Tiny Buddha’s New Mindfulness Kit: Less Stress, More Peace

I could not be more ecstatic to share that Ive formally released a Mindfulness Kit that includes an everyday mindfulness practice guide and four aromatherapy-based products, as well as three totally free digital benefits that expand on a few of the practices in the guide.

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Why This Kit– with Aromatherapy Products?

Life can get pretty difficult in some cases, and theres a lot we cant manage. But our breathing– thats always within our control. We can constantly choose to breathe deeply, ground ourselves in our body, and create a little calm in the middle of lifes turmoil.

They can relax us, energize us, and evoke our happiest memories. And yet they likewise encourage us to reside in the moment, because we naturally take deep breaths to completely enjoy our preferred fragrances.

As a writer, Im often in my head. The majority of us are– constantly reading posts, e-mails, and social media posts that show peoples varied ideas and viewpoints. Its a stunning thing to connect and share information, but in some cases the world can feel loud and frustrating.

I discover scent in specific to be specifically effective. The olfactory nerve is straight linked to the part of the brain that accesses memory, mood, and feelings, which is why certain smells can affect us so profoundly.

I do not understand about you, but I frequently wish for more time grounded in my body and less time caught up in my mind. I long to detach from abstract concepts that typically flood my brain and get in touch with the tangible– things I can hold and touch and delight in with my senses.

Over the years Ive written five books and launched and eCourse, however this time I adamantly wished to produce and offer something completely different.

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Why These Specific Products?

I believed carefully about the items I wished to include in this set, and ultimately decided on the four listed below for the following reasons:

A Soothing Bath and Shower Gel

I decided to make this a lavender-scented item so you too can turn your tub into a little sanctuary of comfort and calm. Whether you have five minutes to shower or forty-five minutes to soak, this Soothing Bath and Shower Gel can help elevate the experience.

Anyone who knows me knows my tub is my delighted location. I make my shower mindful to assist me begin my day with a sense of peace and presence.

A Calming Essential Oil Roll-On

If somebody triggers me and Im lured to react in a knee-jerk response, I pause, step away, apply my roll-on, then take a couple of deep breaths prior to reacting. I try to do the former more typically than not, and Im constantly happier with myself for doing it!

Lavender is known to help minimize stress and anxiety, so I decided to use this fragrance for the Calming Essential Oil Roll-On and Relaxing Pillow Spray as well. The beauty of an essential oil roll-on is that its a magnificent but little– you can bring it with you at all times and apply it to your wrists, temples, or behind your ears for immediate relief.

I consider my roll-on a crucial tool not just for psychological and psychological wellness, but likewise for serene relationships.

A Relaxing Pillow Spray

I personally have long battled with dropping off to sleep. Many nights my brain seems like a million ping pong balls volleying back and forth while dozens of different motion picture soundtracks play at the same time.

Especially throughout a pandemic, good sleep is important. Solid sleep strengthens our body immune system, assists with sound decision-making, and enhances our psychological health. With whatever going on in the world, it might feel even harder to get a good nights rest.

This Relaxing Pillow Spray can assist you wind down and doze off quietly if you too feel uneasy whenever its time to go to bed.

When I spray my Relaxing Pillow Spray, Im drawn back into my body through my senses, and I feel a growing number of at ease with each deep, lavender-scented inhalation.

A Lychee Flower Scented Candle

I in fact considered making this a lavender-scented candle light, but then chose to blend things up with an uplifting scent thats known to help energize and enhance focus.

As youll see on the mindfulness everyday practice guide, I recommend lighting your lychee flower fragrant candle as part of a morning intention-setting practice. I find its an excellent way to begin the day boosted and empowered to take advantage of the hours ahead.

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The Freebies

In addition to the products and the day-to-day practice guide, youll also get access to three free digital perks:

With the assistance of these three detailed guides, youll have the ability to utilize your Tiny Buddha products to develop mindful minutes early morning, midday, and night!

How to Make Your Shower Mindful, Blissful, and Rejuvenating
5 Breathing Exercises to Calm and Focus Your Mind
How to Do a Bedtime Body Scan for a Peaceful Night Sleep

What Else You Need to Know

All of the products within the set are natural and cruelty-free, and 5% of the profits will go to This Is My Brave, a non-profit that brings stories of psychological illness and addiction out of the shadows and into the spotlight.

If you d like to bring a little peace and calm into your life, you can get a Tiny Buddha Mindfulness Kit here. I hope you delight in these items as much as I enjoyed creating them!

Anyone who knows me knows my tub is my delighted location. I make my shower conscious to assist me start my day with a sense of peace and presence.

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Pre-pandemic, This Is My Brave focused on live programs, featuring touching essays, initial music, poetry, and comedy. At the present time, theyve shifted equipments to the virtual world, but theyll be back onstage as quickly as its safe to do so!

Strong sleep strengthens our immune system, helps with sound decision-making, and enhances our psychological health. As somebody whos had a hard time with anxiety and bulimia– who understands the power of vulnerable, genuine sharing– I couldnt be more delighted to support this powerful non-profit. Im an artist at heart, and I know from personal experience how imagination enables us to shine and recover.

As somebody whos had a hard time with depression and bulimia– who knows the power of susceptible, genuine sharing– I could not be more delighted to support this effective non-profit. And likewise, I enjoy, enjoy, like the performance element. Im an artist at heart, and I know from individual experience how creativity allows us to heal and shine.