We did it. Now what? πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ


Friends and readers, we did it. It in fact happened!
Im reminded of the quote thats associated to Winston Churchill: “You can constantly count on America to do the right thing, after it has tired all other options.”
The monumental U.S. election results wont alter everything, but they do send out a clear signal of the majority of Americans long for change. We have slain the dragon, for now.
When I wrote about the election a few weeks back, I got more action than anything Ive shared in years. In ten years of writing online, I do not think Ive ever had more negative comments (however, luckily, the positives surpassed the negatives 3-to-1). Well, here we are now, and the world is a really different place.
Coming Soon to a Streaming Service Near You: A Normal, Boring Presidency
Hearing Biden speak on Saturday night was practically disorienting. Wait, I thought, we have a president (- elect) who does not actively disparage his enemies? Who states he will work simply as difficult for individuals who didnt choose him? Who goes out of his method to acknowledge his financial obligation to Black voters, while promising to deal with his opponents wherever possible?
SO WEIRD, best???
I kept waiting on him to say we must inject bleach to treat COVID, or call John McCain a loser. Then he said that we should listen to science, and then I kept in mind that John McCains widow and daughter both backed him.
Heres the thing: provided all the restrictions hell be running under, Im unsure if Biden will be a transformative president– and Im alright with that. I do think he is proficient, truthful, and kind, 3 qualities that have been in frantically short supply.
In brief: this was the compassion election. The speech on Saturday was well done, but I have no doubt that numerous future Biden speeches will be boring and dry.
* And naturally, lets not forget Kamala Harris, achieving lots of “firsts” at the very same time. This too matters a great deal.
What Does the Rest of the World Think?
Over the previous month Ive heard from hundreds of people from all over the world. The intriguing thing is that while Ive gotten plenty of grievances from near to house, there is a lot more uniformity of viewpoint around the world.
Whats clear is this: the cumulative injury of 4 years of gaslighting is not restricted to citizens of the United States.
You know whats great? Since the outcomes were revealed, we arent the only ones breathing a sigh of relief.
This tweet from the mayor of Paris is an excellent example:

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The world desires America to be successful! A minimum of the world apart from governments like Russia and Saudi Arabia. What sort of buddies do you want to have?
So that too is great. However to be reasonable, lets take up the problem of everybody else.
Im really familiar with the other 70 million individuals who took a look at the past four years and said, “Yep, thats excellent, provide us more of that.” Heres what I consider that.
I have never ever belonged to any political party– in reality, Im doubtful of political institutions in general. The problem is that even if youre “not a racist,” if you voted for Trump, the program you supported was constructed on racism and xenophobia. Its leader had no ideology aside from advancing his own ego at any cost.
At a particular point, when you “vote for policy and not the person,” you have to think about the effects of your actions in addition to your beliefs.
To the outbound presidents supporters, my tip would be: if you do not enjoy Biden or the Democrats in general, do what you can to build a better alternative.
Do something to create favorable modification! Dont just rally versus fictional socialism or fight oppression by not wearing a mask.
Additionally, if it ends up that reforming your celebration isnt possible, walk away from it. Some things are more crucial, and one of them is human decency.
This entire year has actually been complete of tests and trials. No doubt next year will show challenging.
However for now, take a deep breath, everybody! There are many difficulties to come, however sometimes America does the ideal thing. Lets progress and consider how we can all be the modification we desire to see.
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When I wrote about the election a couple of weeks earlier, I got more response than anything Ive shared in years. In ten years of composing online, I dont believe Ive ever had more unfavorable comments (though, luckily, the positives surpassed the negatives 3-to-1). Well, here we are now, and the world is a really different location.
The world desires America to succeed! No doubt next year will prove difficult.

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Or consider the cover of Der Spiegel, an influential publication in Germany. Compare the two variations from 2016 (left) to 2020 (right):.

Invite back America! Congratulations to @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris for their election!
— Anne Hidalgo (@Anne_Hidalgo) November 7, 2020.