t wish to tolerate harmful habits.

4. No one will ever love you as much as I do. I understand it s kind of obvious to anyone with half a brain however the only 2 people who have actually ever stated this to me were both deadly narcissists. Run!

5. You re overreacting. I feel like this is often a manipulation strategy, to make your feelings feel unreasonable and to make you question yourself.

6. Look male, I m simply extremely truthful.

The majority of the time that implies, I m going to be a dickhole. It s almost a surefire way to find out if someone is going to be an issue in the future, and it s a particularly bad indication when someone you re dating says it to you.

7. I m a great person. Normally, when a person needs to consistently assert that they are a particular way, they generally are the opposite.

You re so fully grown for your age. Major red flags.

9. Work hard play hard.

In a task description, it suggests: You re going to be anticipated to fulfill inhuman targets and will be pressed to join a business sports group.

And from an individual, it suggests: I m a workaholic who will put my FOMO problems ahead of your sensations.

10. All of my exes are crazy.

11. Then you don t deserve me at my finest, if you can t handle me at my worst.

12. It s all on you, it has absolutely nothing to do with me as they press you and insist you offer them attention/support/free time as it matches them.

13. I can t live without you. If it s not in a joking way, my very first thought is that they are either extremely clingy or manipulative.

14. I don t agree other girls. Be careful of anybody who specifies themselves by the people they put on t get along with.

15. What? Don t you trust me?.

16. I m a good person, why do degrading slur for women constantly select bad people?.

I wear t get mad easily, but when I do get mad, I do X and Y. People bragging about a violent streak is so odd to me. I presuming that this is because I m a well-adjusted person.

Like yeah, I am delicate, however I own that shit, and other people don t get to decide I m too much of this or too little of that. That s not up to them.

Sure you are a nice man, and I am ex-emperor of The Roman Empire and stabbee, Julius Caesar.

19. I wish to be spoiled. I ve constantly seen that as provide me everything I want without any reciprocation and even thanks.

20. We re more than coworkers/employees. We re household!.

21. I m not racist.

22. I put on t like drama. If you hear that, or a variation of that, walk away. Believe me, they are all about that shit.

23. I do trust you. It s other boys that I put on t trust.

24. I m an extremely sarcastic person. 100% of the people who think that sarcasm is a personality type are in reality simply disrespectful.

25. Do your research. It generally implies the person purchased into some crazy conspiracy theory and wants you to do your research study, however only the research that concurs with them.

26. You re not like other ladies.

27. , if you liked me you would Hasn t happened to me however my sis s partner attempted to push her into a threesome with that line.


28. I m a good guy, I never get the girl.

29. Ruuuuun when the girl says: I m high upkeep.

30. I m fine. Simply exhausted. When one of my pals says this. I right away understand something is wrong.

If you wear t do X, then I m breaking up with you. There is a clear difference between utilizing this expression to manipulate and utilizing this expression due to the fact that you wear t desire to tolerate hazardous habits.

I don t get upset quickly, but when I do get angry, I do X and Y. People boasting about a violent streak is so unusual to me. Like yeah, I am delicate, however I own that shit, and other people put on t get to decide I m too much of this or too little of that. It s other kids that I put on t trust.